First Yoga Class #365yoga

It feels like such a time of renewal. My son was born almost 8 weeks ago and tonight I am headed to my first yoga class as a student in what feels like forever. It feels like a time of possibilities. Tonight is a diverse event that travels every month to another location in our […]

Life is Good

This has been a pretty stellar week.  The midwife appointment on Monday went very well with talk of my weight gain (there is a chance I may hit a 20 lb ceiling… not holding my breath but a chance).  My strength is coming back – a lot of you were very kind with this quick […]

33 weeks

VLAWG… That is the toddler in the background, in his room with dad making a ruckus as dad is telling him to hush as I am vlogging. LOL! My big priority is a mindful balance this week to strengthen and engage in cardio while recovering from pneumonia. Above all I need to be pragmatic to […]