Life is Good

This has been a pretty stellar week.  The midwife appointment on Monday went very well with talk of my weight gain (there is a chance I may hit a 20 lb ceiling… not holding my breath but a chance).  My strength is coming back – a lot of you were very kind with this quick snow pic I posted on Thursday during a computer work break with my husband.  I posted the others on a previous blog post.

I just need to increase my cardiovascular endurance if I can.  Overall my  health is doing great.

Then the weekend came and I can be a BAD girl.  On Friday I taught back to back yoga classes for the first time since I got sick and was a little wiped.  It was overall a long yoga day.  On Saturday my toddler did not have gymnastics due to his gym having a competition at that time so we did a long, slow brunch at our fave New Orleans restaurant followed by a long stroll at the zoo.  I then went to hang with a girlfriend (but packed my toothbrush) to overhaul her kitchen and pantry, meal plan, and get her on track to a new eating lifestyle in reaction to some random health things going on in her life.  I spent the night and it was a fun pajama jammy jam where I ditched my guys.  In the a.m. I met up with a big group of girlfriends who I love dearly that have really had my back this pregnancy before coming back home to get ready for a baby party also filled with so much kindness and warmth.  The best is that I ditched my family for an overnighter at the spur of the moment to get silly with a good friend and that I knew my family would be fine without me.

After the baby party my fave running group met for a kick-off coffee shop discussion about the training plans and ideas for the season including goal-setting with some of our races.  I told them I am approaching 2013 with a mindful, beginner’s path with this pregnancy wrapping up but will be happy to run support with my baby in tow for some fo their races.  I have three races on my plate but with the expectation of taking it slow and adaptively managing with a new kiddo and post-partum body.

Right now – I am feeling good.  I am sleepy.  My body is a little sore from not taking it too easy this weekend. I am gonna eat some sensible food in a few (steak, greens, sweet potatoes) then take a long bath before crashing out.  The best feeling is gratitude for support structures I have in place with supportive friends that include athletes, parents, and some over-the-top giggly, girl-power girlfriends.

Life is good… and don’t even ask how sweet my husband has been to me as we are in the home stretch of this pregnancy.  I am grateful. Namaste <— really look at this word and sincerely take it as I hope you are also experiencing the blessings in your life

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