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First off I forgot to mention to this group about Ignite Fitness and Fitbloggin. There is a blogger conference in Portland, OR this June and I organize the Ignite Fitness keynote event where you speak for 5 minutes with 20 auto-advancing slides about something you are passionate about. I have done a yoga and tech talk to an 850-person audience before with this format and would love to invite #365yoga people to apply if you are anywhere near Oregon or curious about the conference. If picked you earn a full-conference pass for your participation. Click here to apply, but hurry submissions close tomorrow.

That up there is my pitch to you all, this down here is some display of my ego. I am officially on maternity leave and gave up my classes over a week ago. At this point I am only emergency subbing if I feel rested and up to it. This baby is due any day. I also did not make plans to resume classes, I figured I woud start slowly on sub lists once I felt comfy with my body and a new baby at home.

Well I have been a little irked at giving up classes because apparently my ego has not fully let go. I instructed a prenatal class I really developed and was irritated that a competing teacher decided to teach another prenatal class 3 hours prior to the one I led in the last 6 months at the same studio. Then she moved her class to within 2 hours of my class and started sniping my students. I say sniping because I subbed her class one day and there were some of my students who expressed to me they thought the class was moved to an earlier time because of my pregnancy. Le sigh. I let it go and was fine with giving her all Friday class business as I got ready for the baby. I gave this notice over a month ago.

Well she up and decided to quit doing Friday classes to coincide with my leave. The Friday class I taught then went to someone who has subbed for me before. I am fine with that because I feel she is a capable instructor. Then I get a blanket email the other night with other instructors asking us to sub her class and that it should be worth our time since she has developed such a large following for this day. Um, she just took over this class 2 weeks ago and it appears to be the same number of following I developed. Grrrr. See ego. Also, she mentions it as “her” class as if you can have ownership over something like that. Once again… my ego.

There has been other studio politics that have bugged me. For example at another studio there was a time slot I really wanted and an instructor was giving that slot up and I told her I wanted it. She said no since I would be going on maternity leave a few months later. She gave it to someone else – and that person has recently asked for someone to take it over because she realized she had been overextending herself and picking up too many classes. Grrrrr, again.

I am way too pregnant these days to be patient with studio politics. I am also cognizant that my ego needs to be removed from this equation and that I’ll be ready to jump back in “the game” (and it is a game) when I am ready at some undetermined time in the future. For now I really do need to do some Pali-focused breath on letting go… and let it go already. For the moment I am no longer a yoga teacher.

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  1. That’s got to be tough. It can be ego. It is also you adjusting to you not being to do what you do. You’re a yoga teacher and now you have to deal with not being able to do it. From yourself and from others who remind you. I can’t say I know what it feels like, but I think I understand. This is a time of adjustment to you. Try to think of it this way you are a yoga teacher. Don’t say you’re not. You are just taking a vacation now because of pregnancy. Don’t let this time off make you feel you have lost your identity. That’s what was coming off to me. xoxo


    ignore the vent..

    Yes, it is very difficult to deal with those issues and they are so common it is frightening. Now that you have written them down let them go. Save that energy for your last moments of solo time with Bodhi and your man before baby #2 arrives. Those crazy annoying people will always be there, but so will opportunities and students for a great teacher. When you come back, they’ll be there. xo

  3. I can’t believe the nerve of some people. I agree with Flying Yogini, it can be difficult to deal with people and issues but it’s not worth it to let them get to you. Concentrate on the bigger picture right now and take care of yourself. You will be stronger and better to deal with it later. Congratulations on baby#2 and Good luck!

  4. Ditto all the above. That said, its so hard to let go. Sometimes letting go means consciously “giving”. See if you can find a way in your heart (very hard) to freely “give” the time slots, the students, (and all the wonderful interoffice sniping) away to these teachers with your blessing. Then turn away and freely give your full attention to your family. xo

  5. Aw I’m so sorry you had to go through that.
    Dealing with politics is truly a pain. Just watch
    your external language and acknowledge your
    untapped potential. Things always have a way
    of working out for positive good people

  6. capta$$kicker says: Reply

    Thank you everyone that replied. You all had some kind and wonderful words for me to ponder as I have worked on letting this go. Thank you for the #365yoga community

  7. I am sad to hear that you are quitting yoga. I think Yoga is the best sport and I do it ever week. This is the only activity that makes me feel relax, full of energy and healthy.

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