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Here I am in the middle of the night knowing I may pay for it in a few hours when the sun is up. That is fine. I am present and content with this moment.

I have been thinking about presence a good deal lately. On Friday I was at a symposium and talking about my blog being really stripped down right now on purpose since I converted it to a new theme and that this move was on purpose. Why? So I could be present with my pregnancy and not so concerned with my blog. In time I plan to spruce this thing up for max analytics, SEO, and broadcasting once baby is here and we have had enough time in our little love cocoon. And I am also hoping Twenty Thirteen is ready to download buggy-free around that time.

In the past few days I have been seeing people I really like broadcasting with the #expowest and #SXSW hashtags and enjoying their content, but not wanting to be at the expo or spring break for geeks. I am here, in Colorado, with a snowstorm one day and sun the next, being patient with my body as we prep for baby any day now. Forget networking out of town, chanting “Ganesha Sharanam Sharanam Ganesha” in a quiet room to my child has been a more fulfilling priority.

I am in the final days or weeks of being able to be selfish with what I do before we expand our family and sacrifice our precious spare time with a newborn.

Meditation has been even more delicious lately. Having a few moments to move my body outside or hop on my mat are a known treat for me. I have an idea of what is to come in the near future. However for this moment, even with baby moving like a bandit on the inside and keeping me awake before the sun rises has me in a great, mindful mood.

Image via with much gratitude
Image via with much gratitude

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  1. Beautiful picture! It’s wonderful that you have been able to create a peaceful, quiet place that you need and want right now for you and your family. Enjoy this special time together. Take good care of yourself!

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