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There is a lot going on these days.  Last week I had my first post-partum run with some of the ladies with my local Black Girls Run chapter.  I am gonna take on a Polar mentee soon – actually a good girlfriend who rocked a 5k recently and wants MORE!!  And I signed up for a big challenge for me, the Venus de Miles century.  I will be working with them and will be posting more details later this week when I get more press release information but for now there is a registration button on the sidebar and I can offer up readers a $5 off registration code bccokia.  I have four months to prepare for a 100-mile all-women bike event.  Wish me luck.

With my vlog I mentioned FITBLOGGIN next week.  Yep, next week.  My part is to wrangle speakers and put together Ignite Fitness.  At this point I cannot even express how ecstatic I am since people are working their butts off to put their best foots forward for the audience.

ignite fitness



This week… Running (3.5, 5, and 6 miles), Dailey Method 3x, swimming 1-2x, bike commuting to the yoga studio and a fun ride, plus strength – functional with TRX.  Eating includes strawberry/watermelon gazpacho, Indian Coleslaw, tofu w/ peanut sauce, hummus, greek salad, spinach salad, eggs, breakfast for dinner, and anything else to clean out the fridge before our trip.


I am looking at my stupid, frenzied week.  Big things today are securing the space for a pre-Fitbloggin meet-up for Denver, submit my final entries for the Go Pro Mountain Games Click competition, finish images for an event I shot last week, and to get a handle on some of the domestic stuff I want done before our PNW trip.  However there are a number of personal notes I owe people.  I plan to get a big jump on thank you notes while on the road next week.  Before that though I am going to push myself to get three care packages out to loved ones this week.  Nothing extravagant but notes of love, cookies, and pictures.  The real essence of heart.  Also an excuse to bake before we are hot in the 90s again.

I am also going to challenge YOU to walk away from email and the digital world and write a love letter to someone including yourself.  A post-it note.  Some IRL gesture that is tangible to show you care.

One last thing – Mamavation is looking for moms for their next campaign. They are transitioning to a more holistic approach to wellness so there is no weight requirement and the campaign will focus on reducing toxin exposure through a partnership with Healthy Child. Consider applying because there are all kinds of perks beyond education for the campaign participants including NaturePedic mattresses for your children.

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  1. I would just love to come spend a week with you and soak in your knowledge 🙂 You are so inspiring and will definitely take some time to unplug and write a letter to someone. I have been taking time to just be with my kids and we have been having the best time!!

  2. hey fitbloggin. Wish I could be there to learn and be inspired by everyone :(. Love that letter writing. I have been doing it for awhile now, once a week to someone who motivated or inspired me in my life.

  3. AWESOME week. I love your vlogs. You’re just so lovely.

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