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In August of 2012 I had the pleasure of attending Fitcation with Bookieboo LLC as the group’s yoga instructor. I did a preview where I gave mad sponsor love and a wrap-up vlog with Leah Segedie (Bookieboo herself). This is my post of the in-between of that trip. In short, it was lame because I was lame. I have known a good deal of the women from the Mamavation community for a while and was really looking forward to hanging out with the ladies but my body had other plans.

You need to understand that we were put in some pretty swanky digs with an awesome itinerary to play with. My body was simply wiped from the pregnancy (the first half of this pregnancy was a struggle) as well as an anaphylactic attack to sugar cane. I missed about 2 days of activities with the group to hang out in a super luxurious bed in my room and sleep. Told you I was lame!

Recognize this from Extreme Makeover Weightloss Edition?

I beyond enjoyed the time I got to spend in the resort’s greenhouse.
Wedding taking place at the Four Seasons grounds. How pretty!

Fitcation is intended as a Fitness vacation for moms. This was my second time going as the yoga instructor. See my 2011 vlog recap from Austin here. Do you know the show Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition? The hotel that houses the California Health and Longevity Institute was our host hotel – The Four Seasons Westlake Village. How cool is that??? We toured the Institute as well as the adjacent Dole Headquarters. I had my allergic reaction to sugar being used during an oatmeal cookie demonstration in the Dole Headquarter Test Kitchen and had to miss my day with Dole which I really regretted because I love hanging out with food scientists when they are open to having their brains picked.

Sunrise from hotel room. Me and the high-thread count sheets got to spend a lot of time together.

So Dole… yeah. They are great with what they want to do health-wise with encouraging people to eat more produce as well as food research to maximize health with products like their mushroom powder that can be added to anything as a Vitamin D supplement. However their association with Leah Segedie for Fitcation came at a funny time as she was starting a social media juggernaut to support Proposition 37 in California to mandate the labeling of GMOs as Dole was a big opponent of this potential legislation with financial backing. Politics and big business can still exist within companies with great intentions for health and fitness. They are not the only health-advocate company facing how they are going to proceed with consumer transparency these days.

Lovely kicks via New Balance

We had some really fun workouts that I was able to do at Fitcation. We had a bootcamp morning where I discovered that my newly pregnant body had a heart rate jump to 185 after 15 burpees. I also discovered the pregnancy latency affect as I was watching my Polar heart rate monitor sky rocket to this number and felt fine but less than 10 minutes later was wiped and had to slow down then reduce the number of burpees and lunges the group was doing. My body was a fun prenatal experiment with OC Fit Body Boot Camp at the helm. The workout that I LOVED was with Hoopnotica. I had a hard time with some of the moves requiring us to spin with the hoop due to early pregnancy nausea but OMG as a yoga instructor who goes to festivals I can tell you my travel hoop will be coming in handy! Too much fun – check out their workouts. Then I did yoga as well as body check-ins the last day and think I did a good job tailored to my audience. The ladies in attendance seemed to respond well.  For my yoga portion I made sure to wear some of my New Balance Anue line of clothes including their Bodhi Pant.

Polar Heart Rate Monitor
I was pretty mindful of my heart rate with any activity to keep an eye on my changing pregnant body
I cannot wait to get down with the Hoopnotica workouts as part of my post-partum workouts!

The food was pretty decent. The event organizers were kind enough to get me a refrigerator in my room due to my stupid sugar cane allergy so I stocked up on goodies at a Trader Joe’s before we started. I am glad I did. Early pregnancy… there were not enough filling nourishing food breaks when I was with the group. There was another preggo with us and she can vouch that the Dole produce only, high-glycemic nutrition was not cutting it. I also hear that the day of sightseeing did not leave a lot of opportunities to eat and am told I was lucky I missed that or else I may have been really sick.

The lovely Alysa (InspiredRD) playing kitchen before her cooking demo

The big meals I was able to attend were the welcome with Joshua Metcalf in Leah’s suite. He is a motivational coach and gave us a great reminder talk about how we actuate our reality. Then the next night I attended a feast and cooking demo by Alysa Bajenaru RD at Leah’s house and had a chance to hang out with a number of Mamavation Moms I have known for a long time and some invited local moms with sizable social media followings.

You better believe I hit up spa services while I had down time at the hotel!

Overall this was my second year going and this is a great group of ladies that use this trip as an excuse to let their hair down, enjoy life, and be grateful with some of the brands that are ever so supportive of the Mamavation community year-round.  Go if you are lucky enough to get the chance!  #1 Join the Mamavation community #2 Hope you are cool enough to get selected to attend.

Fitcation was sponsored by Dole, Four Seasons Westlake Village, the California Health and Longevity Institute, Sip Certified, New Balance, Hoopnotica, Subway and Leading Lady Bras. These sponsors provided the attendees with lodging, meals, activities and product during the event. As an attendee I have given my honest opinion and all opinions are 100% my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of these brands.  I am very grateful to these brands for what they provided us with and have no qualms about publicizing their future efforts and marketing because they are sincere about the betterment of the customers they serve.

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  1. Better late than never! It’s really neat to see the point of view of a pregnant woman at Fitcation! So sorry to hear about the sugar can reaction 🙁 I hope I get to meet you at a Fitcation one of these years!

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