Fitbloggin Redux

Fitbloggin 2012 was 3 months ago and it was awesome.  A good deal of my conference was spent with Ignite Fitness. Want to see the talks? They are on TheIgniteFitness youtube channel so you can subscribe or link to the 2012 playlist here.  A big shout-out has to go to Polar Heart Rate Monitors for being a last minute sponsor and giving away THREE heart rate monitors to lightning round contestants.  They are prominent in the videos for that reason.

I say a good deal of my time was spent with IggyFit because I did not get to many talks and had to do what I did not want to do and spend some of my conference time formatting talks due to the delay.  Given that I was also pregnant in a not so easy pregnancy I was wiped and missed Friday programing.  Boo hiss!  For 2013 there will be stricter enforced rules about submission deadlines because I want to play too.

However it was Fitbloggin!  I tell everyone it is like coming home to a big hug whether you know the room full of people before you get there or not.  Roni Noone has truly created a supportive, kind community with this group and I love this conference.  You learn a great deal, you meet many inspirational people, the brands are more than a materialistic part of this community, and for me I leave refreshed and wanting to be a better fitness blogger.  I also pinch-hitted live-blogging a session for Jim who pinch-hitted giving a blog design talk – gotta love a supportive community who stands up to fill in last-minute vacant spots.

Above all for my experience this year were my roomies who are some of the best people on the planet! Procrastination paid off and I ended up with birthday queen Sue, supa dupa Steve, and the best bed buddy and Dunkin’ Donuts (for the coffee) pusher in Dani.  I so would have been signing up to room with this crew for 2013 if I was not bringing an infant, my husband, and toddler to Portland with me.

Roomie LURVE
Sue dancing in the new birthday year moments after midnight.
McCormick & Schmick cooking demo with flavor layering techniques as a way to reduce fat and sodium in what we consume
The lunchtime feast McCormick and Schmick greeted us with for a facility tour. We learned to make a few of these options as well as experienced some of their scientific flavor labs.
Backsplash at McCormick & Schmick in one of their test kitchens

Susan Ito of FoodieMcBody doing her one woman theater performance of a piece of her fitness journey
Thank you for the RealFlex Fusion TRs Reebok. These kicks rock.
Looking out into the crowd for Ignite Fitness

I got some hang time with Kenlie on the bus to New York after Fitbloggin

Fitbloggin will be in Portland, OR June of 2013.  I will be there again and Ignite Fitness will be happening again.  Keep an eye on the Fitbloggin website for a call for speaker submissions sometime in mid-February.

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  1. Although you not be rooming with us this year, you will still be rooming in our hearts. 🙂

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