word of the year – mom

I can encapsulate my 2010 in one word


This is the year I went from a woman to a mom which really is the same in my mind.  Here is the story of my home birth that details when this transformation took place.  I am a mom now.  Some people only see me as this.  I am generally not really close to those losers.  The only person who should see me as only a mom is my son.  My main priority in my life besides my own self care is my child, then my husband.  I live a good deal of time in my son’s world and I like this because I want to maximize as much positive out of his childhood as possible for him.  I am more than a mom though and I plan that in 2011 my word of the year to be


I don’t plan to be a super-mom or anything.  However I am still me, just with a new mini-me partner-in-crime these days.


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  1. Congratulations on your little partner in crime! I’m sure the balance will come naturally in the new year.

  2. wonderful words. can’t wait to follow your reverb10 journey!

    ps, those that only see you as a mom are just plain silly! you are such an amazing and dynamic woman!

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