Veggies 4 Me, Toddler, Garden

VLAWG… This was a week with a few more post-partum restrictions being lifted but I am still being mindful with taking this recovery slow. I mentioned in the video that I got some great post-partum ego boosting with some adorable shoes.  Check out these Earthies Corsica in the green (or rather a few shades with […]

WiiU Party Recap

Technically I wonder if I have to do any sort of disclaimers since I am not technically the ambassador in the family for Nintendo, my husband is. However I am supportive of what our family gets to partake in and I sincerely feel that video games can be a fun connection activity for any family […]

Vday Love and Love of Running

Happy Valentines Day everyone.  What a great day. My husband made me a simple valentine cut from construction paper with the sweetest words written on it – he gets me. We bought a Lorax coloring book for our toddler (20 months) and I made him a strawberry-banana protein smoothie and personalized pancake. The toddler and […]