Fitcation ’13 *much gratitude from my heart

It does not happen often enough that I come back from a vacation relaxed.  With all the effort to make reservations, squirrel money away for a trip, then take time away from my busy life I know it is a 50/50 gamble that I will return needing a vacation from my vacation.  Maybe it is in the expectations I set? Maybe it is in not planning well enough? Or maybe it is in not picking the right experience for me?

Paso Robles, CA is insanely fun with girlfriends!
Paso Robles, CA is insanely fun with girlfriends!

I can happily say that I returned from Paso Robles feeling refreshed.  Fitcation was essentially a balanced lifestyle showcase for social media folks featuring this region.  My Fitcation 13 experience was technically a “working vacation” but my “job” as a yoga instructor even filled my cup with joy and enrichment.  See the follow-up visual essay to experience it as fully as you can virtually. Given my three days on the Central Coast I am tending to think  it was hospitality of the region had a great deal to do with my experience.  Our official affiliates provided top-notch consideration as well as merchants who were not even associated with our itinerary, thus did not know who we were.  This even includes the Waterfront Grill in Morro Bay who were kind enough to make an ice bag for an attendee with an injured knee then refuse to take any payment since a few members of our group had stopped there for a snack a little while beforehand.

SIP Certified is a seal I back 100%
SIP Certified is a seal I back 100%

The kind folks at SIP Certified orchestrated most of our adventures.  They are an agricultural sustainability certification non-profit organization.  They align with my values as a mindful consumer and local economy supporter.  When first approached about Fitcation I was hesitant to attend because I was pregnant at the time and knew my infant would be six months old and barely starting solid foods.  However the SIP Certified involvement is what truly drove me and my family’s effort to make my attendance possible.  They are a brand I trust and had already been eagerly engaging with as a consumer.

SIP Certified began over 15 years ago with 13 brands around the Paso Robles area and has since grown to 170+ brands throughout the state of California.  The certification goes beyond organic with true sustainability applying to not only ecological practices but also  business concerns such as continuing education for employees to continually elevate the quality of the workforce. Since SIP Certified’s roots began in San Luis Obispo County, their high density of brands, regional partners, and supporters agreed to host the group I was invited to attend with.  The primary sponsors of the trip who showcased the balanced lifestyle available for those living in and visiting this region were SIP Certified, Travel Paso Robles and Earth Footwear.

Others helped out to host our group including: Visit San Luis Obispo County, Visit Cambria, Visit SLO, Morro Bay Tourism
We visited and enjoyed products + services from: Pithy LIttle Wine Company, Brown Butter Cookie Company, General Store, Studios on the Park, Pomar Junction Vineyard and Winery, Fig Good Food, Dig, Deep, Play Hard Bootcamp , Castoro Cellars, Unlock Wine, Pasolivo, Halter Ranch, Hearst Castle, Robin’s Restaurant, ME!!!!, Kayak Horizons, Yacht Club in Morro Bay, Eatz, Tolosa Winery

Then there were the abundant goodies in our swag bags.

The Black Teaberry from Earth Footwear was seriously something with my swag. Seriously.
The Black Teaberry from Earth Footwear was seriously something with my swag. Seriously.

I know that this post reads like a NASCAR vehicle zipping past you with stickers covering every inch of the car.  I try to spare you having my blog read like a commercial UNLESS it is for brands and experiences I truly believe in or at least think you will enjoy. So please be patient and consider these names in your mindful consumer experiences or reach out and ask me specific questions about how I rate what they have to offer or ask them if there is something specific.
Finally I have to give a shout out to Leah Segedie and her team of contributors who worked to make this get-away happen for its third year.  There will be no Fitcation 2014 because Leah’s concentration will be on ShiftCon.  This is a new healthy, wellness conference taking place the first weekend in October in Los Angeles, CA.  Here is a good portion of her

Disclosure: The costs of the events and activities for Fitcation were defrayed by sponsors, and the attendees were contractually obligated to write a summary of the experience and also received free swag items. However, the thoughts and opinions I’m sharing in this post are honest and my own.

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  1. I’m so glad that you attended and led the yoga! The girls loved it, the pictures from Cambria are amazing, and the video from Hearst Castle is fantastic.

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