Iron Girl Sprint Tri

You have read me wax on about the post-partum body and taking it slow. This past week was no exception. I think the iron thing is worked out but apparently my body is still not at a healthy baseline to be buffered against a lot of stress. Last Monday I had a very stressful night at a yoga studio I was subbing at when I was locked in the building after my class with a few other ladies and had to scramble to get out. The cortisol to adrenaline flowing then calm resolution did not happen and by the end of the night my lower left back was tightly constricted. This led to a Jenga game of post-partum body compensation and by Thursday I was seeing someone to help realign my body and get full feeling back in my lower left leg.


So there was a sprint tri on Saturday and I luckily felt o.k. enough to do the course but take it easy. Before the swim was over my back was stiff, on the big hill on the bike I had a muscle spasm and could do nothing but leisurely walk the 5K. I was a bit bummed because I was looking to sub 30 my run. However I was not mad. I knew it was gonna be slow going and I enjoyed myself. The swim water was 75 degrees and I actually did not want to get out of the reservoir. I really enjoyed myself strolling with a cold water bottle. Overall it was a really fun event again and I crossed the finish line ready to be in mommy-mode. Mommy-mode once a chiropractor tackled my jangy back and piriformis with his elbow at least.












My race report: slow, steady, mindful, joyful.


Another fun aspect of the event was that I was there officially in capacity for Polar Heart Rate monitors. I ran the information booth for the expo (except when I was on course and had my husband encourage giveaway participants), did the course, and gave away a FT4T for Polar during the awards ceremony. I am an ambassador for the company so was eager to meet so many other Polar enthusiasts as well as answer questions for those getting into HRM training or had issues with their units and needed the friendly hand of customer service extended to them.





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