Raining, Pouring, Not Complaining

VLAWGG from my first post-partum run…


The topic of my vlog this week is getting back into a swing of life after baby and not whining about it.  I returned to leading yoga classes last week.  I am taking over two classes this week after not even entertaining teaching on a regular basis until the fall.  Then I was named as a nominee on a top 100 yoga and wellness professionals list for the Denver area.    What a week.  Opportunities are pouring in and I am grateful that people hold me in high regard.

Last week was a mixed bag of activity.  I am currently taking it slow as I train for a half-marathon in August.  I am doing The Dailey Method this month before Fitbloggin’  And from my previous paragraph you can imagine that there is yoga in the books.

This week I want to do 3 Dailey Method classes, two three-mile runs and a five-mile run.  I am also needing to crunch in the teaching schedule and heading to Vail for several days to compete in the Photography division for the Go Pro Mountain Games.  I have to thank my husband many times over for helping me with that competition.  He will mostly be support in caring for our infant while I run around different competitions to shoot and come back to feed and care for our youngin.

We have meal plans for this week with the veggie tacos, bi bim bap, couscous salad, bean burritos, watermelon/feta salad, and zucchini ribbon salad making appearances for dinner, lunches, and leftovers.

Well I need to make this quick since I am covering a prenatal yoga class for someone later tonight.  Have a great week everyone.  I hope your transition into summer is fun with workouts and how you spend time with those you love.

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  1. I’m so impressed by everything you take on! You’re such an inspiration.

  2. GO MAMA!! You are doing amazing getting back into the swing of things!

    Have a great week

  3. Look at you go! 🙂 So awesome that you’re doing a half in August!

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