Post-Partum Recovery… GO!


Want to see one of the things I have been reading?

bdfI don’t know if you remember my vision board for the year.  After a successful birth was a focus on heart health for my physical in September and a vanity goal of eating and living right for skin care.  I knew the skin care goal would include phytonutrients which is congruent with what is needed for a heart healthy goal.  It is really funny how all this stuff collides.  I am enjoying the above book and my husband has been loving it too.  We have been eating a lot of veggies (like normal) but fruit too lately.  I had reduced the fruit in pregnancy just because it is higher-calorie simple sugars.

I have been a vegetarian for a good chunk of my life.  I am not a vegetarian right now… more of a flexitarian… actually more meat-based than that towards the end of my pregnancy and now surgery recovery.  Perhaps it is the fact that it is spring and we are getting the gardening bug plus local, seasonal markets are starting to open up – my husband and I looking forward to reducing out meat consumption this time of year (like we have in years past). This week and next may still be animal-protein heavy with my surgery recovery, but it is still whole-food based. This week will have two meat-based dinners and two meat-complimentary dinners. Next week… who knows?

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All right. As based on my vlog this week will include some blog strategizing and updates, ACE personal training studying, thank you note writing, and hopefully some organizing (even though I am still under physical restrictions). For exercise – the soul movements that make your body feel good. Walking and being outside in the garden when we are not in blizzard conditions and restorative yoga. I hope you have a great week. And if you made it to the end of my long vlog please heed my closing words of being considerate of others because we never know what anyone else is facing at any time. Be compassionate and make each other better. xoxo

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  1. love that “flexitarian” I’m going to have to steal it! You are an inspiration and certainly kick butt for staying in such great shape during pregnancy and your game plan for recovery. You go girl! Thanks for inspiring me even on my rough days 🙂

  2. I’m so glad you and baby are doing well! You’re positively glowing.

  3. Rebecca @RUtheMOMof says: Reply

    Watching your vlogs always puts a smile on my face. CONGRATS on healthy baby and Mommy

  4. I love your vlogs!! Congrats on your healthy baby 😀

  5. You are beautiful. 🙂 Congrats again on baby, and good luck with all of your goals!

  6. You are such a beautiful person inside and out and I love your outlook on life. Congrats on your precious baby and hope your recovery goes smoothly!

  7. You make me smile! So happy for you that the recovery is going so well. Congrats again on that precious little baby!

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