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I have a crazy week winding down a crazy month.

Big things this week are finishing my Kalso Earth Project Workshops, preparing for a 4-day yoga teaching intensive, preparing for a big adult spelling bee on the 28th, and work with Elephant Circle. I am also stressed – how many of us have less than nice family issues 😉

Food wise my food allergies are seriously back with a vengeance and I am a little scared of any food I do not prep myself.  The good thing is that I am hardly eating any bread or simple carbs right now.  Do you want to see one of my fave meals?

My belly and pain, breathing issues, etc. from my food allergies have been a PITA lately so I feel like I am off with some physical goals but not discouraged, simply delayed.  I was actually up re-working a contract I made with myself from 2-5 am this morning since I could not sleep due to allergy anaphylaxis issues.  Anyway I have a 5K in 2 weeks and am looking forward to it with it being too early in the a. m. after I know I will be having a late night.  This week my long run is 6 miles on Wednesday then it is all yoga after that with the yoga intensive.

I thought I would leave with a parting shot of the kind of foods I pick up from the dairy on weekends.  I am a raw milk person.

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  1. I hope the less than fun family issues settle down for you! Stress during busy times is never fun.

  2. Leah Segedie says: Reply

    Im seriously considering switching to raw milk when the baby in my belly turns 3. I think overall it will be expensive but worth it. I know they have delivery services in LA somewhere. I love having you around exposing me to these things. Xxoo

  3. Hugs! I’m sorry food issues are back and being super scary. I’ve only seem my husband panic with breathing once so I can only imagine what you are going through.

    You’re going to be awesome at all the things you have going on this week. I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts.

  4. I can only imagine what it is like to deal with severe food allergies. On the up side, very cool you get fresh farm eggs and milk!

  5. Oh No, I hope the food allergies settle back down soon.. Good Luck on the 5ks and the Project wrapping up…. Hugs and sending you positive vibes and thoughts

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