Speed Blogging – Brand Dating?

As part of the Fitness and Health Bloggers Conference we get to speed date brands in 5 minute sessions


1st up Organic La Sierra Agave Nectar and Anejo Casa Noble tequila and lime- for a SKINNY MARGARITA

AGED tequila for US and Mexican Sustainability and Organic Certification that has to be recertified annually


48 calories, light and refreshing taste. I usually hate margaritas because they are too sweet and have too much sugar.  This is something I would buy.


A pasta derived from an ancient grain with all kinds of nutrient dense grooviness. Higher price point but on level with gourmet pastas.  Also in gluten free varieties.  Imported from Italy where the einkorn wheat is grown.  First einkorn wheat pasta in the U. S. market.  Part of rice of ancient grains as we reclaim food biodiversity that we lost with BIG manufacturing.  Available at Whole Foods.  I would consider buying it if I had a great coupon, I am not a big pasta consumer.


Started in 1977 out of Boulder, CO to offer options to people who want a gluten free alternative with being tasty and not having a texture like cardboard.  The ingredient list is pretty short.  Price point is higher than conventional bread price point but also available at Costco for 2/$6.99 for loaves.  It is in the freezer section.  This company also has a lot of alliances with health non-profits and organizations that work with gluten intolerance awareness.  Great social value – I would buy if I had gluten intolerance issues.

**Also as a side note. My son loved these little nut butter and jelly sammiches – he ate a couple at the dinner that evening.  They were made with Justin’s Nut Butta.



Only air-popped potato chip out there.  Don’t use any oil in popping process but sunflower and safflower oil in the seasoning process.  Idea is lighter chip so you get more chips per serving.  Original has 6 ingredients, flavored can have a lot more. I have a bias with this product already – why all the ingredients and why evaporated cane sugar in some flavors?  If I am going to indulge in chips I’ll go with potato, salt, and oil but keep the quantity limited.


I know this company and love this company.  Simplest sport beverage drink just behind coconut water.  I used this drink in the field when I needed a Gatorade type drink but wanted something natural and it was also something my midwife made me get for my home birth labor.  I am biased because I have bought a lot of this product and will continue to buy it when I don’t drink coconut water or make my own homemade electrolyte drink.  Fruit juice, water, sea salt, potassium, sodium and vegetable dyes.

HOWEVER the single serve packets are a little different and they had some sort of sweetener that upset my “dormant” allergy.  I will not be having anymore of the the dry product.


Low sugar whey protein bar that is supposed to be easier to consumer.  It is made with sucralose so I can’t eat it.  My cane sugar allergy is greatly reduced post-pregnancy but the concentration in sucralose still makes me sick so I have to avoid it.  I did not sample it.


LOL, if you read my blog you know I love these. 2-9 ingredients in each bar, that is it! Cashew cookie is the two ingredient bar. I have been a loyal Larabar customer for over 5 years.



1972, the farm started.  An actual farm.

**Overall, what a fun way to introduce bloggers to brands.  Seriously, fun.  However I started with the margarita so I am having a GREAT time!

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  1. HA! This WAS fun! And I was a bit surprised about that actually. And yes, starting with the margarita was very good un-planning!

  2. I have both pop chips AND larabars in the kitchen. Must you give me such ideas at 11:30pm?? LOL!

    1. Definitely not the post to be reading then. Oh man am I craving one of those margaritas now.

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