JollyBod – Colorado “natural” skincare review

Full disclosure: I have not been financially compensated to check out this product or promotion. I was sent product to check out and agreed to help out because it is Colorado made, natural, and recommended since it is possibly very aligned with my consumer ethos.

I am doing a giveaway of my favorite JollyBod product that I was sent to test. Check out my instagram post to enter there. Here is my FULL, long, inclusive review of what I was sent. Visit their page to order and look at their discount code to treat yourself or get something for that someone special for Valentine’s Day. They are also doing a nice #jollycupid contest right now about your ideal date to win a fabulous prize. Now to the product line…

Why did I put “natural” in the title? That word is SO HARD to define and regulate in the cosmetics industry. In the case of JollyBod they even use the term “natural fragrances” in their ingredient listings and for those that are not aware when you see “fragrances” you should run with everything that is not regulated in the US. With what I have seen with this line of products I am impressed with what they are trying to package so not fretting. You can communicate with them for full disclosure.

What you do know is that they are petroleum-free (which is also something great for your body and not common with most conventional products) and they are handcrafted in Colorado.

You will see some ingredient listings like tocopherols and look up then realize it is a vitamin E derivative, etc. As a lovely gift or treat for an adult I am fine with what is listed here. My husband is a bit more skeptical but he can have severe eczema so seeing the alcohols are a no-go for him. But as for me I can use everything I was sent with no concern for drying or other health complications. As it is my favorite product is super clean with the ingredient list and extremely moisturizing. YES for dealing with Colorado climate.

And in this time of political, seasonal, and general life silliness I am loving the Body Calming Salt Scrub with lavender and rosemary. I even used a touch on my lips. The lavender was not overpowering and it left me smooth with that scent lightly on my body.

JollyBod produc

All the scents were delightful but some were not for me. Simply personal preference but the ones I like I am really loving.

Head over to my instagram page and enter there for your chance to win a salt scrub. Head over to JollyBod to order some product (and use the discount code JOLLYCUPID). Follow them on their social profiles, as a young company they are reaching out to their customers a good deal there with promotions.

Take care and remember to treat yo’self!


HISTORY COLORADO – now more than ever

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.                                                                                                   -George Santayana


This has been an intense week. On Saturday I attended a photo research program at History Colorado Center on a date with my husband to hang out in a library and learn about resources. Did you know that the public has access to their online photo and archive collection? Their in-house one too. This resource is quite brilliant for us social media, genealogical research, and general curiosity types.

The museum is really cool and like they typically do they let us roam after our program. We ran upstairs to the hilarious AWKWARD FAMILY PHOTOS exhibit. It is a room with goofy family images that we laughed out at not to laugh at others but because so many of us can relate to the stories and people in them. We found ourselves in giggle cycles with other guests in the gallery at the time.

There was also a great exhibit about cameras, images, and portraits


We then went next door to the El Movimiento exhibit that has been up for a while looking at local and national Chicano activism. It really stirred echoes of what has been building around this election week and roles in activism.

img_9327 img_9332

On the second floor there were three exhibits: 1. Living West, which contains the Dust Bowl simulator which is a documentary and ride experience and I highly recommend people check it out. The exhibit looks at resource use in our state and engages people to figure out best use solutions with water, transport, historical artifacts, and our economy.

img_93512. Denver A  to Z that highlights some of our notable accomplishments and 3. Colorado Stories which contains fur trading, mining, internment camps… I got as far as the Colorado internment camp section and had to leave. The stress of the week got to me. Here is the link to the online exhibit on Japanese internment if you want some experience from home. Yes, we interned a lot of children.attachment-1


We by-passed the first floor, we usually spend a lot of time there with our kids. We went straight to the basement for the Searching for HOME exhibit looking at homelessness. I know, I know, it was already a rough day but I rarely come to this museum without my kids so I wanted to see it.

img_9359 img_9367 img_9381My family experienced homelessness for a while due to unfortunate circumstances. I really relate to this exhibit and appreciate its aim to humanize a very serious problem facing Denver and other areas during this economic time.

At that point I was a bit wiped but felt good about sticking it through to look at what I had seen and process the exhibits with just me and my husband.


Here is the thing. History Colorado Center contains a good deal of knowledge about our past and this knowledge is useful as we face and constructively work on our present. If I came to the museum with our kids I most likely would not have lingered at the internment area of the exhibit as long as I did because my guys are three and six. We would have done the fun, silly, educational stuff and maybe one heavy topic to explore in a way that is appropriate for them. The museum even has scalable guides and information for content you feel is appropriate for your visit.

The museum is a valuable asset if you are going for entertainment, education, or to process and really dig deep about controversial topics we are currently dealing with.

I have visited a number of times and have not become a member yet. My husband and I have decided that this will be our next institutional membership. As we were talking to the front desk we learned the family and dual memberships include TWO Georgetown Loop Railroad passes… hello, those are worth $30 each on their own. An $85 annual family membership including $60 in railroad passes is a no brainer! My husband and I teased they should lead off with that information in their membership promotion.

Visit the museum on your own, as part of a program, or just jump into the sweetheart deal for the membership especially with the Santa trains getting on the Georgetown Loop calendar. History is not to be forgotten when as a people we are in desperate need for guidance now.

Fall Equinox 2016

I am not mad about how I celebrated the equinox today. I grabbed my yoga mat and headed to a boardwalk landing at a nearby wildlife refuge 30 minutes within autumn officially starting.



The view in between the planks as I moved in chaturanga.

It turned into birdwatching and yoga as a few critters landed nearby during the practice.


I kept an eye out for deer since some young have been seen in the area. Funny enough with walking to and from the landing you could see juniper that had a clear line where deer have been able to reach to nibble off all the berries.


Nature was doing its thing including this small tree showing off ALL THE COLORS


Reflection, movement, and listening. Not a bad way to start the season.




This was a good morning. I hope it was for you as well. May you find the grounding you need as we head into some turbulent political, social, and personal times ahead.  xo


Carmel on-the-go

Consider Carmel-by-the-Sea as a hub of fresh food with laws meant to keep it a walkable city without the bustling stress in the bay area further
up north. It is and a central point to explore the natural beauty surrounding this one square-mile where tourists are loving the activity and support for healthful restoration on their getaways.


In Carmel-by-the-Sea the mode of transportation is walking. There are hills but you stay bi-pedal. There is even a LAW prohibiting footwear with anything over a 2″ heel. Honestly, taller footwear is not the best thing for our bodies so kudos to Carmel-by-the-Sea for pushing our fashion savvy and saving our backs. Hello Earth Footwear, Ahnu, or Dansko… do you already work with this area?


Our host for the area was Hofsas House. It is a longstanding, affordable lodging option in Carmel-by-the-Sea. The proprietor, Carrie, has a grandmother we all wish she had. Her grandmother started lodging with a few small rooms, bought more property, bought the land, had Carrie work under her as a pre-teen and has left a legacy that a fourth generation may take on in the future. IMG_4585

Carrie in her efforts owns and operates with 38-room, Bavarian-inspired tradition as well as serves with local politics for this carefully-curated area. Curation entails no food franchises, no neon signs, no street lights, no harming trees in construction, no street addresses, and no paid parking. All these factors lead to casual European elegance with the warmth of family hospitality. Talk to Carrie or her staff about what to do in this area as you are planning your stay.  L1140084

My favorite nuggets of the area are:

  1. The BEACH. A white sand beach on the Pacific coastline is rare. Even rarer is the ability to have a bonfire on a public beach. There are a few restrictions, but public bonfires ya’ll!L1140043
  2. Carmel Belle – A quick food and drink spot that exemplifies the businesses I choose to support with high-quality, simple food that encourages local sustainability practices. They hosted us for a meal and brought out the organic wine. The open-face mushroom sammich and lentil soup were very tasty! I went back for a turmeric elixir. I then went back for a filling smoothie (carrot and almond butter was not on my radar before). And a big bonus that no one made any issue of dealing with my re-usable container. IMG_4494IMG_4503L1140023 L1140030IMG_4498
  3. Yoga Center of Carmel – I only got a peak instead of a practice. I had planned to do a restorative mid-Monday practice but our itinerary conflicted. They seem inclusive to all bodies and experience, I got a great vibe.
  4. Caraciolli Cellars – There is a wine walk you can do that includes over a dozen cellars where you can get tasting flights. I started at this cellars and stopped. There was nothing I could do after their Brut Cuvée so I called it. I am glad I did, it turns out their winemaster also blends for Holman Ranch. Everyone seemed to enjoy their tastings but I knew this was it for me and I am kicking myself for not bringing some back on the plane to Denver.L1140005 L1140067
  5. Active outdoor tourism – Point Lobos hiking, bike the 17-mile ride with a rental from Monterey, hospitality partners to get a two-day pass to the Monterey Aquarium for the price of one, surf the constantly cool bay, tour the missions, explore Carmel River, and hug some big trees in Big Sur.
  6. The overall ease with access to fresh, local food. This is near America’s Salad Bowl, as Salinas is called. There is fresh produce everywhere. Artichoke production is also big near this area. L1140059

One note I will make about the area is that it is very dog-friendly. I am talking about dogs-in-some-wine-cellar-tasting-rooms friendly. Kid-friendly is a little different. The area is affordable and gorgeous. I do not personally think the main attractions in town are appropriate to have kids at all day. Stay in Carmel-on-the-Sea as your area hub for comfort and then radiate out to adventure with the little tykes.
L1140073 Stay tuned for my next post when I talk about Holman Ranch and what they have done to earn their SIP (Sustainability in Practice) Certification. They were the next stop on our #llnotablogconf trip.


Happy Earth Day everyone. I have seen the online stratosphere gearing up for today with the most American way that it can… sales!!! I am compassionate enough to recognize that as a culture we do not have many more ways to celebrate anything than to buy things for it, try to recreate manicured Pinterest boards for it, and then root for it like it is a football team. I am putting out my meek plea for you to pause for today though.

The intention of this day when it started in 1970 has mixed origins. Was it a national teach-in day about what we have done as a species to this planet? Was it a propaganda day for the newly forming Environmental Protection Agency? No matter the origins the events leading up to the designation from 1970 came from the ravages of a political climate in turmoil and significant environmental detriments.

Here we are in 2016 and our current political climate is pretty fractured. So is our connection to the environment. Going into 1970 the nation was besieged with Rachel Carson’s, “Silent Spring” eight years earlier and there is not any unifying book to gather us under a collective consciousness umbrella but I am going to introduce a contender. E.O. Wilson’s “Half Earth”


The book like many of Wilson’s writings encourages a connection with the biosphere. We often do not think of ourselves as interdependent with ecosystems and that is getting us in trouble with a loss of biodiversity and degradation of our natural resources. I encourage you to read this book or at least an article about this Pulitzer Prize winning piece that came out this year. A related Half Earth Project will be launched May 31st.

If you are not willing to see yourself as interdependent in your ecosystem then scale back and see if you can recognize how your consumer habits impact the natural resources they draw from. 

For Earth Day I have a few ways to celebrate:

Do not fall for Earth Day sales of things you do not need. Do not go on a shopping spree as a way to celebrate from your computer.

Find some small connection to the natural world. A true heart connection. Go for a hike. Go to a spot where the sunshine can dapple on your shoulders and just sit there in silence to identify the sounds of what surrounds you (this can even be in your garden or a community garden). Look into the eyes of something wild and feel empathy with what is looking back at you (birds have eyes).

Keep it simple. If you can join an organized program for recycling, tree planting, or litter removal. You do not need to go out of your way to do those actions though – in their origins they would not be needed if people were more conscious consumers in the first place. This is why I push for conscious consumption first coupled with having a connection to the environment.

Happy Earth Day and remember, we are interdependent with this beautiful biosphere. Happy day to us. We are a part of the earth. xoxo

Eight Years: A Love Letter


Perfect in its unpredictability we drove out to the San Luis Valley from Denver on Saturday morning to celebrate our wedding anniversary weekend. This is a two lane road that we were on in this picture. Note the lack of visibility. Note how bright the day was. Oh Colorado.

honeycombWe paused in Salida for some of our favorite stores including The Beekeeper’s Honey Boutique, Little Red Hen Bakery, and Kaleidoscope Toys. The toy store was having a Star Wars play event. Of course.

For food we generally hit Ploughboy for local fare to eat immediately and cook with but they are preparing for a big remodel. I look forward to see what they look like in March. We did grab some pho at Little Cambodia.

photavernWe then headed to the hot springs where we planned to settle for three days.

Colorado is ridiculous. Between sunsets on fire and shooting stars from the pools all you can do is be in love with your boo.

We had an unintended present a friend gave us. Margo did Reiki II readings for us this month. During our first night away we read each other’s readings to help bring some clarity. We of course thought the other had an amazing reading but looked at our own with self doubt. It is funny how perceptions bend and can be clouded with our judgements. This is how I saw my husband after reading his. ralph

This is how he saw me. tumblr_mc5v3vuHz41qk7mkdo2_500

At least we have very positive perceptions of the other. It was a good reassurance to end the day.

The next day we turned it up to 11. I’ll paint the scene for you. We decided to drive the backroads to head south. Folk was playing on The River Rat (93.7 FM) while my husband was feeding me a spoon of honeycomb that we bought the day before as we were sipping fresh coffee that we made.


A huge bird was along the road so I jumped out of the driver seat to grab my camera while my husband drove. Note that no other cars were anywhere near us.


And we played along several telephone poles with a Golden Eagle. Yes a bigger than a Bald Eagle, GOLDEN EAGLE. We left the bird alone after it had captured a meal and was going to feast.golden eagle


We then stopped in Crestone for some bomb diggity green chai and brunch.

There are many things I love about Creatone, but none so much as the green chai at Desert Sage.

A video posted by Terry (@tcabeen) on

Then we made our way to Great Sand Dunes National Park where I wanted to get in the #REIExplorer virtual run with Black Girls Run and REI. The park rangers recommended against any trails due to icy conditions so off to the sand dunes it was.

The sand dunes took a lot out of me. My husband also played to get some of these shots and flared up his exercise induced asthma because it was pretty cold.

We raced back to the hot springs to end up in a pool for a soak and I was able to capture a sunset picture I had envisioned for this pool for almost a year now.
waterfall pool

That night we hung out with other land trust members until it was bed time then went out to soak and sauna some more. In the morning we hiked to the tallest springs before meandering down to make more coffee and noodles then wind our way back to Denver.

The weekend was absolutely lovely. We missed the Marade in Denver but to be honest we knew we were getting married MLK Jr weekend and feel we live for some of his legacy everyday with our mixed race life. The Marade in the current climate would have been amazing to be part of but some solitude and sheer love felt just right. Happy 8th wedding anniversary Terry. xoxo