Spring Running Prep = Ragnar Relay Prep


I was cold here but wanted to share the news I have been sitting on since January.  Little old me has been selected for Team Chocolate Milk this year! One of the gazillion awesome things about my food allergy reversal is that I can enjoy this deliciousness after my workouts.

Team Chocolate Milk visor

My baby is 11 months old now and coming up on one-year post-partum feels so awesome!!! It has been a rough go with a less than energetic pregnancy, lasting iron metabolism issues, and an infant who hates sleep. Things are working out though and just in time.

This month I am doing the Running o’ the Green 7k, Spring Fever 10k, and am celebrating the post-partum year by taking off to L.A. to do the Ragnar Relay with some of the coolest women around on team Dirrty Dozen.

How is your spring going? Prepping for any events?

SOYBU *CO Yoga Love

I have been a certified yoga teacher since 2009 – yoga pants are my uniform.  There is another group of workers that yoga pants are a uniform to as well… MOMS.  I am a mom of young kids so I get it, you need fabrics that move with your body to get down on their level all the time. Recently when Soybu yoga clothing held their flagship store grand opening my mom and yoga world collided when I received an invite thanks to the Mile High Mamas.


Yes, you can move in their clothes

I had the good fortune of already knowing about Soybu thanks to a Bombshell Tank and Lotus Short I received from last year’s FitSocial conference. I did not get to interact with them when they supported the I’m Unique Yoga Illustrated Union tour that held a LARGE class at Invesco Field in the summer because I was traveling but that event was in my heart and I was named one of Colorado’s Top 100 Yoga and Fitness Professionals there. Soybu has been mindfully reaching out to the yoga and wellness community for a while even though only establishing in 2010.  Soybu reaching out to a less traditional wellness community was refreshing.

soybu phil

The Soybu philosophy by the dressing room

Soybu is reaching out further and offering a 25% discount on all online orders through Sunday 23 Feb 2014 using the code “NOWOPEN” as well as free shipping for orders over $75.


The store front when you enter

If you want to visit the flagship store head to the Cherry Hills Marketplace, 2500 E. Orchard Rd Unit 2500 A, Greenwood Village, Colorado.

Jamie helped me with some honest shopping decisions since all prints did not work with me. Thanks lady!

Jamie helped me with some honest shopping decisions since all prints did not work with me. Thanks lady!

Since I was already familiar with the brand, their fit, and my size I was ready to shop. I did not drink or eat any goodies because I was too busy in the dressing room, getting feedback from Jamie G (a Soybu community leader I know from the FitSocial conference), and talking to Soybu staff.   I finally settled on two capris and a pair of leggings.


Some fun leggings I had to get.

At the event I had time to speak with Erin about the Soybu concept and clothing for everywoman.  She said they wanted to do an event for moms even if they do not do yoga because the clothes celebrate being a woman of all sizes and abilities.  The care of the construction, quality of fabric, and selection of colors and styles do leave a lot of room for even non-athletes to feel fantastic in their gear.  As far as sizing for every woman their activewear goes to XXL which is roughly a size 16.  It is not a perfect fit for all but for many.


Killer Caboose Capri… cheeky image

Check them out and hopefully you will find something you like.

Mile High Mamas is partnering with Soybu on this promotion.  All opinions and views expressed are our own.

Raspy But Kickin’

Last week was a wash… this week? Either way life is funny and mercury is in retrograde to slap me across my silly mouth.

The big thing is getting back to feeling 100%. I went to the Denver Art Museum and wore our infant then felt wore out. I can usually cart him around and not feel anything.

I have about 8 weeks to go for the SoCal Ragnar Relay so need to be in the best shape possible for the first weekend in April. I have to say the chilly, chilly, chilly temps here in Denver are making me long for Southern California. We had a spell in negative digits last week and all I was thinking was Ragnar and flying into L.A.

This week activity planner + dinner planner…
Monday… rest + Aloo Gobi and Coconut Carrot Ginger Soup
Tuesday… yoga 2x (maybe crossfit) and Turkey Meatballs with Veggies
Wednesday… run and yoga and Slow Cooker Ribs, potatoes, and salad
Thursday… crossfit and run and Cacao Nib Spinach Salad
Friday… crossfit and yoga and leftover soup and salad
Saturday… nordic ski and chicken pot pie
Sunday… run and open gym

Earth Mama Angel Baby Breastfeeding Month 2013

One of my year-end highlights was the image Earth Mama Angel Baby used of me and my babe for National Breastfeeding Month. They are a guest on Mamavation tonight to talk about removing toxins from personal care products. I go to EMAB steadily and even use the baby oil on my own skin, especially my face in the harsh Colorado conditions. I also love Dr. Bronners (basic soap and coconut oil), and the Alaffia brands from bubble bath, conditioner, and lotion for babe.


I was asked to consider promoting a clip of Sesame Street that is airing today in support of Team USA and the start of the Sochi Olympics. It is CONFIDENCE and features Evan Lysacek. I have no idea if the clip came across my desktop because I have two young kids or that I like talking about movement. Really no idea but I thought it was the perfect marriage for all my friends working on their own athletic, wellness, and personal endeavors.

The timing of this clip really struck me as I watched someone barely miss her return bid to the Olympics. Being an athlete at her level you would think she would have every confidence in the world being awesome but when her coaches did not show confidence in her before a final run in an event it left her doubting herself. It was painful to watch because even though I was never at her level I understand when your coaches that you work hard with turn their backs on you.

This goes for anything. We should have confidence in ourselves no matter what but it is easy to become sabotaged if we surround ourselves with people who do not fill us up in constructive ways.

So please watch this clip, watch this episode. Sesame Street is geared towards a young audience but these are basic lessons we need to revisit as adults too.

Fill your own cup up (of confidence) and surround yourself with a constructive community that builds each other up to for those times when you are feeling less than ideal.

Sesame Street can be seen on your local PBS station, for me that would be our local Rocky Mountain PBS affiliates.

Go Red for Women

I was hoping to do a wrap up post about being over at The Colorado State Capitol for the proclamation of today as Go Red for Women day but that is not going to happen. My sitter/dad did not show up this morning to watch the boys so I had to skip it (I blame mercury retrograde BTW). There are brilliant images everywhere on social media follow #wearredday.

Heart disease is the #1 killer of women in America. Many proactive things can be done to remove this from the top spot by knowing where our health is at and then improving it. For more information on this campaign go the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women website.

Go Red for Women Declaration

You may notice a lot of people and buildings done up in red today because this is not a cause relegated to hospitals. This is an issue our larger society is tackling and in a fun way the idea that health is fashionable is becoming prominent with Macy’s as the big AHA partner on this campaign.

One trendy company I like is even in on the action for a second year. The people at SpaWeek are doing their second Heart over Heels Giveaway for an iconic pair of Christian Louboutin Simple Pumps. I am not big on pimping out other giveaways but I like that for every vote 25 cents is donated to the AHA. The giveaway ends 17 March.


I also like SpaWeek in general because they sell gift cards year-round but during SpaWeek itself you can find discounted spa treatments at some of the best spas in your area. If you know anything about me then you know I am about the self-love and deserved pampering.

laugh, rinse, sleep, repeat

SLEEP – that is the thing I want most these days.  I did not go to the gym today because I am fighting my kiddo’s cold and was too tired from 3 hours of sleep to lift any heavy weights.

Basically life is good. We are all relatively healthy. I signed up to be on a team for the SoCal Ragnar Relay at the beginning of April. I have a number of races on the horizon. And I am having fun.

Tonight I was on Mamavation TV for their removing the toxicity from our homes with cleaning products. I did this guide a couple of years ago so popped it up for folks.

All right. I’m tired. Night night.