21 february update

VLOG! Yeah, I’m back and I kicked those sickies to the CURB!  This vlog was shot in Title 9.

I have been shopping from Title 9 since I was a teen.  I know a lot of larger women have a hard time finding sport bras so thought I would ask and I found some here going up to 46DDD and 42F.  They are not a sponsor or anything, but they are a good resource if you are serious about getting your girls under control so you can get moving without a black eye.  And this is the Mother’s Day 9K race I will most likely sign up for w/ Bodhi – my husband has agreed to volunteer at the last aid station… the chocolate station (seriously).

Anyway, back to my week… stress eating (my hubby is a DICK when he doesn’t feel well and I am feeling some major stress lately) plus lame carbs (a.k.a. high glycemic carbs while son and hubby were recouping) had me pack on a couple of extra pounds but they are gone now.  I am feeling a lot less “thick” this week.  However this is going to be a crazy week.  I somehow found myself headed to StartUp Weekend here in Boulder which is an intense 56-hour event to get a start-up going from point zero to pitching.  So I need to pump, and be on my health game 100% going into the weekend.

The weather is looking pretty decent this week and I am going to use my pops who babysits to my advantage to get some outdoor runs in.  I am shooting for FOUR runs, TWO yoga sessions, and THREE strength-training sessions.  Here is this week’s dinner/lunch leftover planning…

Sunday: roasted Moroccan chicken and couscous

Monday: black bean soup with pork shoulder

Tuesday: whole wheat pizza and salad

Wednesday:  nachos w/ roasted veggies and beans

Thursday: jambalaya and greens

Friday: leftovers

Saturday: catered evening

Have a wonderful week everyone.  To pay it forward I will let everyone know one of my silly motivators to be active… find a nemesis (the more comical the better).  Find something to compete against with yourself or with someone else (in a friendly way), then get your a$$ in gear and CRUSH IT! A good friend of mine I wanted to crush in my 10K in May may actually be around to run it so my nemesis ways are back on.  Woot woot! Before then it is a a personal goal of mine in order to cash in one of the massages work gifted me after stepping up with yoga coverage during the holidays.

Before I go please speak up. Who/what have been your nemeses? In the past I have used little kids kicking my butt in races, most notably was one tyke in a pink sweatshirt with hearts on it while I was pregnant. Yeah, I beat her! 😉

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  1. Love Title 9 sports wear, though I don’t shop there because I didn’t realize the sizes went up so far. Thanks for the heads up.

    Oh, yeah. The DH (the “d” might not stand for darling or daring) has been sick, too. Ugh. I really like my space and schedule. Having them all sick had me climbing the walls. Cheers to sickies being over with.

    Have a great run with your little guy… I love chocolate at the end of a race!

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many sports bras. I only have one that I got at target,lol.

    I like the idea of nemesis, I don’t have one and will think of a good one. Does Beyonce count? lol.

    1. Ha ha! Yes find a way for Beyonce to get in there… long story but Dave Navarro is my celebrity nemesis.

  3. Glad you are feeling better. I get the Title 9 catalog. I did not realize they had stores too. Cool! Have a great week ahead and thanks for the positive juju on my blog too.

  4. Seriously, what is with husbands acting like little boys when they’re sick?!? Makes me want to spank mine (not in the good way) and send him to his mother until he’s feeling better.

    Title 9 is amazing. Best investment in bras that I’ve ever made… Black eyes from boobie bounces are NEVER a good thing.

  5. My hubby’s best friend is my nemesis – he always calls me after one o his long runs or races and asks me what my PB is for that distance. Then he laughs and tells me crushed it! We’ll be doing a half in October and I want to crush him!

    I’m so glad that you’re staying so active despite the germies at your place – have a fantastic week Kia!

  6. Nemesis…That’s a good idea. I might need to think on that! Plus, thank you for the bra link. I’m bookmarking it for sure for the next time I have some “bra money.”

  7. Thanks for the tip about the bras ~ I’m one of those who is “stacked” and need all the support I can get. LOL @ the beating the little kid. That’s hilarious.

  8. I loooooooove Title 9. One of the few places I can find sports bras, ahem, in my size. I love the Moving Comfort Juno and the Enell (aka fort knox, in my opinion).

  9. I’ve never even heard of Title 9, but just checked out their site and will definitely be visiting it again! Seriously, how have I not heard of them?! Although I don’t need special sports bras for “the girls” ( I have the opposite problem actually… do they have bras that enhance? 🙂 ), they look like they have a lot of other great stuff too. Hope your week went well! You had some great workouts and meals planned.

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