cleaning out the closet

Figuring out your size across brands is hard enough. See Foodie McBody’s post on Sizes if you don’t know what I mean.

As for me I am running between a 10 and a 6 in pants these days. My observation is that it seems the more expensive the attire, the larger size you are going to be wearing in it. For some reason The North Face and Patagonia seem to show me little love with the structured pants. Heaven forbid if I ever went near Chanel or couture. However I wore Patagonia size Medium dresses all through my pregnancy (and even a large). I have a lot of range in my closet for seasons and size which adds up to a lot of clothes.

I am looking at my closet and I need to do a lot of down-sizing. It is way more cluttered than it needs to be. When I lived in Miami the temperature was similar year round. I started grad school there at 145 pounds (a solid, active 145 following a year backpacking, running and climbing), by the time I left after my car accident I was up 30+ pounds (a much softer, injured version of my former self). Fast forward to the move here to Colorado where I had to dress for seasons and my frame that went up to 200 with my pregnancy and I have A LOT of clothes.

I am now in the 150s eight months postpartum and looking at some of those active fun items I wore in my 140s. I am on track to be back there at one year post-partum.

The big part of cleaning out the closet is honestly sitting down and asking what are you gonna wear, what do you need, what you do want, and in my case can this item do someone else some good elsewhere.

So the clothes… what to do with them? Do not throw them away – that is such a waste! Instead clean them, affix missing buttons, etc. then… give the good stuff.

1. Consignment – If you want to try to get a little money back find a consignment store or sale near you.
2. Resale online – Ebay, Craigslist, etc.
3. Exchange online with friends – I just sent a few items to The Great Clothing Exchange as an example
4. Donate to a thrift store that puts the proceeds towards a charity you support
5. Donate directly to a good cause like a women’s shelter or program that helps people get back on their feet (they always need good business attire) or in my case an outdoor organization that can always use outdoor gear for people new to the backcountry and on scholarship to participate.
6. Clothing swap – I love these! Figure a place, get some friends together, place your clothes in some piles, open some wine, and go shopping through your friends’ closets. *Now I hate it when people bring CRAP to these events, huge pet peeve of mine.  So once more… give the good stuff.

For me I will take some maternity items to a consignment shop, I am organizing a clothing swap for the spring, and I will donate the rest.

For now, since you are online do check out the items I have up on The Great Clothing Exchange until 28 February.

Patagonia dress, Prana capris, REI running skirt

If you know you are holding steady at a size are you cleaning out your closet? Spring is only a month away… spring cleaning right?

What is your method of clothing redistribution?

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  1. Such a fabulous idea! I’ve already cleaned out my closet of things I just know I’ll never wear or items that I haven’t worn in over a year. I was going to give them to the Salvation Army but I think I’d rather find a women’s shelter that could use them.

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