9 May 2011

VLAWG from the City Solve Urban Race in Denver. We ran, jogged, and walked a lot of the 7-8 miles we did.  Way too much fun.  I owe a big thanks to the Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm that my baby has for easing some of the chaffing that my legs and my running skirt earned during the race.  I also had awesome teammates in @TheVar (who tentatively said he would do the Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon with me in October) and @RedHeadWriting (who was insane and did the race in between her heavy bike training schedule).  Thank you friends for running around the city with me 🙂

I hope everyone had a lovely Mother’s Day whether they are a mom themselves or celebrating another mom.  My weekend was perfect.  I considered getting Saturday to go sans kiddo and run around Denver then drink margaritas while my husband took care of our baby to be my present.  However on Sunday he let me sleep in while he took the baby out to pick up a floral arrangement he helped design.  Then we picked up a picnic breakfast (asparagus/gouda quiche, veggie hash, pan au chocolate, raspberries, and water) and went to a park to stretch out on the grass and eat.  After that we went for a hike then made it home to pick up our swim gear before heading to the pool.  My husband is in a class to learn how to swim laps, I swam 1000 m near his group, and my father came along to watch the baby.  We’ll finish the night with salad and being chill.

The week was definitely a struggle for me.  After now knowing what is going on with my lack of energy I can almost certainly say it is iron deficiency.  Combine being nutrient depleted after food poisoning, breastfeeding, increasing the intensity of my workouts, and increasing the intensity and duration of my period (TMI, but what is going on with my post-partum body) and I have been energy zapped a good deal while craving beef.  I hope this week will be better with the lactating-safe iron supplements I am starting.

I will crossfit 3 times, run 4 times, teach 3 yoga classes, push my own yoga practice, and hiking especially now that my son has a SWEET hiking backpack!  I am reflecting on those vision boards I did in December and January… I want to realize them.

With my meal planning this week I want to go less carb-heavy except for produce if my energy level stays up with the iron supplements.

SUNDAY – Spinach Salad

MONDAY – Salmon either done up w/ mustard/herbs or ginger/miso + asparagus

TUESDAY – Girls’ Night Out to celebrate a good friend 🙂 – late lunch of big ass salad + protein

WEDNESDAY – white bean, kale, sausage soup

THURSDAY – girls night out with Mile High Mamas – late lunch of big ass salad + protein

FRIDAY – tamales, beans, and salad

SATURDAY – birthday month dinner for my hubby * surprise

Breakfasts will be oatmeal with nuts and fruit, green smoothies, and/or hard-boiled eggs.  Snacks will be fruit, veggies, cheese, and/or nuts. Lunch will be leftovers, salads, roasted chicken, and/or ricotta on produce with tomatoes as a modified lasagna.

This has been a fun week going into my first Mother’s Day. I was featured on 12 questions, lifted some crazy weights in crossfit (a lot of clean and presses and clean and jerks), and felt like I contributed to the #childhungerendshere with my post on our local food bank and the national campaign **please read to learn about it if you do not already.

May you all have a great week. Know yourselves, and where you need to push or back off at this point of your journey. Namaste.

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  1. What is your race date in Oct? I’m wondering if I’ll be there to cheer you on. Glad you mentioned lactating safe iron supplements, I wouldn’t have even thought about that. Hope your energy ups. Glad you enjoyed your race!

    1. That is right! You may be here with your brood. The race is 9 October. It is a fun Rock n’ Roll event with lots of music and family entertainment along the course.

  2. I love your energy! Seriously. Stopping by your blog is like a written ray of sunshine.

  3. Wow, you had a great weekend! Your Mother’s Day picnic sounds heavenly. Glad you know the cause of your low energy, and can fix it pretty easily. Have a great week!

  4. Congrats on the run. You are so inspiring with all your running and great menu ideas.

  5. I love your stamina and motivation! You are inspirational!

  6. Thanks for doing 12?s Kia! We were so glad to have you, and to help celebrate your first Mother’s Day! Cheers!

  7. You have had a pretty tough couple of weeks, ladie! I know you love yourself though and will be taking care to remedy any deficiencies or needs. Gotta love the baby cream for chafing! Chafing truely is no joke.

    Mmmm… gotta get a recipe for your white bean and kale soup. Sounds wonderful.

    1. This is the basic recipe I modify for the soup http://simplyrecipes.com/recipes/kale_and_roasted_vegetable_soup/

  8. Busy week for you with great accomplishments. Nice job! Can’t wait to see you in person next week.

  9. You are SUCH a rock star and inspiration. Actually… I would consider you a guru!! LOL You eat SO healthy and are very active and in tune with your body. LOVE IT!! Thanks for the inspiration and keep rocking it, Kia!

  10. I adore you. That is all.
    Well, no it’s not. OK, that picnic??? YUM.
    Urban race? Jealous.
    Hope your energy picks up!! SEE YOU NEXT WEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!

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