16 may 2011

First off… FITBLOGGIN is this week!! Woot woot. I get to see so many fantastic people. Look for my vlog next week to be filled with all kinds of cameos. I am headed to Fitbloggin with a fantabulous boost of a surprise – I just learned this morning that The Daily Burn listed me as one of the Top 10 Health and Fitness Blogs You Don’t Know About (Until Now). Thank you for the mention, makes me want to be better and more focused. O.k…. now my vlawwwwg.

The theme for my past month plus has been slugging it out. Life that is. The lack of energy and all that following last month’s food poisoning and loss of milk supply really does feel on the upswing but not stellar. I am on another supplement to build my blood with iron, folate, C and B-12 and I made sure it was safe for a lactating woman. When all is said and done I gained about 12 pounds to get the milk supply going… 10 pounds in one week. I hate it but I said from the start that breastfeeding my infant would be #1 priority in my post-partum fitness journey. My cardiovascular fitness does not feel optimal but hopefully I can get some consistency back now that I am getting my energy back.

My strength is a totally different story. There is something obvious Crossfit is doing for me… my a$$ I noticed it in my yoga pants today and damn – I am getting that round lifted Black girl booty again. Not quite to the point where you can rest a cocktail on it at a house party, but you can tell where my genetic mix is these days if you know what I mean.

I want to share two funny stories from my world as a yoga instructor from this past week:

1. I got in “trouble” for not partaking in the comped massages I get through the main studio I work for. This is an extreme first world problem. I have been saving them for fitness/physical goals and was so close before my recent 12 pound gain. However I am scheduled for one after my next Friday class.

2. I ran into a client two days after I cued a lot of adjustments in a class. She was still sore in good places from how I pushed her. This made me as happy as it made her, which was immensely.

My week will be running and swimming on Sunday, Crossfit on Monday, running on Tuesday, and Crossfit on Wednesday plus teaching two classes. Thursday will be a travel day and Friday a run at #Fitbloggin plus a strength session there with @MizFitOnline.

For food I am looking at oatmeal, green smoothies, and hard-boiled eggs for breakfast. Lunch will be salads and leftovers. Sunday’s dinner will be miso/ginger salmon with rice and asparagus. And the three nights leading to Fitbloggin will be a lentil coconut curry, a hearty stew, and grilled protein with quinoa and veggies. Basically I want enough leftovers of easy things to reheat for my hubby and baby while I am gone.

Have a wonderful week everyone. And to answer the blogging carnival question “In your wellness efforts what is the simplest healthy habit that makes you feel most centered after doing it?” I have to say that water is the simplest thing I do that makes me feel fantastic. With an infant I can’t always control the sleep but the water is easy and such a luxury considering how accessible and clean it is in the U. S. I am always grateful.

I wrote this blog post while participating in the Mamavation Blogging Carnival for a chance to win a pair of Earth Footwear sandals

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  1. Oh, water. My biggest struggle because I find myself in the restroom 24/7 without it, but oh so necessary.
    I remember sitting near the finish line of the St.George marathon and all the puking, lol. Hasn’t stopped me from wanting to be in it though…Some day I’ll make it to that level of fit and preparedness.
    Way to go on taking care of your body for your priority, your little one. Have fun at Fitbloggin.

  2. Have a fabulous time at fitbloggin and congratulations on being an awesome health blog!
    It sucks about the 12lb weight gain, but you’ve gained for a reason, and a pretty good one in my opinion. You’re a hard worker when it comes to your fitness. The weight will come off very soon. (Although, I do think it would be mighty entertaining to see your party trick. My husband likes to use my boob aka The Shelf for that very thing.)

    1. LOL at party tricks like that. I am not worried about the 12 lb. gain. I am at 20 lbs away from my goal weight and fine hovering here right now. I am in size 8 clothes, I am a breastfeeding mom, I can run a few miles at a time… my body is functional and at a good place given everything.

  3. So excited to hear about FitBloggin! You will be so close to me!!

    And seriously, of course the website mentioned you. You are inspiring! Hugs!

  4. 0h size 8…I use to know that.

    Anyhoo CONGRATS on the listing! And I hope you have a great time at FitBlogging. Can’t wait to give you hugs in Austin!

  5. So proud of you for taking a small step backwards to help your supply! You can lose it again! You are an inspiration and we all believe in you!! Congrats on the listing as well!!! Oh and I can’t wait to meet you!!! EVO!!!

  6. YAY to oatmeal breakfast – totally enjoyed it this morning. Have fun at FitBlogging. I am so applauding to you on breastfeeding (again)

  7. I hope you have a great time at FitBloggin. Sorry to hear about the weight gain, but at least it is for a good reason. You can’t beat your self up for being a good mommy.

  8. Amanda Odair says: Reply

    size 8 did I here size 8!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are so amazing and I so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Have a GREAT time at the conference! Also? I HEART the visual of the black girl booty…seriously. As a latin chick? I can totally relate. And congrats on the mention in the daily burn!

    1. Ha ha! As a Blacktina I get to straddle between the worlds. I actually had a MexiJew in my yoga class recently who couldn’t tuck her pelvis like the rest of the class. I had to high-five her because I totally understand.

  10. I’m with you on the first-world problem! If only everyone in the world had it that bad!! Ha ha.

    That’s great about the weight gain and getting your milk back. Mother of the Year for sure!!

    Can NOT wait to meet you at Fitbloggin!!! WOOT!!! And I think between you and Pamela. I’m ready to try crossfit once my legs are injured. Oh tht reminds me, I should ask you for yoga exercises to do while they heal. XO

    1. Sure. We’ll go over some stuff in Baltimore. I have an injured client on my roster right now so have been having to focus a lot of quads/hammies, and knees to aid in her strengthening and recovery.

  11. heh heh doo doo

  12. Have an awesome time at FitBloggin and congrats on the mention in the top 10 health and fitness blogs! That’s such an amazing honor that you deserve!

    Have a great week and keep up the awesome training you ahve been doing

  13. I am the same way when it comes to fast food – I don’t know how to navigate those menus any more! That’s one good side effect from focusing on real food.

    Have a fantastic time at Fitbloggin – you HAVE to get a vid of you and Greta together (I’m sure you will!). Hugs!

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