Mission Nature Trail Preserve Hike in Carmel, CA

I recently traveled to Carmel-by-the-Sea for a sponsored visit with #llblognotaconf. I was sponsored for the trip to experience the area but opinions are my own.

Let’s travel so I can take you through the 1-square-mile village of Carmel-by-the-Sea, along the winding trails, and to the mission that helped establish the area. The 35-acre park offers a variety of trail types and distances so you can gauge your mobility level and time commitment. The trails in the park are dog-friendly.

Mission Nature Trailhead bridge
Mission View Nature Trailhead from the Mountain View Avenue entrance looking on to the Serra Trail in the preserve

A big word of caution will be to watch for poison oak that grows in abundance in this region. Remember: leaves of three, let them be.

poison oak

For the most part the trails are very well-maintained and the main Serra Trail is heavily used and monitored for changing conditions. Know your map since cell phone coverage in the preserve is not reliable. And know that the map at the trailhead, the trail markers, and the map in the new Scenic Runs, Walks & Hikes In and Around Carmel-by-the-Sea booklet are not consistent with naming conventions and locations yet. If you get turned around then look for the wide trail covered in mulch that doubles as a service road. If you are going downhill you are headed for the mission, if uphill then you are headed for Mountain View Avenue.


Mission Trail Nature Preserve
Narrow, more arid trail as you approach the ocean and thus Mission Carmel.

Now, let’s go for a walk in this videologue…

One more time I am going to reiterate that you need to know your map within the preserve as well as around the preserve. Cell phone coverage is not reliable. As a non-white woman I was nervous the day I entered on the 11th Avenue entrance because I did not know if I was going down someone’s private drive at one point or heading for the trailhead. I hedged my bets that someone would call the police before shooting me if I guessed wrong because overall the town has been very friendly from what I know of it in my cumulative visits.

If entering via 11th Avenue you will cross Junipero then go left before a sharp and quickly descending right-hand turn that winds right before getting to the trailhead behind a hidden bend. This entrance actually rocks because you can grab a bite or drink in town and end up on the middle of the trail with relative ease.

The City of Carmel has many resources for whatever kind of trip you want to the area... active, wine, shopping, beach, etc.
The City of Carmel has many resources for whatever kind of trip you want to the area… active, wine, shopping, beach, etc.

A little planning can go a long way. In the Scenic Runs, Hikes & Walks In & Around Carmel-by-the-Sea by the City of Carmel there are nine different outdoor experiences, four races, and several fitness studios listed or the area. I used it in conjunction with my Papyrus journal and a touch of extra input from the knowledgable staff at Hofsas House.

Thank you to all the sponsors who made #llblognotaconf possible:

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