Dirty, Dirty – CO Mud Run Entry Giveaways

I like running. I like playing. To some extent I like getting dirty.  Enter the Dirty Dash August 11September 1 in Colorado Springs at Wonderland RanchPikes Peak International Raceway.  Run+Play+Dirt= A kick-butt promo video for this mud run and I have some entries to giveaway. **Please note I found out of the race date and venue change Monday June 25, I am extending the giveaway until the end of the week to reflect this new information. Also, the new weekend is my birthday weekend… WHAT UP!!

I like mud runs. I did the Muddy Buddy in 2009 and the Warrior Dash last year. Both events were a blast and I will leave a tip to KEEP YOUR EYES CLOSED if you choose to dive into a mud pit. Obvious tip, but one I immediately broke at the Muddy Buddy. Yowza. There is also the fun of COSTUMES!!! My girlfriend and I went as Q-tips for the Muddy Buddy, a crossover of the cotton swabs and rapper. Those white costumes got thrashed.

The Dirty Dash will be a sweet day with various obstacles if you consider chugging beer (or root beer) an obstacle. Seriously, the chug is one of the obstacles. There are things to climb over and under as well like you saw in the video. There is also a Piglet Plunge for the little ones after the last wave of the race. The focus here is FUN, thus costumes are encouraged.

The benefiting charity is the American Cancer Society Climb to Conquer Cancer. The benefiting charity always matters to me because we are often able to add some social consciousness into our race action.

My readers will receive a 20% discount code for the Dirty Dash race entry. Use BODHIBEAR at the checkout. Enter early, I saw the 10:00 wave was already sold out. Now for the giveaway – enter for ONE race entry. Also my girlfriend Lynne at LGSmash is also giving away some race entries. Head to her site and increase your chances of winning.

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Disclosure: I was not paid money for this post but given a race entry in exchange for running a giveaway and promotion.

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  1. How fun! I love getting dirty 😉

  2. I’ve done one mud run, but didn’t dress up for it. Shame! I want to do the dirty dash as an olympic swimmer. It seems like a costume that would play well with all the mud. A chef’s smock would cake too much mud and weigh me down. Speedos and goggles? PERFECT.

    Now I just need to work on my Olympic body. *cough* *laugh* *doughboy*

  3. […] Here is a link to the giveaway I am hosting for race entries to The Dirty Dash on 11 Aug […]

  4. I think as close as I came to wearing a costume in a race was jingle bells for the Arthritis Foundation’s Walk. What would I wear in the mud? As little as possible (while maintaining my modesty and dignity, of course!) 🙂

  5. I’m not a costume guy, but I DO give myself a Mohawk before races like this… that’s my thang!

  6. Suh-weet! Love this idea! I’m already training for the chugging obstacle.

  7. LOVE that this has come to CO. I ran the original San Diego Mud Run at Camp Pendleton back in 2004 or so – still possibly my favorite race ever. (Yeah – that even includes the Bolder Boulder).

    The only costume I ever wore to a race was the 2006-ish Santa Clarita Half Marathon. It’s a good, flat course, and my friend Summer (an ultra-marathon runner) & I had planned to run it for time. Unfortunately, I got busy and Summer got injured a few months earlier, so neither of us had run a single mile in ~3 months coming up to the race. So we decided to throw plans to the wind.

    We grabbed 80’s shirts, dolphin shorts, tube socks, wristbands/headbands, and a ghetto blaster with 80’s tunes playing (yes, we even dubbed tapes – TAPES – for this) & did 13.1 miles with a boombox on one shoulder (we traded off carrying duties each mile).

    It turned out to be the fastest half-marathon either of us had ever run. As it turns out, getting to the next mile marker so you can pass off the ghetto blaster to your partner is one helluva motivator…

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