Kalso Project Earth Wrap-up

Celebrate Earth Day Everyday… right?
I hope that whatever you did to celebrate last week that you enjoyed yourself. Myself I was locked up on the 4th day of a yoga teaching intensive with a lovely group of women as we got bendy and dove into our teaching philosophies and studies.

Going into Earth Day I was happy in offering my community FREE non-toxic household cleaning workshops and would love to share that information with you.

HERE is the Bodhi Bear Non Toxic Household Cleaning Guide I made and want to share with you if you were not able to make it. It is a six page document and is intended to be double-sided printed then stapled on the center spine if you plan to print it and keep it for a long time. If you download it to pull up on your tech then I hope it makes sense with the structure. I did not label the cover page, inside page (which is blank), or about page which is the last. Please take note of the ingredients and their functions and precautions as the two most important pieces of information as you begin to make your own cleaners.

Thanks to Kalso Earth Shoes (see their Twitter and Facebook channels to thank them for me regarding this opportunity)

I am editing away to get the video content up for you with this project but have a number of things going on so that content may not be up until Tuesday night or Wednesday.

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