In Love with Fitbloggin’

I am such a nerd.  I did not think I did a Fitbloggin’ recap but I apparently did.  I even did a slide show.

I wrote the recap in May and my feelings for the conference may have even grown since then. I went to several other social media conferences and even another fitness-blogger conference this year (that I was the “ghost tweeter” for). My experience at Fitbloggin’ was not even close to being replicated.

The community here was so genuine and dear. Many participants are primarily weight-loss bloggers (since that is what the organizer’s platform was built on) and that does not necessarily feel like my niche. However I feel I overlap with general health and wellness themes so felt my subject focus was well-received there.

The people though – wow. What an inspiring crowd! I had lunch with Ryan in September after hanging with him at another conference in June and me and my husband are crazy for him. I am amazed by some of the friendships I have developed with Kia, Renee, Josie, Carla, Kris, Susan, Brittany, Lisa, Lauren, Greta, Anda, Emily, Paolo and more. And I still need to get some images to Paolo and Susan (I suck).

The people are great and I don’t know what exactly it is about this conference that lends itself for you to interact with people either. In looking at what is planned for Fitbloggin’ 12 I am really excited. There are essentially 2-tracks for content – presentations and discussions. I am pretty stoked to see how the discussions go because there are some powerful voices in attendance.

A big memory that sticks out for me is the Intuitive Eating panel because there was a palpable tension in the room as people felt safe being vulnerable letting their hang-ups surface. It was something I have not often experienced unless in group-facilitated exercises or when people have known each other a long time. Not just a weekend. I did leave because it was overwhelming and not a topic that was doing anything for me at the time. I actually told everyone I wish I could bottle up whatever helped me get over my emotional eating issues and give it to everyone. There was a room full of amazing beauty in every person and I wish they all knew that.

I have a great deal of respect for this conference and everyone associated with it.

I also have love affairs with brands that were there. ATTUNE FOODS is AWESOME and I have grown to fall back in love with Uncle Sam after a small break (where I didn’t really eat any cold cereal besides homemade granola). Then there is NEW BALANCE. I got a pair of 890 neutral runners before the conference and have interacted with them several times. This conference was my first chance to really hang out with them and meet one of their trainers, Holly Perkins. This is the brand for me. They do a lot of hardcore, endurance and exercise science action but they are also a yoga company. It is like my name is all over them. Finally this conference was my first time to interact with POLAR – which is a company I have been loyal to for years. I mean heck, when my husband and I got engaged I bought him a Polar heart rate monitor for an engagement present.

I am looking forward to next September already. Registration is not open yet but the call for speakers started. Now I am trying to wrap my head what to apply to speak about.

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