28 nov 11 update


“to be shot on Monday”

We feasted and had a great Thanksgiving here.  In reflection it was a pretty clean meal.  I made everything from scratch including the pies – pumpkin and cranberry apple w/ very little coconut sugar in one and none in the other.  More importantly we really celebrated the harvests (most was local), our good fortune, and each other.

Turkey. Green Beans w/ olive oil and vinegar. Roasted Cauliflower. Bok Choy w/ garlic + sesame oil. Chile-glazed Sweet Potatoes. Cranberry-Orange Relish. Coconut Curried Carrot Ginger Soup.

The last few days have been fantastic with family time.  After my yoga class on Friday we headed for the mountains for a hike while it lightly snowed.  The weather has been pleasant to play outside and we have been fighting off illnesses going around.  This has been part of our grand plan.

This week will be a little less idyllic.  I will be single-parenting for a few days as my husband travels, I am picking up extra yoga classes for friends, and I have a lot of evening commitments that I don’t normally do… or quite with this frequency.  This is the kind of high-volume week that me and my family have in a sense been gearing up for with a focus on not getting sick (good nutritive food, rest, water, lots of hand washing).

With a busy week and my husband not around for our usual family meals I am having a hard time figuring out meal planning.  Our toddler has reached a point where he is refusing veggies (as well as a few meals) so I have finally put him on a multi-vitamin as well as blending veggies into foods.  I am making an effort not to hide the veggies so he sees me prepare what he is eating… even all the greens going into sauces and smoothies.

This odd week will be mostly clean. It will have to be clean when I am not at events with open bars and catered food awaiting me.  I am looking forward to the food at one event in particular so making my calories really count this week so I can fully enjoy that night.  It is all about maximizing joy in this life, right?

I am not menu planning this week but have lean chicken breasts marinating to be grilled, loads of veggies and some more carbolicious offerings for my toddler so we can easily enjoy our meals together.

I am also thinking about that 8 year-old boy that was taken from his mom and put in foster care because he is over 200 pounds.  My head is racing with societal comments on this incident.  Wishing people could have an easier time finding resources that work for them if they are dealing with hard obesity issues.  My thoughts are with that little boy and his family and hoping he is not scared.

Have a wonderful week everyone.

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  1. Your meal looks yummy. You sound very very busy, but sometimes busy is good. I love what you are doing about your son’s veggie issues. I wish daughter would eat something besides meat & more meat. I’m excited to take your lead and try to do things more clean.

    1. I have opposite problem. All DS will eat is carbs, veggies, and fruits. Hates meat. I’m learning ways to get him his protein through beans, lentils, etc.

  2. What a GREAT looking meal! WOW! I want a bite! I am overwhelmed a bit with all the holiday goings=on, and am trying to find my way to being “good”. Eating clean is a big start!

    I hadn’t heard about that boy. How sad!

  3. Ur plate looked like my plate, but I had spinach salad instead of the cauliflower…which looked really yummy. That story about that boy has broken my heart…especially reading about what happened the the other child in Ohio. Not getting any better and now scared for life because of it the incident. OMG…OMG…OMG

  4. I totally need you in my house to get me into the gear. love your thanksgiving meal. looks like it was incredible.

  5. You sound like you have your hands full. Love your pic of your meal. Sounds delious.Have a great week!

  6. That meal is truly eye candy, looks absolutley delicious. I love how you tried to maintain local for your feast. We did a lot of Whole Foods shopping to accomplish the same thing. I’m popping over to last weeks post next as I saw Tattered Bookstore in the teaser. My MIL introduced it too us on our first DEnver/BOulder trip. I could get lost in there for hours.

  7. I love your harvest meal (in shame trying to hide memories of my Thanksgiving platter). My son (who ate absolutely everything) one day just refused all the vegetables. I keep putting it on table for everyone else and sometime get him to eat a little, but I keep thinking what made him just go cold on veggies….

  8. Your meal looks absolutely delicious. I’ve never heard of coconut sugar. Can you tell me more or point me towards information?

    1. I’ll avoid the stuff you can read on Wikipedia or whatever and just tell you about ours.

      We got it in the bulk section at Alfalfa’s a local grocery in Boulder. The flavor is really warm and rich, closer to turbinado sugar or brown sugar. We got a ton of it, but use it sparingly, so it has lasted us forever. It doesn’t clump up like brown sugar does (at least in the dry colorado climate). Absolutely love it.

  9. Your meal looks delish! and I’m a bit jealous of your trip to the mountains and snow. We are counting down the days until we get back up there… we leave the day after Christmas and I think my boys are more excited for that than for Santa. HAng in there with Solo-Parenting – It’s been an adjustment on my end as well but keeping lots of options available has helped me too – i.e. marinating chicken breasts, veggies, etc. I’m thankful for you and how you share your life with us. Reminds me to stop, breath, and focus on what’s REALLY important. Thank you for that each and every week.

  10. Your meal looks so delicious! Thank you for the ideas on mixing veggies into things. My daughter is becoming so picky with her veggies and it’s a bit frustrating because she used to be the queen of veggies. Good luck with the busy week ahead. I know you’ll be awesome at solo parenting and all of your events going on. Enjoy that meal you are looking forward to.

    1. We did a homemade pizza and kia cooked spinach into the sauce. Little man tore it up, even though she clearly showed him the leaves going into it. 🙂

  11. I’ll say what everyone else is because, well, you need to know…………that plate of food looks delicious!!!!!! 🙂

    Good luck with the solo parenting this week. My husband works nights and is home while the kids are in school so I feel your pain.

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