#Fitbloggin or BUST

I live in a big social media town so have been to a lot of techie events, led photo, vlogging and social media etiquette sessions at PodCamps, have spoken at the largest Ignite in the world about yoga for peeps on computers (though my audience was only 850), and know a lot of people who really do this online gig for a living but as friends.  Me going to #Fitbloggin is like putting on the big girl pants to say, “yeah, let’s take this online world to the next level.”

Me speaking about body awareness and yoga for computer folk while 34+ weeks pregnant.

I was a Division I jock in college, I have 1/2 ironman’d, I was in a bad car accident that took over a year of rehab to get through, I had a baby at home with no drugs, and I am currently a yoga instructor who likes to run, hike, crossfit, and swim.  I am bouncing between running around and keeping my breastfeeding milk supply up for junior (*I recently put on 12 pounds when I lost my milk supply following food poisoning but know the baby is worth it).  I get health and fitness.  When working on my PhD I taught human biology at a university and loved engaging my students about the importance of the class for their health and understanding of health for their loved ones.

I enjoy this realm and am jazzed I get to live blog the “blogger responsibility” session because that is a topic I already speak about quite a bit with my friends who also stay active and some professionally work online with health and fitness.

Fitbloggin’ will be my first social media conference that I travel to.  I have done professional conferences before for science so I am looking forward to people drinking and not retreating to their shells to talk about P-values (even though I walked from that life following my car accident).  So please don’t get drunk and want to talk about your blog analytics – I may smack you.

I will only know one or two people there from my IRL world.  I am friendly.  I am a hugger.  I want to know about you and your journey.   My tagline is “PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY AND MAXIMIZING JOY”  and I walk that walk.  I am a yoga instructor that likes to laugh, be impish, and explore.  I am pragmatic and sometimes need to tell the analytical side of my brain to shut it so I can play.  I blog about mindful living, yoga, holistic health and wellness, and green living.  I can’t wait to meet you.

Oh and I’ll be doing the 5K dressed as Lt. Uhura from Star Trek.

Come find me.  I will also be giving away a ticket to the Fitness and Health Bloggers Conference in Boulder, CO at the end of June.  Roni Noone, Ryan Sullivan (a.k.a. No More Bacon), and others will be at that conference too.  Details will be up tomorrow on how to get that ticket.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing you there!

  2. Wait. we get to wear costumes? #startrek

  3. Meeting you was such an unexpected treat – what a gift! And as I troll around your site, your coolness now has a story and it all makes such beautiful sense. xoxo

  4. I want a ticket!!!

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