mamavation monday 5 july 2010

Super late, I had a fun and busy weekend.

This video was made Monday afternoon and I got home at 8:15… this is going up during the show with the CRAZY slow microphone internet “farting” shenanigans.

Great week! I had some days where I know I needed to eat more. For the most part I have been eating well, but I did have a sundae yesterday and a coconut ice cream bar just before I shot my video today. Yum, walking and eating sweets. I almost did my video with the stick in my mouth, seriously. It has been a balance for me too. I used a lot of spinach in green smoothies this week as well.

The funniest part of this week is that I have a pair of denim maternity shorts that have been super comfy. My husband is now banishing those shorts to the Goodwill pile because he says they are getting way too big and I have a saggy ass in them. They are the shorts I am wearing in the video. I dunno, I like wearing the shorts for now. I actually have a number of maternity pieces I never wore because I did not get big enough for them… a lot of clothes to the Goodwill pile… one task I am challenging myself to do this week.

I walked over a mile yesterday getting to the start and finish line for my hubby’s 4k, today I walked around the town we were visiting a lot. I even met my husband and dad at the reservoir at the end of town instead of unstrapping the baby, getting in the car, driving there, and taking him out of his car seat once we got there. I feel great and will most likely take the baby for some strolls this week if the weather stays below 85 degrees.

Congrats on Sista of the Week @MMScarlett this week. Also congrats to all Mamamvation Mom applicants who put themselves “out there” trying to become finalists. Good luck to the six who are vying for the top two spots… Jenny, Lisa, Jess, Trish, Roxy, and Rachel. Have a stellar week everyone.

Oh, and Bodhi’s first carousel ride at the Carousel of Happiness in Nederland, CO.

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  1. Love what you said about keeping it positive and it will come back to you!! I so agree!

    Oh and you look awesome!

  2. <3 I heart baby Bodhi and his momma! You are so cute Kia and you are a wonderful inspiration to everyone! So active during your pregnancy and now after birth! Just amazing!

  3. Love the carnival, love your video, love your shorts 😉 I have a pair of capri stretch shorts I got from a friend of mine after she had gastric bypass surgery, I look like a freaking FOOL pulling them up all the time cause they fall down, but I'm SO SURE I'm the size the tag says it doesn't matter. Whatevs. Comfy is comfy. LOL

  4. Thrifty Mama B says: Reply

    I kept a few maternity pieces in my wardrobe for a while until my hubby took them out his self. So banish that stuff to the goodwill pile before you get to attached to the comfort 😉 Bodhi is sooo cute oh my gosh! Glad to hear yall are doing so well. Have a great week.

  5. OMG, I love your baby! You look wonderfully happy mama 😉

  6. Momma On The Run says: Reply

    You are looking hot new momma! I wish that I had stayed fit throughout my pregnancies so I could look and feel as good as you look like you feel! Bodhi is adorable 🙂

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