mamavation monday 15 mar 2010

What a week. My sadness is letting things go as my body changes in pregnancy. I am now 26 weeks so I have about three months to go before baby gets here. The latest thing I have to let go is jogging/running per my midwife’s request. I am learning this is not such a bad idea. I have met many moms who ran later into their pregnancy and have told me they think that this is what led to stretch marks, ligament issues, bladder issues, etc.

Here is the video of what was supposed to be my last running foray, and as you will see it did not happen. However that is o.k.

From now on the more intense cardio workouts will be in the pool. I told a friend I swam laps with last summer I am concentrating more on the pool and she wants to be my workout partner again. She is the one I did the Muddy Buddy with and was apparently intimidated to keep swimming with me. She says now it may be easier to keep up with me since I am knocked up, LOL! Also her knees have been hurting her and she needs to stop running herself or at least find a better way to cross-train. So to the pool with both of us!

Food has been decent. I have been 7/7 with the fruits and veggies this week. And I am torn on this, but I have not been eating 100% clean. I have been eating moderately. I am still at 179 this week so have not gained weight, but I even indulged in a sundae with my husband on Saturday. We have not split a sundae in public since we were courting over four years ago. There was no way I could not enjoy that.

My issue is that I want to take advantage of my reduced food allergies now, but I need to be conscientious about what I eat. Moderation is working for me but I am constantly aware about trying to maintain some sort of balance.

I also organized a HUGE middle shelf in the fridge to display fresh veggies and we have been eating more produce. The little tricks help!

Oh yeah and two clothing things. First, my bewbies swelled from a 36B to 36D by around 7 weeks pregnancy so I bought some new bras then. I thought I would be in a 38D or more by now because the bras were snug then. My snuggest bra fits much better around my rib cage now! Woohoo!!! I have gotten smaller in some areas in the last 19 weeks. Second, hubby took me to a lingerie boutique yesterday and the sales lady brought out a comfy 2-pc lounge set for my pregnant body. Hubby was about to smack her and proceeded to shop for cute nighties. He really does wonders for my self-esteem and body acceptance.

See everyone tonight as we celebrate Lisa and Katie who dropped a combined 45+ pounds during the third Mamavation campaign. There will also be talk/pointers about applying for the next campaign.

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  1. I LOVE what you did to your blog. Wow, looks amazing.

    And I wanted to ask you…do you ever get food aversions? I had soooo many when I was pregnant last.

  2. I had food aversions at the end of the 1st trimester/beginning of 2nd trimester and my big one was to the spices in curry like garlic, turmeric, etc. The other one was the scent from cooking venison. If I start to get them and feel gross I can usually calm myself with water containing lemon juice or apple cider vinegar as well as getting away from the scent of the offending culprit. At this stage in my pregnancy nothing has really been bothering me and my vinegar dependency (e.g. pickled veggies) has been subsiding too.

  3. I LOVE your new blog look!
    Now onto you, 26 weeks…Kia YOU are doing sooo awesome! I am inspired and awed by what you are doing and have accomplished!
    The fact you have continued running into your 26th week is just amazing to me and you are a wise woman to listen to your midwife.
    Have another great week!

  4. Lisa Mom of 2 Boys says: Reply

    Kia, you are amazing. I love your posts. You are going to be such a good mommy.

  5. kia, love the new blog layout.
    i love that you are so upset you can't run anymore, dang girl you are an ispiration.

    ok, gotta go now…i heard you say something about "go have a guiness"
    bye bye LOL

    (oh yeah, love the random topless guy who looked like he rolled out of bed to see what all the fuss was)

  6. I always love your posts. You are so inspsirational! I really wish I could do some pool workouts. I love swimming!

  7. If it weren't for the awful weather, I'd be sorry you couldn't run. Turns out your midwife saved your butt along with the poor coordination and prep. And I'm glad. I was worried about you running. HIT THE POOL!! Love you

  8. Get Real Girl says: Reply

    Love the blog! And as always love your vlog and post. You are so inspiring. Have fun in the pool! I wish I lived in a place that I had access to one.

  9. Stephen and Amanda O'Dair blog says: Reply

    Aww I am so sad you didn't get your last run, but think you are doing great for your little one. Now that I know that I am pregnant, I am and will con. to look up to you. You have been such a good example of what a pregnant women shuld be like! Thank you for that!

  10. Heather @ Not a DIY Life says: Reply

    First, love the new look of your blog! Second, sorry that you didn't get to go on your run. But all things considered, you are doing AMAZING for a pregnant lady! I remember that I did eat cleaner when I was pregnant, but I also indulged a lot. Keep up the great work, Kia!

  11. YouthfulTips says: Reply

    Thank you for your motivation on my blog entry for Mamavations! Good for you for staying fit while pregnant! My 21 year old is prego with her first and I keep telling her the importance of staying in shape! Thank you!

  12. I don't know why, but seeing bewbies spelled like that nearly made me lol! The blog looks awesome & you're doing awesome! Thanks for your support week in and week out!

  13. Pamela M. Kramer says: Reply

    oh, hang in there! It's been tough to get back into running but I'm working on it. Good luck for the next week.

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