Two Weeks Crossfit DONE

I returned to a box this year. It has been two years. For the first two weeks I did a foundations class, I never did that the first time around because I have a nice powerlifting background (thanks to Scott who was my go-to strength coach while I was a college athlete). I did it this time to ease back into the Crossfit workouts and get to spend time with my husband.

So three times a week for two weeks we went over body mechanics and did a WOD. The last one was Fran, yeah really.  I did the Rx weight of 65 lb. thrusters but took the lowest level of modification since I cannot do 45 unassisted pull-ups – or even one.


Besides Fran there has been a lot of life in the last two weeks as well as a giveaway for TWO entries into The Color Run of your choice that ends on Friday.

new haircut

New haircut


Finally visited Happy Leaf kombucha brewery… 3x in the last two weeks


Two nights of Friday Night Yoga Club and got to spend time with this teacher for a nice talk


Menu planning per usual but adding in 3 year-olds lunches in the planning now


Realizing how much l support local brands. This vegan chocolate is organic and amazing!


Getting nice numbers with my Polar Loop. I need to reset my goal and aim for 7/7.

dental visit

Me, hubby, and the 3 year-old all had dental check-ups last week.

vegetable toy

Still trying to pull a Wild E. Coyote and get the kiddo to get back on the veggie train.


Saw a lot of emo beauty while out getting my heart pumping.

Sochi at the zoo

Checked into some new volunteer opportunities and got to see Sochi the 6 week-old cub at the zoo in the process

Sportsmen Expo

Headed to the International Sportsmen Expo to check out some conservation orgs

Other than that today is my anniversary and I got to hang out with an awesome girlfriend outside in the sun after lunch.  This is definitely a day surrounded by love – I hope it is for you as well. xoxo

9 thoughts on “Two Weeks Crossfit DONE”

    1. Thank you. We are a meal planning family and have settled on this particular method weekly for a couple of years now with weather and evening events dictating most of our planning.

    1. No cavities for the three of us. It was the kiddo’s first visit and they were kind enough to let him play with everything and water the office plant with the water pik.

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