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I want to give much gratitude to I’m Unique for inviting me to play in their sandbox yesterday. That was a lovely space to excite others about yoga in. I was only filling in for the scheduled prenatal instructor who was injured for the day. However check out what is going on at the Wildlife Experience in Parker every Saturday through the beginning of August.

The big news on my training front this week is really the fires.  Blech. First off the destruction they have caused our Colorado community has not been exaggerated through major media outlets.  It has been bad.  My heart goes out to victims who have lost their lives and their property.  We are ever so appreciative for the fire response.  It has been swift and dedicated.  There is simply a lot of fuel loaded around our foothills that have also become an interface with communities of densely packed homes.  Anyway I almost feel like a heel for even mentioning it but the fires have created a lot of smoke and diminished air quality.  I am feeling it slightly in my respiratory system so did not do the tri course yesterday or the open water swim Friday night (both locations were near one of the fires).  I have been going to the rec center but it is not the same thing as the open outdoor access we usually have here in Colorado.

This week is 4th of July. Today is also Canada Day.  Happy celebrations to all.  I do not go out of my way to declare healthy this or that for these party days.  I live in CO – every potluck or BBQ I attend has all kinds of healthy options and I have been staying away from the sugary junk snacks since my food allergies have returned.  I was at a party last night where I chowed on slow-cooked pork butt, collards with citrus, black bean/avocado/cilantro salad and roasted veggies.  There is a certain lifestyle here that makes those kinds of decisions easy.

However speaking of food I was starting to meal plan last night and asked my husband to brainstorm with me about hot-weather meals we can add to our rotation.  After 15 minutes on the food porn site The Kitchn, thinking of some of our fave foods, and a raw cookbook we have we came up with a crazy list of ideas.  In looking at our schedule we will be eating at home a lot this week so we are planning to go nuts.  Does anybody have a chilled soup they go really ga-ga for? We are trying to find some.  We are also openly trying to push each other to fall in love with sardines and anchovies.

Overall this is a chill week.  I have a lot of training to do for a tri later this month, I need to spend some time at home organizing, and I need to spend some time in my office busting out some non-profit work I am involved in.  My husband says he is in a homebody mode right now and I think that sounds lovely.


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  1. Good luck with your tri!! That is awesome! 🙂 Hopefully you get some rest & work done this week! I need to be in homebody mode, but we will see if it happens or not 🙂 Have a great week Kia!

    1. capta$$kicker says: Reply

      Thank you, it is the same tri I did last year and is on the 22nd. I may actually two more before the summer is out.

  2. Don’t have a chilled soup recipe myself, but it sounds like a great idea, I had gazpacho in Spain once and it was lovely. Good luck with your tri!

    1. capta$$kicker says: Reply

      I am going to attempt a watermelon-strawberry gazpacho tonight. With a lot of recipes I have seen they basically look like smoothies with little flavor complexity. I think I have it figured out with a seasoned saute to add to the fruit and then a topping of some pickled sweet onions and crispy herbs. I am crossing my fingers.

  3. I spent a good bit of time yesterday looking all over the place for good, healthy recipes that didn’t require me turning on the oven. It’s just too hot! It sounds like you’re in a very calm place, which is awesome! Enjoy having a chill week!

    1. capta$$kicker says: Reply

      Hey Lindsay – we had a lot of luck brainstorming and looking at The Kitchn. It seems that over the years they have a number of hot-weather posts that go up n the summer and are easy to find in their search field.

  4. That place looks awesome! I hope the fires clear up soon and you are able to go and enjoy the great outdoors!

  5. Kathryn C. (@katbirdfl) says: Reply

    I have been watching the media reporting about the fires out there. My heart goes out to those that have lost their homes and some that have lost loved ones. Good luck with your tri and I hope that you able to enjoy your 4th.

  6. Good luck with your tri. Those fires look scary in Colorado – we went through that a few years back here in Florida – it was awful!

  7. A tri!? That’s awesome. And good work avoiding the “bad” foods at those cookouts. Those are always my downfall.

  8. monica young says: Reply

    Great job on your 5k. Be safe with the fires

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