Happy Earth Day everyone. I have seen the online stratosphere gearing up for today with the most American way that it can… sales!!! I am compassionate enough to recognize that as a culture we do not have many more ways to celebrate anything than to buy things for it, try to recreate manicured Pinterest boards […]

Kalso Project Earth Update Pt. 3

One workshop to go.. Hit me up for the invite for dinner and workshop in the Denver area tomorrow night (bodhibearinfo/gmail) Thanks to Kalso Earth Shoes (see their Twitter and Facebook channels to thank them for me regarding this opportunity) things are rolling for the non-toxic household cleaner workshops. I am really looking forward to […]

Project Earth Day

Earth, Inc. has three Community Service Scholarships available to online bloggers in preparation for Earth Day 2012. I would like to be considered for a Project Earth Day Scholarship. I would like to offer three workshops in my community to reduce the toxicity in our homes by taking a look at household cleaning products and […]