WHO Inspires WHO?

I got a nice little bump of confidence in the last week with a nod in the Top 50 Most Inspirational Healthy Tweeps 2012 list. I was listed in the activism category and I could not be more thrilled with that placement.


Sincerely thank you to the community that selected me. I have been kind of quiet a good deal this year with dealing with a crazy relative who moved near me then a not so graceful pregnancy. The pregnancy was really depleting and IRL I have been doing maternal health work and reaching out more behind-the-scenes with online stuff to promote the Yes on 37 campaign, Ignite Fitness, and to consult with various projects others have been doing with my yoga and environmental expertise. Thank you for the public acknowledgment.

I am so inspired by this nod and what I see many others doing online and IRL with their health and efforts to improve themselves. There is so much good being tossed into the often impersonal online world with self-love, fitness, environmental-consciousness and community-consciousness. This is an exciting time to be playing in this sandbox. I am inspired by everyone I come in contact with via these cyber channels.


Where am I right now? 24 weeks pregnant. A bit tired from doing too much lately. Cooking my face off at home (per usual). Teaching a lot of yoga. Chilling with those I love IRL away from cyber channels. Simply living life.

It seems like I get verbose in December and plan to do that again this year with my year-end thoughts on larger events I have attended or things I have been a part of. I sometimes get b*tched at since folks do not always like what I write. However it is this time of darkness with the sun setting faster so a great time for honest reflection for me.

For everyone, have fun wrapping up 2012 as prepping for 2013 if arbitrary dates mean anything to you. Wishing you the best as always. xoxo

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  1. Congratulations on being selected. It is well-deserved!

  2. Congrats on making that list Kia! What an awesome honor!

  3. You’re awesome Kia, and that never changes! 🙂

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