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Hey, what do you know… I wrote a timely review of the conference when it was done. Here is my #FHBC12 wrap-up. It is resource-heavy so please do check it out especially about the regional librarians we all have access to.

I have a few things to say as this conference goes forward because I have been contacted by a number of bloggers about whether they should consider attending in 2013 given that I have gone the first two years.

#1 – I am biased. See my 2011 review to understand why. Overall I do care about disseminating great fitness/wellness content so I am still fully supportive of this conference’s goals for attendees.

#2 – This conference is undergoing more big changes as they prepare for their third year. This year they will be the FitSocial 2013 with an emphasis for “The Communication of Cutting-Edge Health & Fitness Information via Blogging and Social Media.” The first year it was a ramshackle of talks and panels in Boulder aimed at bloggers, last year it was mostly an academic symposium showcasing the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center in Aurora aimed at bloggers. This year the housing will be in better-suited Boulder with some activities regarding the business of social media and hosted by Kym and Alexandra of Fun and Fit (who corralled the FitFluential Ambassadors last year) as well as Room 214 (a Boulder-based social media agency). As a note, one of the awesome keynote speakers from FHBC11 is now a Room 214 employee. I wonder if he will be joining in for 2013? The last two days will be the awesome academic symposium hosted by Anschutz again. This year looks to be blogger-friendly but also fitness-pro friendly too for pros who happen to blog as part of their media strategies or are looking to begin.

#3 – The FitSocial conference will now take place in September as to not compete with Fitbloggin in June.

#4 – This conference is organized by an entity that puts on multiple conferences across a few platforms (beer, wine, lifestyle) thus they are not steeped in the VAST health and fitness world. Do not expect the same sort of community-oriented vibe that you find at other conferences, but do expect a lot of information and as usual networking with sponsors that you can maximize. Last year I walked away a big winner with a ACE PT Certification program for the quality of my social media reporting actions (I plan to start this program at the start of the year). I also just noticed that a local company I will be an Ambassador for in 2013 is also a sponsor for the conference.

Do not expect to be part of some active network of social media types based on participation with this conference alone. I have not experienced that based on participation in the past two years. You will be given tools and great references to take with you like most conferences.

#5 – I will be attending in 2013 but I’d be a fool not to considering I am 30 minutes from Boulder and 15 minutes from Aurora.

#6 – The partnerships and sponsors this conference attracts are amazing. Consider bringing your best work forward to be in their company. Besides Anschutz here is a list of their parnters:

America On the Move
American Council on Exercise
Daily Feats
LiveWell Colorado
National Association for Health and Fitness
WEGO Health

The conference is $295 and if you are a fitness blogger the cost can come down to $95 in exchange for writing two posts about it. For example this post can be counted as one of my two posts. Consider registering, and I’ll see you in September if you do.

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  1. Kia, that is a very fair review. We are a unique conference and trying to bridge the gap between being a social meeting for bloggers (and others engaged in social media) and an academic forum for presenting cutting-edge scientific information about health and fitness. It is not easy!

    We have also just added the American College of Sports Medicine to our list of Partners. And we’ll be putting up our list of Sponsors in the coming months, providing more potential contacts for bloggers to make who can attend.

    We appreciate your continued support!

    Fit Social Conference and Zephyr Adventures

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