26 Weeks

Here I am in my cute little running skirt I will be pit-patting with in the Runnin’ of the Green 7K this weekend, my last day of jogging this pregnancy (per my midwife’s request).

I am feeling great. Drinking water, eating well (well, some days better than others, but remembering moderation!), getting rest and enjoying my health. I am at a good point in pregnancy, the belly does not get in the way of many things and I actually forgot about it while teaching yoga last night. Imagine my temporary surprise when I looked down in a warrior pose and had to remember… oh yeah, I’m pregnant.

I think my bump is cute as heck so I know I am embracing my changing body. The next 14 weeks could still be uncomfortable, who knows? For now I feel fine and and am feeling gratitude for this experience every day.

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  1. Your bump IS cute as heck! ; )I need to look up what Warrior Pose is!

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