#SoybuLove Murano style

This past year I have fallen for a local clothing company and was lucky enough to be named as a community leader with Soybu. You may have seen them in my photo streams:

Murano collection: Darling Coat in Dragonfly and Lanai Tunic Top in Murano
Murano collection: Darling Coat in Dragonfly and Lanai Tunic Top in Murano
soybu fun
Goofing off at Soybu’s flagship store to see how the clothes move
soybu pants
It never fails that I get complimented on these Allegro capris
soybu pantss
Even though I am partial to the Killer Caboose Capris, well the Killer Caboose line to be honest.

They have collections for women, girls, and men with seasonal collections every few months. Currently The Murano collection is hallmarked with a Dragonfly teal that looks flattering on every skin tone.  The pieces layer well with each other and I have stacked a pant with a tunic tank with a dress and a coat.  I live in Denver though and our random snow storms lend to layering.

Pictured in the top image are the Darling Coat in Dragonfly ($99), Lanai Tunic Tank in Murano ($46) and Killer Caboose Pant ($78). The other piece I got from the collection was the Elana Dress in Dragonfly Ministripe ($68).

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 12.21.01 AM

Visit Soybu to get a jump on looking fly while working out and thanks to your workouts for the New Year.

FTC Disclosure: As an ambassador I am compensated with product to review at my own discretion. Opinions are my own and I choose to work with this company.

Wanderlust Revist – 5 years here we go

Five years ago I headed to the first Wanderlust in Squaw Valley…

then I got pregnant and had a kid, then another.  I have been on a little lockdown since then but here we are five years later and I am going back.

Wanderlust is in a number of locations now so the road trip to Cali will not be necessary – only a 3 hour drive to Snowmass.

I have also been a yoga teacher for five years and have watched the yoga hustle explode around me while I have chosen to watch from the sidelines with little ones as my priority.  I am curious to see how that has translated into whatever Wanderlust is now.

I’m back and covering for Yogadork again (there are three or four posts of coverage I did from 2009). Hit me up if you see me. Follow me on twitter and instagram as @kiamruiz. This is going to be fun no matter what!

Fairlife Review, Yoga and Denver

A couple of months ago I got to go to a really fun media event sponsored by fairlife purely nutritious milk™ at River Power Yoga. They were expanding into the Denver market and wanted some exposure.  We partnered up to play a bit in the studio…

stacked plank
Stacked Plank with John Luciano
Basic AcroYoga

Then we got to sample Fairlife on its own and mixed in delicious smoothies.  The Avocado, banana, chocolate milk one was easily my favorite because I love avocado and chocolate!

Banana Chocolate Avocado Smoothie
Berry Banana Smoothie
Berry Banana Smoothie

Fairlife is a new line of dairy products on the market. They contain 50% more protein, 50% more calcium, and 50% less sugar than ordinary milks.  The husband and wife duo that created them are a dairy-farming couple looking to deliver a more nutrient dense product to consumers.   This product is available in Denver and Minneapolis with its launch with plans to expand into other markets as time goes on.

Fairlife is not organic but the cows are not treated with rBST growth hormones.  It is also lactose-free as the additional protein and calcium comes from the milk itself while some sugar is removed through the unique filtration and recombination process.

The chocolate milk is pretty delicious and as anyone who reads anything about sports science these days knows that it makes a great recovery drink.

Fairlife is going further into the Denver market and is a main sponsor of a HUGE yoga event in Denver tomorrow for everyone!  Check out the Fitness Fest at Mile High returning to Invesco Field for its second year with Tyrone Beverly and his team.

Come tomorrow for the yoga, fitness, Fairlife, and other vendors and experience of the great events that is keeping Denver strong as a health and wellness leader in the nation.

SOYBU *CO Yoga Love

I have been a certified yoga teacher since 2009 – yoga pants are my uniform.  There is another group of workers that yoga pants are a uniform to as well… MOMS.  I am a mom of young kids so I get it, you need fabrics that move with your body to get down on their level all the time. Recently when Soybu yoga clothing held their flagship store grand opening my mom and yoga world collided when I received an invite thanks to the Mile High Mamas.

Yes, you can move in their clothes

I had the good fortune of already knowing about Soybu thanks to a Bombshell Tank and Lotus Short I received from last year’s FitSocial conference. I did not get to interact with them when they supported the I’m Unique Yoga Illustrated Union tour that held a LARGE class at Invesco Field in the summer because I was traveling but that event was in my heart and I was named one of Colorado’s Top 100 Yoga and Fitness Professionals there. Soybu has been mindfully reaching out to the yoga and wellness community for a while even though only establishing in 2010.  Soybu reaching out to a less traditional wellness community was refreshing.

soybu phil
The Soybu philosophy by the dressing room

Soybu is reaching out further and offering a 25% discount on all online orders through Sunday 23 Feb 2014 using the code “NOWOPEN” as well as free shipping for orders over $75.

The store front when you enter

If you want to visit the flagship store head to the Cherry Hills Marketplace, 2500 E. Orchard Rd Unit 2500 A, Greenwood Village, Colorado.

Jamie helped me with some honest shopping decisions since all prints did not work with me. Thanks lady!
Jamie helped me with some honest shopping decisions since all prints did not work with me. Thanks lady!

Since I was already familiar with the brand, their fit, and my size I was ready to shop. I did not drink or eat any goodies because I was too busy in the dressing room, getting feedback from Jamie G (a Soybu community leader I know from the FitSocial conference), and talking to Soybu staff.   I finally settled on two capris and a pair of leggings.

Some fun leggings I had to get.

At the event I had time to speak with Erin about the Soybu concept and clothing for everywoman.  She said they wanted to do an event for moms even if they do not do yoga because the clothes celebrate being a woman of all sizes and abilities.  The care of the construction, quality of fabric, and selection of colors and styles do leave a lot of room for even non-athletes to feel fantastic in their gear.  As far as sizing for every woman their activewear goes to XXL which is roughly a size 16.  It is not a perfect fit for all but for many.

Killer Caboose Capri… cheeky image

Check them out and hopefully you will find something you like.

Mile High Mamas is partnering with Soybu on this promotion.  All opinions and views expressed are our own.

when serendipity says HELLO

#1 Be sure to enter my giveaway for a full prAna Outfit.

I want to give much gratitude to I’m Unique for inviting me to play in their sandbox yesterday. That was a lovely space to excite others about yoga in. I was only filling in for the scheduled prenatal instructor who was injured for the day. However check out what is going on at the Wildlife Experience in Parker every Saturday through the beginning of August.

The big news on my training front this week is really the fires.  Blech. First off the destruction they have caused our Colorado community has not been exaggerated through major media outlets.  It has been bad.  My heart goes out to victims who have lost their lives and their property.  We are ever so appreciative for the fire response.  It has been swift and dedicated.  There is simply a lot of fuel loaded around our foothills that have also become an interface with communities of densely packed homes.  Anyway I almost feel like a heel for even mentioning it but the fires have created a lot of smoke and diminished air quality.  I am feeling it slightly in my respiratory system so did not do the tri course yesterday or the open water swim Friday night (both locations were near one of the fires).  I have been going to the rec center but it is not the same thing as the open outdoor access we usually have here in Colorado.

This week is 4th of July. Today is also Canada Day.  Happy celebrations to all.  I do not go out of my way to declare healthy this or that for these party days.  I live in CO – every potluck or BBQ I attend has all kinds of healthy options and I have been staying away from the sugary junk snacks since my food allergies have returned.  I was at a party last night where I chowed on slow-cooked pork butt, collards with citrus, black bean/avocado/cilantro salad and roasted veggies.  There is a certain lifestyle here that makes those kinds of decisions easy.

However speaking of food I was starting to meal plan last night and asked my husband to brainstorm with me about hot-weather meals we can add to our rotation.  After 15 minutes on the food porn site The Kitchn, thinking of some of our fave foods, and a raw cookbook we have we came up with a crazy list of ideas.  In looking at our schedule we will be eating at home a lot this week so we are planning to go nuts.  Does anybody have a chilled soup they go really ga-ga for? We are trying to find some.  We are also openly trying to push each other to fall in love with sardines and anchovies.

Overall this is a chill week.  I have a lot of training to do for a tri later this month, I need to spend some time at home organizing, and I need to spend some time in my office busting out some non-profit work I am involved in.  My husband says he is in a homebody mode right now and I think that sounds lovely.


prAna Cherry Creek Spotlight + giveaway

I am lucky to live where I do, Colorado is a pretty special place. My husband and I chose this area for a healthy lifestyle that includes activity and access to recreation. It is because of this lifestyle that clothing and recreation companies thrive here. PrAna clothing opened their second Colorado retail location earlier this month in the Cherry Creek area of Denver.  I toured the store and would like to offer my readers an outfit giveaway from this forward-thinking company.

The new Cherry Creek location was built and modeled with the help of local repurposing artist Joe Levy.  The wood above the service counter is from a barn deconstructed from back east, the planters outside the store entrance are a marvel to look at, the fusion of wood and metal reverberate through the location from shelving to wall art to unique lighting by the dressing rooms.

One aspect of the store is the adaptability of the space to serve multiple functions.  The retail space behind the counter converts into a studio where product is moved and walls extend to create a room for yoga and other physical disciplines.  In keeping with the mind for community involvement these classes are made free to the public and taught by qualified instructors.

One community aspect I like of this store is in the management choices.  PrAna chose an employee who has experience in opening stores in the area with a past resume including the opening of the Apple store in the nearby mall.  He is familiar with the neighborhood and looking to continue the prAna direction of involvement with neighbors and like-minded causes.  Later this summer you will see this store be part of Yoga Rocks the Park as well as closer endeavors for the public.  See their June schedule for a glance of what they are up to

The basis of this company is the clothing.  It is meant to be functional for active, mindful people so you will see it on rock climbers, pilates enthusiasts, yogis, and on people just hanging out because it is rather stylish.

I looked mostly at the women’s clothing but believe me, they carry a men’s line too.  My husband actually seems to have a number of articles from prAna including pants he wears to the office as well as his favorite wicking tee for workouts.

The company is looking at their mindful practices with how they deliver an end-product to the consumer.  They are developing more organic cotton products and are working with their overseas production facilities to ensure fair trade practices.

The new prAna store is at 105 Fillmore Street in the Cherry Creek neighborhood of Denver.  I urge you to stroll on in for a free class and to shop to familiarize yourself with this company.  They were also kind enough to offer one my readers an outfit of the Quinn Chakara top and Mackenzie Knicker in any size and color combo of the winner’s choosing.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure – I was not financially compensated for this post but will be receiving a top and pant like the giveaway winner. All opinions expressed here are my own.