Eight Years: A Love Letter


Perfect in its unpredictability we drove out to the San Luis Valley from Denver on Saturday morning to celebrate our wedding anniversary weekend. This is a two lane road that we were on in this picture. Note the lack of visibility. Note how bright the day was. Oh Colorado.

honeycombWe paused in Salida for some of our favorite stores including The Beekeeper’s Honey Boutique, Little Red Hen Bakery, and Kaleidoscope Toys. The toy store was having a Star Wars play event. Of course.

For food we generally hit Ploughboy for local fare to eat immediately and cook with but they are preparing for a big remodel. I look forward to see what they look like in March. We did grab some pho at Little Cambodia.

photavernWe then headed to the hot springs where we planned to settle for three days.

Colorado is ridiculous. Between sunsets on fire and shooting stars from the pools all you can do is be in love with your boo.

We had an unintended present a friend gave us. Margo did Reiki II readings for us this month. During our first night away we read each other’s readings to help bring some clarity. We of course thought the other had an amazing reading but looked at our own with self doubt. It is funny how perceptions bend and can be clouded with our judgements. This is how I saw my husband after reading his. ralph

This is how he saw me. tumblr_mc5v3vuHz41qk7mkdo2_500

At least we have very positive perceptions of the other. It was a good reassurance to end the day.

The next day we turned it up to 11. I’ll paint the scene for you. We decided to drive the backroads to head south. Folk was playing on The River Rat (93.7 FM) while my husband was feeding me a spoon of honeycomb that we bought the day before as we were sipping fresh coffee that we made.


A huge bird was along the road so I jumped out of the driver seat to grab my camera while my husband drove. Note that no other cars were anywhere near us.


And we played along several telephone poles with a Golden Eagle. Yes a bigger than a Bald Eagle, GOLDEN EAGLE. We left the bird alone after it had captured a meal and was going to feast.golden eagle


We then stopped in Crestone for some bomb diggity green chai and brunch.

There are many things I love about Creatone, but none so much as the green chai at Desert Sage.

A video posted by Terry (@tcabeen) on

Then we made our way to Great Sand Dunes National Park where I wanted to get in the #REIExplorer virtual run with Black Girls Run and REI. The park rangers recommended against any trails due to icy conditions so off to the sand dunes it was.

The sand dunes took a lot out of me. My husband also played to get some of these shots and flared up his exercise induced asthma because it was pretty cold.

We raced back to the hot springs to end up in a pool for a soak and I was able to capture a sunset picture I had envisioned for this pool for almost a year now.
waterfall pool

That night we hung out with other land trust members until it was bed time then went out to soak and sauna some more. In the morning we hiked to the tallest springs before meandering down to make more coffee and noodles then wind our way back to Denver.

The weekend was absolutely lovely. We missed the Marade in Denver but to be honest we knew we were getting married MLK Jr weekend and feel we live for some of his legacy everyday with our mixed race life. The Marade in the current climate would have been amazing to be part of but some solitude and sheer love felt just right. Happy 8th wedding anniversary Terry. xoxo

Spring Running Prep = Ragnar Relay Prep


I was cold here but wanted to share the news I have been sitting on since January.  Little old me has been selected for Team Chocolate Milk this year! One of the gazillion awesome things about my food allergy reversal is that I can enjoy this deliciousness after my workouts.

Team Chocolate Milk visor

My baby is 11 months old now and coming up on one-year post-partum feels so awesome!!! It has been a rough go with a less than energetic pregnancy, lasting iron metabolism issues, and an infant who hates sleep. Things are working out though and just in time.

This month I am doing the Running o’ the Green 7k, Spring Fever 10k, and am celebrating the post-partum year by taking off to L.A. to do the Ragnar Relay with some of the coolest women around on team Dirrty Dozen.

How is your spring going? Prepping for any events?

The Color Run *discount + giveaway

The Color Run KaleidoscopeTour is coming!!! Use COLOR5OFF to save $5 on registration or instead be very economical and hope the fate gods shine on you and a friend with the giveaway for entries I am hosting.

If you run is it organized or something you do on your own? If it is organized is it competitive with timing or simply for the sake of fun? If you are thinking about starting to run shouldn’t it be fun? Yes, there are organized runs that are now FUN!  In fact there are a lot of fun runs these days but the original is The Color Run.

The Color Run

That picture above really does capture what the event is like.  The Color Run is known as the Happiest 5k on the Planet for a reason.  Volunteers man color stations and color bomb runners who are celebrating their health, happiness, and individuality throughout the race.  You start the race wearing white and leave doused in whatever hues you had the good sense to dance around in.  

With the explosion of fun runs The Color Run has been busy adding cities to its lineup for the 2014 Kaleidoscope Tour.  In Colorado we have three alone but they are spread out everywhere.   Since it is January and you are either killing or killed the healthy living resolutions or goals you made why not add this to your list or achievable milestones?  Take $5 off your registration with the code COLOR5OFF.

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And just because I know folks want to do this race with friends I have agreed to give away a pair of entries.  There is a caveat that the winner can only select from cities that have not sold out registration – so far Hershey, PA is the only sell out but that can change at any moment.  Get your registration ASAP and use COLOR5OFF to save some cash.

For those of you still wanting to play with the fate gods use the Rafflecopter form to enter and good luck.  Winner will be selected a week from today (24 January) and will have until Monday 27 January to reply or they will forfeit their prize to another entrant.

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FTC Disclosure: I have not been compensated for this post or promotion.  I took the option of a pair of entries to giveaway instead of using them myself.

The Post-Partum Health Plan

I am due with a kiddo any day now. I am trying to live in the present but I admit to being a little ahead of myself and where my body will take me next. I have gone back and forth with my 2013 vision board and think I am in a good position to keep the momentum going.


Here are the priorities I have with my body for the rest of the year after the baby gets here:

#1. Breastfeeding. Above all doing what I can with my nutrition, weight, and rest to feed my baby. Sadly I am not one of those people who dropped all kinds of magic weight breastfeeding my son. Actually every time I dropped weight my milk supply dropped and I consciously packed on pounds to bring the supply back up. Feeding my kiddo is the big goal though.

#2. Heart Health. I declared in my vision board that this was a year for heart health. I am fortunate in being able to be proactive not reactive in this goal with any health scares or family history of complications. My goal is to eat and move with the goal of a healthy annual exam around my birthday in September.

#3. Fuel for functionality. This is not dieting as in deprivation or anything, but dieting to optimally fuel endurance activities, strength training, mommyhood, and satiating my palate. I love cooking, I love food. This is something I hope never changes.

#4. Skin Care. Perhaps the vainest of my vision board goals was to adjust my diet for skin care. I want to glow and get rid of this pregnancy melasma – I also know eating for skin health will pack a lot more phytonutrients into my diet which is not a bad thing. I also like raw food so this will be fun to play with as I get away from so much meat I have consumed this pregnancy. I have pre-ordered Kimberly Snyder’s new book in anticipation of playing in this world.

So here is my plan. Have baby. Take at least SIX weeks off from physical activity. Cross-culturally this 40 days/6 weeks metric exists for a reason. Start the Hal Higdon Novice 1 Half-Marathon training program around Memorial Day weekend to train for the Georgetown to Idaho Springs race on August 10th. I will do a 5K the last week in June at Fitbloggin that falls in line with the training schedule. During this time include swimming and biking on the cross-training days including the Boulder-based Stroke and Stride series and some open-water and/or tri clinics and/or joining a tri group. August 24th will be the Polar-sponsored Iron Girl Sprint Triathlon. This will also be about week 2 of the Hal Higdon Intermediate Half Marathon training program for the Denver Rock n’ Roll 1/2 on 20 October. In this middle of this training I am also planning on my first trail race up in Vail in mid-September.


In a perfect world that last paragraph would happen with no issue but I know I will be a newly post-partum mom. Once again look at that Polar Ambassador badge – I am not going for speed this year (even though HRM is a great way to increase speed with body efficiency, just not my goal for 2013). I will be using heart rate monitor training to build my base for 2014 with all the planning above. I am also a queen of adaptive management because my BIG priority will be focused on being the most functional mama providing food and care for the new kiddo. And for those without kids, tired happens. Tired, having a worn-down body, and needing some rest even when your training calendar says today is a long run day. Thank goodness I always have yoga by my side as I take this journey – all kinds of yoga from restorative to more rigorous practices. Yoga will be ever-present.

Color Me RAD – giveaway

Color Me Rad will be color bombing Denver, CO on 29 September at the beautiful Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield location. Will you join me?

Let’s dress in white and get blasted like we are celebrating a Hindu Holi Festival on sneakers! The YMCA of Denver is the benefiting charity so that has to add extra incentive.

Color Me Rad has sold out at each location it has run at this year. If I am getting you eager to register then be happy that my readers are getting a 20% off discount registration code to use. Type in DENBLOG20 to get your discount. Early bird registration ends 3 August (not so coincidentally that is just after when my giveaway will end).

GIVEAWAY time -> the race organizers have also been generous enough to offer two of my readers one entry each for this race. Simply post the video I have embedded above onto your Facebook wall and mention Bodhi Bear and Color Me Rad. Link to the upload location on the Rafflecopter form below so that I can verify and so that Rafflecopter can handle the random drawing.

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FTC Disclosure: I was not financially compensated to write this post or host the giveaway. I received comped entry in exchange for my actions. All opinions are my own.