Smack Talk Is Easy


There you have it in a nutshell. I am cleared to workout starting in a week and I got to admit that this do-nothing thing is feeling pretty comfy. Oh bother. I just need to go slow and steady for consistency sake.

I did some nice motivation this week with a new H7 unit from Polar Heart Rate Monitors that syncs with their Polar Beat app on my iPhone. Let us see if that new toy will keep things groovy.

In preparation for this upcoming week I do have a workout plan devised. This week I will go do yoga one time and to get out of my comfort zone I am going to do something new and sign up for The Dailey Method. I would like to attend 2 times this week. I have my schedule planned out, now to make sure my workout gear is laid out so I do not get discouraged when looking for it.

This weekend will be active with my first run as well as CAMPING and HIKING in SW Colorado.

Now for this week’s dinner menu plan

Sunday (73/46) Mushroom Tacos
Monday (72/45) Lentils & Rice
Tuesday (72/46) leftovers
Wednesday (81/50) Grilled Veggies
Thursday (84/54) Avocado/Apricot/Quinoa Salad
Friday (90/54) Watermelon Gazpacho and Veggie Skewers
Saturday – Monday Camping!

Does PP Weight Count?


What a week.  Check out the vlog to get an idea of weight and post-partum issues I have been going through. I will be 6 weeks post-partum this Wednesday night and am glad weight loss was not a priority going into the home stretch of my pregnancy.  This mess could be frustrating otherwise.

I feel like a toy car right now.  The kind of toy car that you wind back and release and it moves on its own.  I am prepping for my activity to increase when my recovery restrictions are lifted but I know I will not be going very fast, but a slow-moving car.  I have been good with not being active at this point and I need to keep that mindful momentum going when I start running, swimming, and doing yoga again.  I have some races on the docket for this year but already promised myself to even take those slowly and really listen to my body.

This post is sponsored by Dr. Ken and Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway


Veggies 4 Me, Toddler, Garden


This was a week with a few more post-partum restrictions being lifted but I am still being mindful with taking this recovery slow.

I mentioned in the video that I got some great post-partum ego boosting with some adorable shoes.  Check out these Earthies Corsica in the green (or rather a few shades with green).  I am gonna love strutting with my baby this summer in these.  I already know which LBD I plan to wear first with them.


One other fun thing I did this past week was attend the Great Cloth Diaper Change where multiple sites simultaneously changed cloth diapers to attempt a world record.  Our Denver event had about 300 babes being changed with special guests The Baby Guy NYC and The Leaky B@@B.  I got pics with both of them as well as our boys that were changed.

The Leaky B@@B and Kia w/ babes
The Leaky B@@B – she is a sweetheart
TheBabyGuyNYC and Kia w/ babe
Jaime in a big, saggy Rumparooz. I have never seen one of their diapers sag like this… with swagger.

This week is my husband’s birthday and my main priority is to work on our shared home office space and upgrade it for him with a new desk he has been wanting as well as re-organize it with some of the messy neglect that can happen with a new baby in a home.  It is a gift for him but will help me to when I transition to being less restricted with WAHM duties also in June.  Also for this week is our menu plan as well as the garden planning I mentioned in my vlog.

Menu Plan 4/21/13

Ain’t No Thang But Time


Still pregnant. Knocking on my EDDs (estimated due date) door pretty soon. And trying not to be a brat about it. With my son I was in labor at 38 weeks and 5 days. Le sigh. I was so sure last week would be the week. I have only frustrated myself in the process. However before you berate me please know I am beyond grateful that I am still healthy and that this baby is still healthy. That above all is the number one priority in this household.39 weeks and change preggo about 15 weeks pregnant Without aches and pains, still with energy – this week I am just going to ignore this bump and play.  Well, not ignore – still take care of myself, but not pay it more attention than it needs.  Walking, yoga, strength-training… etc.  In the final days before new baby we are also getting the kitchen prepped and my husband is being super sweet and enthusiastic about me giving him some lessons in cooking some recipes I think I will want to eat with some frequency after the baby gets here.  Last night I sat on a stool in the kitchen, played on my iDevices, and gave some of my jazz cooking orders until he produced these two dishes.

herbed lentils and veggie frittata on a bed of spinach
herbed lentils and veggie frittata

He also kicked butt with a steel cut oats lesson the day before – complete with apricots and flaxseed.  I think my recipe list is complete (on top of what he learned last pregnancy) with only turkey meatballs to go.  Slow cooker dishes are super easy so that will be just putting items in the pot and turning it on low.

As far as me being me I did write up a post-partum health plan with my hopes of what my body will be doing from April through October of this year.  Note that there are NO WEIGHT GOALS.  I am firmly in the camp that breastfeeding and baby are a priority and that it takes two years for a woman’s body to heal after a baby following the aruyvedic tradition.  Gentle kindness and maximizing joy – basically tenets I strive for even without mommyhood in the picture.

So does anyone have any wholesome slow cooker dishes they go-to when life gets busy? Links will be appreciated.

The Post-Partum Health Plan

I am due with a kiddo any day now. I am trying to live in the present but I admit to being a little ahead of myself and where my body will take me next. I have gone back and forth with my 2013 vision board and think I am in a good position to keep the momentum going.


Here are the priorities I have with my body for the rest of the year after the baby gets here:

#1. Breastfeeding. Above all doing what I can with my nutrition, weight, and rest to feed my baby. Sadly I am not one of those people who dropped all kinds of magic weight breastfeeding my son. Actually every time I dropped weight my milk supply dropped and I consciously packed on pounds to bring the supply back up. Feeding my kiddo is the big goal though.

#2. Heart Health. I declared in my vision board that this was a year for heart health. I am fortunate in being able to be proactive not reactive in this goal with any health scares or family history of complications. My goal is to eat and move with the goal of a healthy annual exam around my birthday in September.

#3. Fuel for functionality. This is not dieting as in deprivation or anything, but dieting to optimally fuel endurance activities, strength training, mommyhood, and satiating my palate. I love cooking, I love food. This is something I hope never changes.

#4. Skin Care. Perhaps the vainest of my vision board goals was to adjust my diet for skin care. I want to glow and get rid of this pregnancy melasma – I also know eating for skin health will pack a lot more phytonutrients into my diet which is not a bad thing. I also like raw food so this will be fun to play with as I get away from so much meat I have consumed this pregnancy. I have pre-ordered Kimberly Snyder’s new book in anticipation of playing in this world.

So here is my plan. Have baby. Take at least SIX weeks off from physical activity. Cross-culturally this 40 days/6 weeks metric exists for a reason. Start the Hal Higdon Novice 1 Half-Marathon training program around Memorial Day weekend to train for the Georgetown to Idaho Springs race on August 10th. I will do a 5K the last week in June at Fitbloggin that falls in line with the training schedule. During this time include swimming and biking on the cross-training days including the Boulder-based Stroke and Stride series and some open-water and/or tri clinics and/or joining a tri group. August 24th will be the Polar-sponsored Iron Girl Sprint Triathlon. This will also be about week 2 of the Hal Higdon Intermediate Half Marathon training program for the Denver Rock n’ Roll 1/2 on 20 October. In this middle of this training I am also planning on my first trail race up in Vail in mid-September.


In a perfect world that last paragraph would happen with no issue but I know I will be a newly post-partum mom. Once again look at that Polar Ambassador badge – I am not going for speed this year (even though HRM is a great way to increase speed with body efficiency, just not my goal for 2013). I will be using heart rate monitor training to build my base for 2014 with all the planning above. I am also a queen of adaptive management because my BIG priority will be focused on being the most functional mama providing food and care for the new kiddo. And for those without kids, tired happens. Tired, having a worn-down body, and needing some rest even when your training calendar says today is a long run day. Thank goodness I always have yoga by my side as I take this journey – all kinds of yoga from restorative to more rigorous practices. Yoga will be ever-present.