Smack Talk Is Easy

VLAWG… There you have it in a nutshell. I am cleared to workout starting in a week and I got to admit that this do-nothing thing is feeling pretty comfy. Oh bother. I just need to go slow and steady for consistency sake. I did some nice motivation this week with a new H7 unit […]

Does PP Weight Count?

VLOG….. What a week.  Check out the vlog to get an idea of weight and post-partum issues I have been going through. I will be 6 weeks post-partum this Wednesday night and am glad weight loss was not a priority going into the home stretch of my pregnancy.  This mess could be frustrating otherwise. I […]

Veggies 4 Me, Toddler, Garden

VLAWG… This was a week with a few more post-partum restrictions being lifted but I am still being mindful with taking this recovery slow. I mentioned in the video that I got some great post-partum ego boosting with some adorable shoes.  Check out these Earthies Corsica in the green (or rather a few shades with […]