Sumthin’ New

It seems like I have been trying a lot of new things lately:

  • Broken Foot
  • Capoeira
  • Politics (GMO Labeling Colorado)
  • Non-Profits (Denver Community + Colorado Food Safety)
  • Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  • Yoga Therapeutics Certification

I decided to give skate skiing a go with a lesson this week. It was a not so brilliant idea. I did not realize how much I would pushing off the outside of my foot where my foot has been healing. I was working solely on form on a small track. It was a struggle. I was wiped.

The instructor and resort were not shy about being vocal in asking why I was there… that part was a little awkward. But whatever.  I got a great lesson in and had a lot of improvement with something I had ZERO experience with. I did not expect them to blow daisies up my rear to make me feel welcome. Ha!

I will be back though. What was the last new thing that you tried?

what inspires me

I love when I come across those serendipitous moments I experience or actions that I see that make me feel engaged, empowered, and motivated to be better.

On Friday night I had that tingling to increase my awesomeness at the Friday Night Yoga Club…. yoga, community, and DJ sets are three things I intrinsically feel with my heart. I was positioned front row with the mirror facing me. My imperfect form being perfect at its task was not intimidating. It was just being. It made me want to leave there following right mind, right action, right living.

There are other times when this happens to me. I know it when I am backpacking or just coming off of an epic trip. When I have a great run.

It seems when I experience or see others who experience living for a moment in a highly functional body I feel inspired by what a human can do. We take the biological condition of our body, and perfect how we use it with our ability to reason.

The other place where I instantly feel this sensation… Cirque du Soleil. This type of clown stage action has best been described to me as a physical manifestation of expressing truth. In my yogic philosophy I consider asana practice as a method to learn truth. In a way we learn on the mat and take that humbling into other areas of our lives. For example if we are too large, too rigid, or too self-absorbed to perform our practice then we know our limits and where to push. We also know where we take our opinions of ourselves and how we use them away from the mat.

To me Cirque du Soleil is a representation of what pushing a human truth can look like. When you push your body with confidence to express actions that leave me gaped mouth the entire show I love it. So whether an inspiring yoga practice, a soul-expanding run, feeling that universal vibration of “om” when out in nature, sitting front row at a Cirque show, or however you feel inspiration… I hope you feel it.

I’m leaving this post with a clip from “O” in Vegas. I have had the good fortune to see Cirque shows for about 20 years now. This particular show doesn’t tour, but if you are lucky enough to get tickets when in Sin City you should go.

What inspires you to do more with your physical form? Beyond health, loved ones, and vanity what digs deep at your soul to play?