Dirty Dash time again folks – on Father’s Day this year!  Last year Denver did not have this event so I had to trek all the way down to Colorado Springs to play.  I was at the tail end of my 1st trimester of pregnancy (thus feeling pretty wiped) but still had a great time on the course.

Dirty Dash Pregnant


I did everything but the slip n’ slide since you do that on your belly and the two rows of monkey bars because I did not want to pull unnecessarily on my abdominals.  The best were the numerous mud pits!!!  I used my pregnancy to my advantage to attack the guys in my party.  I dunked my husband twice and our friend that went with us attacked my husband so I went after him too.  Oh the hilarity of picking them up and submerging them then taking off knowing they would not do the same to me… because I was pregnant.  It is almost bittersweet not having that tactical advantage again, almost.

TEAM SUP - Sparkle Unicorn Party


Above are my husband on the left (he scared people doing the race in his boy short Speedos) and our good friend Matt on the right.  They are “horn fighting” in this photo.  Our group went as TEAM ‘SUP or Sparkle Unicorn Party thus the princess hat and unicorn horn on the hat.  You totally are encouraged to make teams and wear costumes for this event.  We took the super silly fun route but during our wave there was a Crossfit box that went as a team who did rounds of exercises while we had to wait as groups to do some of the obstacles.  Team ‘SUP told jokes or took turns dunking each other in the mud while the Crossfitters would do rounds of push-ups and burpees.  To each their own.

Dirty Dash FriendsFrom experience I can say the Dirty Dash involves MUD, costume contests, alcohol (I abstained), laughter, running, obstacles, and plain old silliness.  Unlike some other mud events you start off in a mud pit so expect your clothes and shoes to be weighed down from the start… thus wear as little as possible.  Do not be scared of the obstacles because like I did last year with two of them you can opt out and not be hassled about it.  My big advice with any mud run is don’t submerge your head with a belly flop or other shenanigan since mud can pack into your tear ducts and you do not want to have to hazard shower your face.  I can sadly say this is from experience with an event I did in 2009.

So are you game to come out and play?  It is Sunday June 16th (FATHER’S DAY) at the Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield location.  If you have kiddos make it a day for them too with the Piglet Plunge, a 1-mile course for ages 2-11 that they do accompanied by an adult.  Bodhi Bear readers get 20% off Dirty Dash registration using the discount code BODHIBEAR.

Now for the giveaway, yay for Rafflecopter.  I will be giving away two race entries for the Denver Dirty Dash event.  Follow the prompts below to enter thru May 16th.  Good luck. I will be at the race with my family to celebrate mud, laughter, and dad – hope to see you too.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I was given two race entries to this race in exchange for writing this post. All opinions are my own.

Color Me RAD – giveaway

Color Me Rad will be color bombing Denver, CO on 29 September at the beautiful Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield location. Will you join me?

Let’s dress in white and get blasted like we are celebrating a Hindu Holi Festival on sneakers! The YMCA of Denver is the benefiting charity so that has to add extra incentive.

Color Me Rad has sold out at each location it has run at this year. If I am getting you eager to register then be happy that my readers are getting a 20% off discount registration code to use. Type in DENBLOG20 to get your discount. Early bird registration ends 3 August (not so coincidentally that is just after when my giveaway will end).

GIVEAWAY time -> the race organizers have also been generous enough to offer two of my readers one entry each for this race. Simply post the video I have embedded above onto your Facebook wall and mention Bodhi Bear and Color Me Rad. Link to the upload location on the Rafflecopter form below so that I can verify and so that Rafflecopter can handle the random drawing.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

FTC Disclosure: I was not financially compensated to write this post or host the giveaway. I received comped entry in exchange for my actions. All opinions are my own.

prAna Cherry Creek Spotlight + giveaway

I am lucky to live where I do, Colorado is a pretty special place. My husband and I chose this area for a healthy lifestyle that includes activity and access to recreation. It is because of this lifestyle that clothing and recreation companies thrive here. PrAna clothing opened their second Colorado retail location earlier this month in the Cherry Creek area of Denver.  I toured the store and would like to offer my readers an outfit giveaway from this forward-thinking company.

The new Cherry Creek location was built and modeled with the help of local repurposing artist Joe Levy.  The wood above the service counter is from a barn deconstructed from back east, the planters outside the store entrance are a marvel to look at, the fusion of wood and metal reverberate through the location from shelving to wall art to unique lighting by the dressing rooms.

One aspect of the store is the adaptability of the space to serve multiple functions.  The retail space behind the counter converts into a studio where product is moved and walls extend to create a room for yoga and other physical disciplines.  In keeping with the mind for community involvement these classes are made free to the public and taught by qualified instructors.

One community aspect I like of this store is in the management choices.  PrAna chose an employee who has experience in opening stores in the area with a past resume including the opening of the Apple store in the nearby mall.  He is familiar with the neighborhood and looking to continue the prAna direction of involvement with neighbors and like-minded causes.  Later this summer you will see this store be part of Yoga Rocks the Park as well as closer endeavors for the public.  See their June schedule for a glance of what they are up to

The basis of this company is the clothing.  It is meant to be functional for active, mindful people so you will see it on rock climbers, pilates enthusiasts, yogis, and on people just hanging out because it is rather stylish.

I looked mostly at the women’s clothing but believe me, they carry a men’s line too.  My husband actually seems to have a number of articles from prAna including pants he wears to the office as well as his favorite wicking tee for workouts.

The company is looking at their mindful practices with how they deliver an end-product to the consumer.  They are developing more organic cotton products and are working with their overseas production facilities to ensure fair trade practices.

The new prAna store is at 105 Fillmore Street in the Cherry Creek neighborhood of Denver.  I urge you to stroll on in for a free class and to shop to familiarize yourself with this company.  They were also kind enough to offer one my readers an outfit of the Quinn Chakara top and Mackenzie Knicker in any size and color combo of the winner’s choosing.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure – I was not financially compensated for this post but will be receiving a top and pant like the giveaway winner. All opinions expressed here are my own.

Dirty, Dirty – CO Mud Run Entry Giveaways

I like running. I like playing. To some extent I like getting dirty.  Enter the Dirty Dash August 11September 1 in Colorado Springs at Wonderland RanchPikes Peak International Raceway.  Run+Play+Dirt= A kick-butt promo video for this mud run and I have some entries to giveaway. **Please note I found out of the race date and venue change Monday June 25, I am extending the giveaway until the end of the week to reflect this new information. Also, the new weekend is my birthday weekend… WHAT UP!!

I like mud runs. I did the Muddy Buddy in 2009 and the Warrior Dash last year. Both events were a blast and I will leave a tip to KEEP YOUR EYES CLOSED if you choose to dive into a mud pit. Obvious tip, but one I immediately broke at the Muddy Buddy. Yowza. There is also the fun of COSTUMES!!! My girlfriend and I went as Q-tips for the Muddy Buddy, a crossover of the cotton swabs and rapper. Those white costumes got thrashed.

The Dirty Dash will be a sweet day with various obstacles if you consider chugging beer (or root beer) an obstacle. Seriously, the chug is one of the obstacles. There are things to climb over and under as well like you saw in the video. There is also a Piglet Plunge for the little ones after the last wave of the race. The focus here is FUN, thus costumes are encouraged.

The benefiting charity is the American Cancer Society Climb to Conquer Cancer. The benefiting charity always matters to me because we are often able to add some social consciousness into our race action.

My readers will receive a 20% discount code for the Dirty Dash race entry. Use BODHIBEAR at the checkout. Enter early, I saw the 10:00 wave was already sold out. Now for the giveaway – enter for ONE race entry. Also my girlfriend Lynne at LGSmash is also giving away some race entries. Head to her site and increase your chances of winning.

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Disclosure: I was not paid money for this post but given a race entry in exchange for running a giveaway and promotion.

Uncle Sam + Go Bowl Giveaway

Back before I had my kiddo I developed a pretty serious allergy to sugar cane (and minor ones to coffee and oats).  Now before you get all huffy and say I had an intolerance I will tell you to shut it… intolerances don’t give you anaphylaxis with your throat closing and passing out. So shhhhh.  Anyway sugar cane is in EVERYTHING! Trust me.  That is a big reason it took so long to diagnose what was going on with me as the adult-onset allergy was getting worse.

Processed foods where a totally unsafe zone for me which was a blessing and a curse in their own right.  They are convenient so I hunted high and low for a few products I could have.  As far as cereals there was Grape Nuts, Shredded Wheat and UNCLE SAM.  I ate a ton of Uncle Sam because it was a lot more nutritive than the other two.

Fast forward a few years and I am sitting at Fitbloggin’ 11 and meet the Attune Foods rep.  Apparently Attune Foods acquired the Uncle Sam label.  She was super awesome and handed me a plastic bowl for my infant.  I almost turned it down because we shy from a lot of plastic in our home, especially for food surfaces.  However she knew the target to my heart and mentioned it was a BPA-free bowl made from recycled yogurt containers via the Preserve company.  You know that company, they make tootbrushes and razors from recycled plastics.  That was such a serious score.  My son loves his bowl. It is actually a travel bowl for you to take your cereal when you travel.

Anyway since May the Attune Foods rep and I have kept in contact.  The brand does wonderful online chats for people with gluten intolerances and other dietary concerns.  The brand works with awesome fitness bloggers like MizFitOnline and NoMoreBacon.  They are a great source for helping consumers with dietary constraints or who just want to eat cleaner.

I am thrilled to offer a giveaway for Uncle Sam, the cereal that opened my eyes to Attune Foods, and one of the sweet travel bowls made from upcycled plastics to one of my readers.

One U. S. Reader (sorry Canada) will receive one of each of the flavors in Original, Strawberry, Multi-grain, and Almond Honey plus the BPA-Free Go Bowl.  The contest will run through 26 September at 5 PM MST Contest will end 3 October.  The winner will have 48 hours after notification to respond before I draw another winner and they lose out on the prize.

I like to keep my contest easy so here is what you can do to win:

1. Leave a comment telling me what you would use this awesome, versatile bowl for. (mandatory)

2. Help me promote this contest and leave a link via comment below on how you did whether it is via a tweet (I am @bodhi_bear), your blog, Facebook, or letter to your Grandma Dorothy (I’ll just need a jpg of the letter). (1 entry each)

Oh yeah, on a bright spot –  since having my son my allergic reaction has been greatly reduced.  I can now enjoy the Strawberry variety with no problem.  I eat the Strawberry, my husband chows on Original.

I have not been and will not be compensated by Attune Foods or anyone else to do this giveaway.  It is simply a product I like.