Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon 2013


I had a lot of fun on the Georgetown to Idaho Springs course and have a lot to say. 4 months post c-section a lot has been going on with my body. I have been low on iron and fatigued so have missed a lot of training and knew that going into this event. A good many things contributed to the sorry lack of training state including healing from a c-section, returning to vegetarianism, exclusively breastfeeding a big baby who is over 18 pounds at 4 months, having 3 menstrual cycles in less than 4 months, and trying to to be active. When you add that all together I was realistic in not expecting for myself to wow my socks off with records or training.

breastfeeding before a race

I relied heavily on my heart rate monitor to go slow and used the Polar Beat App that held up well until about mile 9 when I would only see a percentage and was getting wiped. My phone eventually died so when I needed some biofeedback most it was not there. That is when I had to relax in my head for that “zen running” experience. I was on track to beat 3 hours but my calves started spazzing with less than 2 miles go. I finished just a hair over 3 hours.

Am I sad? HELL TO THE NAW!!!! This event was FANTASTIC!!!! I seriously love this race and how I strategized to do it given all the lame factors against a solid performance.

#1 – I realize why I am not a fan of the big traveling, gimmicky races. They do not have that community, local support like a race like this has. This event is in its 35th year and benefits the high school booster club. EVERYONE comes out for it or has their businesses open during to support it. It reminded me a good deal of my fave 1/2 marathons back in California for this reason. Just running and supporting a great cause where most of the money goes back to that cause.

#2 – The course. ZOMG. Check out my vlog and here are some pics…

photo (6)

photo (7)

photo (8)

When I did finish my little tyke was ready to trot the last few meters with me…


I wish I could give my stats but like I wrote my phone died. Here was the last little screen shot I saved. My strategy was to go until my heart rate got too high then back off and walk until it stabilized low. I tried to stay tethered in some less strenuous zones. This strategy paid off because when I crossed the line I had to go straight into mommy mode and could not afford to be wiped. The day after the race I felt fine and even taught two yoga classes in the morning.

photo (9)

#3 The price. I jumped into this race so early post-partum only because there was a great one-day deal to celebrates its 35th anniversary with the original race entry from back in the day of $15 with the option of not getting a shirt or medal. If you know me at all I do not go for race bling and rarely do I get excited for shirts. However my husband decided to pump money back into the community and shop while I ran. He gave me these darling earrings once I crossed the finish and we got our first few hugs and kisses out of the way. In the future I do see this as a race to pay full-price for because it was hosted well with amazing support like port-a-potties, aid stations, and personnel everywhere to take care of runners.


Overall I am very proud of my effort and execution of this event. I ran a half marathon a couple of days ago and did not hurt myself. I am happy.