Review: Fitcation

In August of 2012 I had the pleasure of attending Fitcation with Bookieboo LLC as the group’s yoga instructor. I did a preview where I gave mad sponsor love and a wrap-up vlog with Leah Segedie (Bookieboo herself). This is my post of the in-between of that trip. In short, it was lame because I […]

Fitcation 12 Vlog Wrap-Up

Special guest in my vlawg today.  The goddess behind Mamavation and Fitcation, Leah.   My time in L.A. was fun.  I had a bomb-diggity roommate in Pamela M. Kramer.  I saw a number of return faces like Megan, Angela, Lena, Amanda, Shelley and Leah.  And I got to be better acquainted with members of Mamavation […]

the wilderness to fitcation

vlawwwg (expect on Monday) I am one wiped-out knackered schnookums. Add a 30-pound toddler, a pack, and some gear and I was lugging about 50 pounds on my back at about 9,000 feet elevation. I am not complaining though. Highlights are hopefully in my vlog. I am talking escaping a sudden Colorado downpour in a […]