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Fitbloggin’ was a week ago and I am so grateful for every nook and cranny that people allowed me to be a part of. I went wanting to be vulnerable and just present. For the most part I was present. I am so grateful to people like Erin from DigDeepPlayHard for checking in on me when I confessed I was going in feeling broken and weak. Physically I had just recovered from a hamstring strain I got on Memorial Day and then sprained the heck out of my ankle shortly before the conference catching my preschooler from a fall on concrete. This post-partum comeback still has not been graceful. I am not freaking out over it (I really do believe in the two years to heal from having babies like a good aruyvedic person should), but it can be frustrating. However a lot of people did not know about all that going on with me and why should they? I am quiet and if you look at my blog, really quiet.

So there are still a lot of highlights and OMG moments to go over but I am going to keep this short since I just got back from four days at an epic yoga festival and want to post. My tough love to myself is to get back on my content creation, curation, and broadcasting. My roomies Steve and Sue held a Tough Love session and gave homework, to call ourselves out. This blog or lack of blogging is my call out to me.

Hell, my husband has designed a new logo for me, bought me a new domain and I am slacking on even those gifts.

In my own #toughlove I am challenging myself to 31/31 in July. So here is 3/31 on day 7. I got some stuff to do.

And as far as Fitbloggin’ – I’ll post light and at least include a vlog. It is funny to think that 4 years ago I was really killing the vlogging thing. Ha! O.k., July – time to get back on the blog/content horse.

California Avocado Green Chile Gazpacho

In preparing for Fitbloggin’ this year I am undertaking the challenge by the California Avocado Commission to create an original avocado recipe for California Avocado Cutting-Edge Culinary Recipe Contest. Being a California native who now calls Colorado my home it seemed fitting to pair green chile with avocados. With summer knocking on our door gazpacho seemed like the perfect blend of these two regional foods (I hope you caught that pun).

I came to understand what California avocados really mean when I moved to a Southern and Eastern state for a few years that has a fruit they call an “avocado” but pales in comparison. I grew up with avocados and miss how available they are from the tree for many folks. Instead here in Colorado we have green chile. Technically New Mexico has green chile but Colorado acts like it is ours. Imagine the horror when you succumb to an urge for chili cheese fries only to be served some chile cheese fries. Green chile is king in this state and after six years here I gotta say I am hooked. California avocados and green chile pair very well in general but I thought I would add some crispness to this dish with a touch of fennel. Keep this amount small and consider some sort of pear and celery combo if the anise taste is not for you or hard for you to find.

This soup is simple, it mostly requires food prep and in that end only a small portion of the chopping prep needs to be pretty as a garnish since the rest is blitzed.


Avocado Green Chile Gazpacho


2 peeled and pitted California Avocados
2 peeled cucumbers
1/2 bulb of fennel
juice of 1 lime
2 cloves garlic
1/2 cup cilantro
1 small can green chiles (or 1/4 cup diced chiles of your choice)

Coarsely chop and add all ingredients to a bowl except for some fennel shavings, 1/4 cup of cubed cucumber, and 2 tbsp. finely sliced cilantro. Add 3 cups of water. Blend to a fine consistency or whatever consistency you like and chill for an hour.



Serve gazpacho and garnish with fennel, cucumber and cilantro. Add salt if you need it.


So Much June Fun!



There is a lot going on these days.  Last week I had my first post-partum run with some of the ladies with my local Black Girls Run chapter.  I am gonna take on a Polar mentee soon – actually a good girlfriend who rocked a 5k recently and wants MORE!!  And I signed up for a big challenge for me, the Venus de Miles century.  I will be working with them and will be posting more details later this week when I get more press release information but for now there is a registration button on the sidebar and I can offer up readers a $5 off registration code bccokia.  I have four months to prepare for a 100-mile all-women bike event.  Wish me luck.

With my vlog I mentioned FITBLOGGIN next week.  Yep, next week.  My part is to wrangle speakers and put together Ignite Fitness.  At this point I cannot even express how ecstatic I am since people are working their butts off to put their best foots forward for the audience.

ignite fitness



This week… Running (3.5, 5, and 6 miles), Dailey Method 3x, swimming 1-2x, bike commuting to the yoga studio and a fun ride, plus strength – functional with TRX.  Eating includes strawberry/watermelon gazpacho, Indian Coleslaw, tofu w/ peanut sauce, hummus, greek salad, spinach salad, eggs, breakfast for dinner, and anything else to clean out the fridge before our trip.


I am looking at my stupid, frenzied week.  Big things today are securing the space for a pre-Fitbloggin meet-up for Denver, submit my final entries for the Go Pro Mountain Games Click competition, finish images for an event I shot last week, and to get a handle on some of the domestic stuff I want done before our PNW trip.  However there are a number of personal notes I owe people.  I plan to get a big jump on thank you notes while on the road next week.  Before that though I am going to push myself to get three care packages out to loved ones this week.  Nothing extravagant but notes of love, cookies, and pictures.  The real essence of heart.  Also an excuse to bake before we are hot in the 90s again.

I am also going to challenge YOU to walk away from email and the digital world and write a love letter to someone including yourself.  A post-it note.  Some IRL gesture that is tangible to show you care.

One last thing – Mamavation is looking for moms for their next campaign. They are transitioning to a more holistic approach to wellness so there is no weight requirement and the campaign will focus on reducing toxin exposure through a partnership with Healthy Child. Consider applying because there are all kinds of perks beyond education for the campaign participants including NaturePedic mattresses for your children.

Full Term and Five Miles

I am not cocky but I am proud. VLAAAAAAWWWWWWGGGGGGGGG…..

Things are going pretty good. I am getting pretty tired these days and have told myself I am not teaching anymore yoga classes this pregnancy. I subbed this week and had stuff on every day then told myself I would take Friday off – but went to an all day Reproductive Health Justice symposium where my midwife was on panel along with other midwives, doulas, and birth justice advocates I consider friends. It was good but I was really wiped after that. On Saturday I had planned to walk a 5K but a blizzard rolled into town and I took that as a sign from the universe to chill the eff out – and I am so glad I did.

This week I start acupuncture to get ready to evict this tenant living inside me, plan to meet up with friends for a happy hour, have a midwife visit and tour the kids’ new pediatrician practice. I am really trying to coast at this point. I will walk when my body feels up for it, I will clean and baby prep, I will do my best to enjoy these last days before a newborn joins our family.

This is actually quite a crazy week. My husband done up and quit his job he loved for an amazing opportunity with another company and starts that new gig tomorrow. Starting a new gig in a senior position while we are poised any day to welcome a new life in our home… literally in our home with a home birth. Cross your fingers that the baby holds off for another week (only because our doula is in Israel right now).

Anyway friends I am babbling now. Life is good. I hope good things are coalescing in your worlds as they are for me in mine. I mentioned Ignite Fitness – submissions close on the 14th. You still have time to submit to speak and earn a full conference pass to Fitbloggin – if you have any questions then email me at bodhibearinfo/gmail.

Fitbloggin Redux

Fitbloggin 2012 was 3 months ago and it was awesome.  A good deal of my conference was spent with Ignite Fitness. Want to see the talks? They are on TheIgniteFitness youtube channel so you can subscribe or link to the 2012 playlist here.  A big shout-out has to go to Polar Heart Rate Monitors for being a last minute sponsor and giving away THREE heart rate monitors to lightning round contestants.  They are prominent in the videos for that reason.

I say a good deal of my time was spent with IggyFit because I did not get to many talks and had to do what I did not want to do and spend some of my conference time formatting talks due to the delay.  Given that I was also pregnant in a not so easy pregnancy I was wiped and missed Friday programing.  Boo hiss!  For 2013 there will be stricter enforced rules about submission deadlines because I want to play too.

However it was Fitbloggin!  I tell everyone it is like coming home to a big hug whether you know the room full of people before you get there or not.  Roni Noone has truly created a supportive, kind community with this group and I love this conference.  You learn a great deal, you meet many inspirational people, the brands are more than a materialistic part of this community, and for me I leave refreshed and wanting to be a better fitness blogger.  I also pinch-hitted live-blogging a session for Jim who pinch-hitted giving a blog design talk – gotta love a supportive community who stands up to fill in last-minute vacant spots.

Above all for my experience this year were my roomies who are some of the best people on the planet! Procrastination paid off and I ended up with birthday queen Sue, supa dupa Steve, and the best bed buddy and Dunkin’ Donuts (for the coffee) pusher in Dani.  I so would have been signing up to room with this crew for 2013 if I was not bringing an infant, my husband, and toddler to Portland with me.

Roomie LURVE
Sue dancing in the new birthday year moments after midnight.
McCormick & Schmick cooking demo with flavor layering techniques as a way to reduce fat and sodium in what we consume
The lunchtime feast McCormick and Schmick greeted us with for a facility tour. We learned to make a few of these options as well as experienced some of their scientific flavor labs.
Backsplash at McCormick & Schmick in one of their test kitchens

Susan Ito of FoodieMcBody doing her one woman theater performance of a piece of her fitness journey
Thank you for the RealFlex Fusion TRs Reebok. These kicks rock.
Looking out into the crowd for Ignite Fitness

I got some hang time with Kenlie on the bus to New York after Fitbloggin

Fitbloggin will be in Portland, OR June of 2013.  I will be there again and Ignite Fitness will be happening again.  Keep an eye on the Fitbloggin website for a call for speaker submissions sometime in mid-February.

Generation Fresh

When in Baltimore for Fitbloggin’ recently I had the opportunity to attend an offsite event with McCormick Spices. They recently launched a new twitter account @Spices4Health that I recommend to follow for informative content.  What I saw on the tour and talk was pretty impressive with the flavor layering they are doing in an effort to decrease some of the less than healthy additives that go into many mainstream American diets.

First look at the array they had us sample for lunch…

Our day at the facility was divided into a welcome and talk by their researchers, demonstrations of their flavor labs, and then cooking demonstrations of some of the items we tried during lunch.

Most important to what I feel that they are doing with consumers is offering avenues to reduce fat and sodium with simple techniques like blending veggies to make sauces and marinades and layering ingredients to create complex flavors without having to fry with oil or use a lot of sodium.

Roasted Citrus Chicken with Ginger Orange Relish included a marinade, a rub, a relish, and an optional “breaded” coating made from veggies

We left with a number of goodies too and I recently tried their Perfect Pinch Salt Free Fiesta Citrus Seasoning on a version of the zucchini ribbon salad that I fell in love with at the site visit.  It worked really well tossed with some olive oil, white balasamic vinegar, and dill from my garden to accompany the bean and spiced walnut burritos I made for dinner.

Here are several recipes from the McCormick website that seem timely for winter that I am sharing with you.  I should have really made the Oven-Fried Chicken last night because what I ended up making was obvious chicken breast boredom, this would have been much better.

Hearty Beef Stew with Roasted Winter Vegetables sounds delicious and I trust a recipe that acknowledges how roasting veggies can bring out those intense caramelized flavors.

 Tuscan Pasta (that is under $1.75 per serving!!)

And finally, what could say winter better after a cold, outdoor workout (including raking leaves or shoveling snow) than Chicken Chili with Black Beans and Corn

Seriously go check out the McCormick site and especially their recipes.  Follow @Spices4Health and even consider following Chef Mark Garcia who did the ribbon salad demonstration and engages his online audience as well as dietician Dr. Wendy Bazilian (who also engages an online audience).  These resources are fantastic if you are in the beginning stages to overhaul your eating habits to become more healthy or if you are a healthy foodie veteran browsing for some inspiration.

This post was sponsored by McCormick in exchange for a gift card.  This is my FTC disclosure statement.  All opinions are my own.