#EarthMama On the Road

I am very, very lucky that my kids are really great when it comes to traveling.  They are great on planes, they are great on the road.  Just because we leave home is no reason to sacrifice high-quality personal products for any of us.  I love Earth Mama Angel Baby when I leave home with or without them because their products multitask as much as I do.

The whole family is accompanying me this long weekend as I am a course manager for about 50 miles of a relay race.  I have a big van of supplies to help my volunteers and runners as well as needing to keep our suite at elevation (8500′-9500′) stocked for my family.

Here is a pretty standard set of goods I am using to travel with the whole family.  When it is just me and I am flying it is usually the Angel Baby Oil (I use this as a facial moisturizer, body moisturizer, and a hair oil if I need some softness and control) and some of their lip balm.  The baby oil is available in 1 oz. size which is easy for TSA carryon convenience. For everyone on this trip it is Nipple Butter, Angel Oil, Body Wash, and Bottom Spray.   When I am in my van cruising the course I will have the Nipple Butter and Bottom Spray on hand for runners who get too much sun or encounter plants on the trails that they may have reactions too. These products multitask for me with beauty routines, my kids and family with their needs, and for endurance athletes who need an extra hand on the course.

photo 2

The Shampoo & Body Wash is so crucial on the road for the boys because of its distinctive scent.   As a standard the boys and I are used to using the Natural Orange Vanilla Scent.  Even though we are not at home this familiar scent helps to keep them in their usual rhythm of nighttime steps and as a cue for when to go to bed.

photo 1


I hope to add some images of athletes on the course getting a little EMAB TLC.  I use it with my endurance training so why not introduce it to others?  To get a feel of alternative uses of Earth Mama Angel Baby products please visit this summary.

FTC disclosure: This is a compensated campaign I am part of with monetary compensation and products provided.  However all opinions are my own. I am a longtime fan of Earth Mama Angel Baby so it may seem hard to find me criticizing their products.

Ren Faire Recap


On the real… I am dragging butt this week. My son turned four months old over the weekend and dispatch the TMI police because I need to share that I am having my third menstrual cycle since he was born. My body is pretty much ready to make another baby even though I am done. I am sharing here though because like the first two my energy level has severely dipped. I am hoping extra iron will help but it does feel like little is helping and I am wiped!

With having a kid four months ago my body and life are still in so much fluctuation. I need to food journal to keep an idea of how much I am eating but that is hard since I do not eat very much processed food that has the luxury of food labels and portions. I think I should go the opposite direction and regiment the heck out of a meal plan in terms of meals and snacks for a few days to aim for 2200 calories and see how my body reacts. I also need to regiment taking my vitamins since supplementation is obviously needed these days.

I have a lot of activity and training to go through October and need to be smart since I basically had to start from ground zero at the beginning of June. It is all joyful stuff though. And i am forever grateful for my health and the health of those around me making it easy for me to plan races and training.

My goal this week is to meal plan down to the minutia for 2200 calories/day.

And as I mentioned in the vlog I joined a race committee. I am in charge of post-race nutrition and would love to know what you like to eat after endurance training or racing.

The Post-Partum Health Plan

I am due with a kiddo any day now. I am trying to live in the present but I admit to being a little ahead of myself and where my body will take me next. I have gone back and forth with my 2013 vision board and think I am in a good position to keep the momentum going.


Here are the priorities I have with my body for the rest of the year after the baby gets here:

#1. Breastfeeding. Above all doing what I can with my nutrition, weight, and rest to feed my baby. Sadly I am not one of those people who dropped all kinds of magic weight breastfeeding my son. Actually every time I dropped weight my milk supply dropped and I consciously packed on pounds to bring the supply back up. Feeding my kiddo is the big goal though.

#2. Heart Health. I declared in my vision board that this was a year for heart health. I am fortunate in being able to be proactive not reactive in this goal with any health scares or family history of complications. My goal is to eat and move with the goal of a healthy annual exam around my birthday in September.

#3. Fuel for functionality. This is not dieting as in deprivation or anything, but dieting to optimally fuel endurance activities, strength training, mommyhood, and satiating my palate. I love cooking, I love food. This is something I hope never changes.

#4. Skin Care. Perhaps the vainest of my vision board goals was to adjust my diet for skin care. I want to glow and get rid of this pregnancy melasma – I also know eating for skin health will pack a lot more phytonutrients into my diet which is not a bad thing. I also like raw food so this will be fun to play with as I get away from so much meat I have consumed this pregnancy. I have pre-ordered Kimberly Snyder’s new book in anticipation of playing in this world.

So here is my plan. Have baby. Take at least SIX weeks off from physical activity. Cross-culturally this 40 days/6 weeks metric exists for a reason. Start the Hal Higdon Novice 1 Half-Marathon training program around Memorial Day weekend to train for the Georgetown to Idaho Springs race on August 10th. I will do a 5K the last week in June at Fitbloggin that falls in line with the training schedule. During this time include swimming and biking on the cross-training days including the Boulder-based Stroke and Stride series and some open-water and/or tri clinics and/or joining a tri group. August 24th will be the Polar-sponsored Iron Girl Sprint Triathlon. This will also be about week 2 of the Hal Higdon Intermediate Half Marathon training program for the Denver Rock n’ Roll 1/2 on 20 October. In this middle of this training I am also planning on my first trail race up in Vail in mid-September.


In a perfect world that last paragraph would happen with no issue but I know I will be a newly post-partum mom. Once again look at that Polar Ambassador badge – I am not going for speed this year (even though HRM is a great way to increase speed with body efficiency, just not my goal for 2013). I will be using heart rate monitor training to build my base for 2014 with all the planning above. I am also a queen of adaptive management because my BIG priority will be focused on being the most functional mama providing food and care for the new kiddo. And for those without kids, tired happens. Tired, having a worn-down body, and needing some rest even when your training calendar says today is a long run day. Thank goodness I always have yoga by my side as I take this journey – all kinds of yoga from restorative to more rigorous practices. Yoga will be ever-present.