#EarthMama Home and Herbal First Aid Challenge

If you are any visitor to my blog or know me then you know I am a fan of Earth Mama Angel Baby for me and my kids.  I am so much of a fan of them that last year me and my little man posed for them and our image was used for Breastfeeding Week and Month.  Well today to kicks of World Breastfeeding Week and EMAB products are great to support your lactation journey but that is not the point of this post.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Breastfeeding Month 2013

However when they asked bloggers to step forward to take a challenge to use their products I wanted in but did not want to lie so signed up for the Home and Herbal First Aid Challenge. And I am so happy to be on this blogger ambassador team!

EMAB blogger badge


They sent a bunch of goodies!

EMAB products

And even though they are for cleaning our home and helping to mend our bodies after accidents I am 100% completely fine with letting the toddler play with them because they are NON TOXIC. This is a big reason I fell in love with this company when I was pregnant with my first, they are like the kind of products I like to keep in my home for the safety of my kids and so that they do not mess with our endocrine system as they mix with everything else in our household.

Why do I mention endocrine systems here… very simple, SYNERGISTIC EFFECTS. If you are unfamiliar then read this primer that I wrote here.  Healthy homes are necessary for everyone whether you are coupled, have kids, regardless of your age, or any other factor. Everyone. And these products are not exclusive to mamas and babes.

So how did our first week go? I figured I would focus on the first aid portion with two young boys around the house and what a week it was.  With two young boys and a colorful (read clumsy) husband I was the only one with any owies. I got a small sunburn after spending the day at a high-altitude wolf sanctuary last night and I cut myself a little shaving last night.  I hardly ever shave since I usually wax a couple of times a year but it has been hectic lately.  This was one of the tools in my first aid arsenal. I almost feel like all alternative uses applied to me in the last week. Wonk wonk.


New Mama Bottom Spray

  • sunburn
  • facial toner
  • aftershave
  • minor scrapes
  • bug bites
  • puffy morning eyes

To see other alternative uses of EMAB products visit their blog.

FTC disclosure: This is a paid campaign and I was comped products but these opinions are my  own.  I just happen to love this company.

Breastfeeding Week + Month

Happy show your bewbies in everyone’s face to be obnoxious week or month! NO, NOT REALLY even though that is how some in the general public seem to perceive this time period.

Yesterday was the last day of World Breastfeeding Week and the end of the first week for National Breastfeeding Month. This is a time to celebrate this simple act that mothers can do for their children. Breastfeeding provides optimal nutrition for kiddos and has a number of health benefits for mothers.

Breastfeeding is a choice for many and an impossibility for some. In that spectrum women face all kinds of Boobie Traps to limit this act including sentiment from others that makes this week and month so important for normalization within our culture. See Best for Babes as a great resource for avoiding cultural boobie traps and your local La Leche League if you need support.

Medical experts from the WHO (World Health Organization) to our own US Surgeon General highly recommend breastfeeding even though you more often then not hear small-minded people or about small-minded actions like a store telling a breastfeeding mother she is not welcomed or more recently a national airline stating their policy is for passengers to coverup (even though not all babies allow themselves to be covered while being fed). The pop culture naysayers are the louder voice in this dialogue every time.

I love this time as health organizations, brands aimed at nursing mothers, and everyday breastfeeding supporters stand united to say this is an encouraged, normalized act if a woman makes this choice.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Breastfeeding Month 2013

I am one of those everyday supporters and have had the proud fortune of having my boobies displayed feeding my son in a great many places online this week with one of my favorite brands. Earth Mama Angel Baby which produces non-toxic wellness products for families used an image of me and my infant from a photo shoot in late June to kick off this month.

Thank you EMAB for what you do everyday to provide support for women and families. Thank you everyone supporting this world week and national month as we work towards normalization in our culture for healthy mamas and babies.

For me this image of me and my son has another piece of significance. Women of color are not often big parts of the breastfeeding discussion in America. As a Blacktina I know that many of my Black peers do not breastfeed as often as other profiled groups. I stand behind this image for many reasons. As a note though I do know many Black women who breastfeed. I hope this national trend continues to narrow the disparity gap.