HISTORY COLORADO – now more than ever

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.                                                                                                   -George Santayana


This has been an intense week. On Saturday I attended a photo research program at History Colorado Center on a date with my husband to hang out in a library and learn about resources. Did you know that the public has access to their online photo and archive collection? Their in-house one too. This resource is quite brilliant for us social media, genealogical research, and general curiosity types.

The museum is really cool and like they typically do they let us roam after our program. We ran upstairs to the hilarious AWKWARD FAMILY PHOTOS exhibit. It is a room with goofy family images that we laughed out at not to laugh at others but because so many of us can relate to the stories and people in them. We found ourselves in giggle cycles with other guests in the gallery at the time.

There was also a great exhibit about cameras, images, and portraits


We then went next door to the El Movimiento exhibit that has been up for a while looking at local and national Chicano activism. It really stirred echoes of what has been building around this election week and roles in activism.

img_9327 img_9332

On the second floor there were three exhibits: 1. Living West, which contains the Dust Bowl simulator which is a documentary and ride experience and I highly recommend people check it out. The exhibit looks at resource use in our state and engages people to figure out best use solutions with water, transport, historical artifacts, and our economy.

img_93512. Denver A  to Z that highlights some of our notable accomplishments and 3. Colorado Stories which contains fur trading, mining, internment camps… I got as far as the Colorado internment camp section and had to leave. The stress of the week got to me. Here is the link to the online exhibit on Japanese internment if you want some experience from home. Yes, we interned a lot of children.attachment-1


We by-passed the first floor, we usually spend a lot of time there with our kids. We went straight to the basement for the Searching for HOME exhibit looking at homelessness. I know, I know, it was already a rough day but I rarely come to this museum without my kids so I wanted to see it.

img_9359 img_9367 img_9381My family experienced homelessness for a while due to unfortunate circumstances. I really relate to this exhibit and appreciate its aim to humanize a very serious problem facing Denver and other areas during this economic time.

At that point I was a bit wiped but felt good about sticking it through to look at what I had seen and process the exhibits with just me and my husband.


Here is the thing. History Colorado Center contains a good deal of knowledge about our past and this knowledge is useful as we face and constructively work on our present. If I came to the museum with our kids I most likely would not have lingered at the internment area of the exhibit as long as I did because my guys are three and six. We would have done the fun, silly, educational stuff and maybe one heavy topic to explore in a way that is appropriate for them. The museum even has scalable guides and information for content you feel is appropriate for your visit.

The museum is a valuable asset if you are going for entertainment, education, or to process and really dig deep about controversial topics we are currently dealing with.

I have visited a number of times and have not become a member yet. My husband and I have decided that this will be our next institutional membership. As we were talking to the front desk we learned the family and dual memberships include TWO Georgetown Loop Railroad passes… hello, those are worth $30 each on their own. An $85 annual family membership including $60 in railroad passes is a no brainer! My husband and I teased they should lead off with that information in their membership promotion.

Visit the museum on your own, as part of a program, or just jump into the sweetheart deal for the membership especially with the Santa trains getting on the Georgetown Loop calendar. History is not to be forgotten when as a people we are in desperate need for guidance now.

I’m FLEAKING out! Denver Flea Holiday Review

If you are anywhere near Denver you hopefully already know about the Denver Flea. It takes place a few times a year, features super trendy vendors, lots of alcohol, tasty food trucks, and loads of entertainment.

holiday flea

I worked with a vendor at the last Flea to offer diastasis checks for women but this last one I went straight up as a blogger to the VIP shopping night. I got over the chill in the air with a few cocktails and saw a load of friends. It was a fun, festive occasion.

The first rule of the flea, you are not going there to bargain shop. Nope, head to the Goodwill, ARC, or Brass Armadillo off the 70 if that is your MO.

You will want to shop so be prepared for what you are willing to buy because there is great stuff everywhere

Yes #Denver. We can haz #OliviaPope #denverfleabloggerfinds @denver_flea

A photo posted by kiamruiz (@kiamruiz) on


Got a new duvet. Oh you thought I was shopping for others. Bwahahaha #denverfleabloggerfinds @denver_flea A photo posted by kiamruiz (@kiamruiz) on

You do need to be cautious because since this is Denver Flea folks the ability to imbibe is fierce. And it is easy to swipe on a Square when you are slizzard.  Also there is some douchiness around on the edges but you are big boy or girl and know how to avoid that IF you want. 

Head to the Flea tonight for the UnCorporate party ($35 entry). Hint, hint, hint… Passport folks, check your email for a 2-for-1 deal to attend. The Flea will also be opened on Saturday and Sunday ($5 entry) with a portion of the proceeds benefitting the Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Institute and Reading Partners.

There is a very good chance you  will see me around there this weekend.  I got some more Irish Coffees to say hello to, lounging, and I really, really want that be hippy hat plus maybe some more holiday gifts.

Disclosure: I was comped entry to the VIP party and given a canvas tote plus two fives to post about this shindig online which was silly since I posted about it online last flea with zero Flea motivation. All opinions are my own.

Title Nine #T9FitFest – Colorado and beyond + giveaway

I was contacted by Title Nine recently to attend a media event ahead of the FitFest about to take place in the Front Range of Colorado for the next three weeks. RSVP for the #T9FitFest my friends – no matter your athletic range.

Denver area #T9FitFest is April 15-16
Denver area #T9FitFest is April 15-16

My first thought was to trash the email because I do not feel like a very worthy athlete right now. I have not been able to be active with the foot still slowly recovering and I have put on a lot of weight with this lengthy process and still breastfeeding. It would have been easy to been busy that night and let this opportunity pass.

Title Nine Fit Fest

Then I thought about it. I have known about Title Nine since it started while I was in junior high – I have known the company to be about empowerment and I would have been a fool not to attend because I felt put off by my physical state. Women of all kinds of shape and activity levels NEED good bras fitted for our bodies.  As I slowly get back to activity Thelma and Louise need to be caged.

My BRAVANGELIST, Cari, at the Cherry Creek store set me up in a fitting room, measured me, then picked out four bras for me to try on. The bras ranged from the work-to-workout variety, something that resembled a lobster bib on my short torso, a bra that I already own, and eventually the five-barbel beauty that I settled on – their Marvel Bra. The barbell-rating system has been a mainstay of Title Nine with 1 barbell being the least amount of support and 5 barbells standing for maximum control on their scale.

Kia and the Marvel Bra

During my bounce test nothing moved as I hopped around on a bounce ball then moved side to side with a hula hoop. Ha! As if I would share those pictures at this time.

The Marvel Bra
The Marvel Bra I ended up choosing.


Here are the dates and times of the FitFest as it travels through Colorado. Contact your store location to RSVP for a time slot with your own bravangelist. This is a great opportunity as the events will have an expanded bra selection beyond the huge bra wall regularly at each location AND you will receive a professional bra fitting with encouraging women who support active communities in our area.

April 8-9, 10am-8 pm
Title Nine Boulder 1801 Pearl Street Boulder

April 15-16, 10am-9 pm
Title Nine Cherry Creek 160 Steele Street Denver

April 22-23, 10am-8 pm
Title Nine Colorado Springs 210 N. Tejon Street Colorado Springs

Now for the fun – Title Nine has been darling enough to extend the courtesy of a Fit Fest appointment to one of my readers that will include a bra for you to take home.  Winner will have 24 hours to respond to my notification email or I will have to choose someone else due to the time sensitivity of this event. Good luck!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Also my friend’s Monika, Kait, and Heather are also hosting this giveaway so head to their sites to increase your chances.

Disclosure – I was not financially compensated for this post. I was provided a bra but opinions are my own. And I really have been a Title Nine fan since they opened.

YO GABBA GABBA 2014 Tour #Denver Giveaway

YO! Want to get your family and/or friends together because you like to DANCE?!? This Saturday Denver – Yo Gabba Gabba Live! comes to the Paramount Theater and we have FOUR TICKETS to giveaway.

yo gabba gabba tour


Now I have to admit that the biggest Gabba fan in our home is my husband. Actually at the last tour date we went to we brought a singleton friend who is into national and local music scenes. She had a blast. It seems like a lot of adults we know have a keen understanding of how awesome the music is at these shows.


We will be bringing our two boys this time though. I was still pregnant with our second during the last scheduled tour date but he is kind of a rager at live shows so this will be perfect for his 19-month old sensibilities.  Well that I can see him getting silly when Biz Markie takes the stage.

Tickets are still available at Altitude Tickets for the 1:30 and 4:30 shows for this Saturday 15 November. Or you can win a pair here though the form below.  A winner will be drawn Thursday night at midnight and must respond by noon on Friday or another winner will be drawn.  Good luck!!  See you at the show. MUSIC IS AWESOME!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

FTC Disclosure: My family and I are being comped tickets to attend the show in exchange for hosting this giveaway. No other compensation is being exchanged for this post. All opinions are my own.


Fairlife Review, Yoga and Denver

A couple of months ago I got to go to a really fun media event sponsored by fairlife purely nutritious milk™ at River Power Yoga. They were expanding into the Denver market and wanted some exposure.  We partnered up to play a bit in the studio…

stacked plank
Stacked Plank with John Luciano
Basic AcroYoga

Then we got to sample Fairlife on its own and mixed in delicious smoothies.  The Avocado, banana, chocolate milk one was easily my favorite because I love avocado and chocolate!

Banana Chocolate Avocado Smoothie
Berry Banana Smoothie
Berry Banana Smoothie

Fairlife is a new line of dairy products on the market. They contain 50% more protein, 50% more calcium, and 50% less sugar than ordinary milks.  The husband and wife duo that created them are a dairy-farming couple looking to deliver a more nutrient dense product to consumers.   This product is available in Denver and Minneapolis with its launch with plans to expand into other markets as time goes on.

Fairlife is not organic but the cows are not treated with rBST growth hormones.  It is also lactose-free as the additional protein and calcium comes from the milk itself while some sugar is removed through the unique filtration and recombination process.

The chocolate milk is pretty delicious and as anyone who reads anything about sports science these days knows that it makes a great recovery drink.

Fairlife is going further into the Denver market and is a main sponsor of a HUGE yoga event in Denver tomorrow for everyone!  Check out the Fitness Fest at Mile High returning to Invesco Field for its second year with Tyrone Beverly and his team.

Come tomorrow for the yoga, fitness, Fairlife, and other vendors and experience of the great events that is keeping Denver strong as a health and wellness leader in the nation.

Two Weeks Crossfit DONE

I returned to a box this year. It has been two years. For the first two weeks I did a foundations class, I never did that the first time around because I have a nice powerlifting background (thanks to Scott who was my go-to strength coach while I was a college athlete). I did it this time to ease back into the Crossfit workouts and get to spend time with my husband.

So three times a week for two weeks we went over body mechanics and did a WOD. The last one was Fran, yeah really.  I did the Rx weight of 65 lb. thrusters but took the lowest level of modification since I cannot do 45 unassisted pull-ups – or even one.


Besides Fran there has been a lot of life in the last two weeks as well as a giveaway for TWO entries into The Color Run of your choice that ends on Friday.

new haircut
New haircut
Finally visited Happy Leaf kombucha brewery… 3x in the last two weeks
Two nights of Friday Night Yoga Club and got to spend time with this teacher for a nice talk
Menu planning per usual but adding in 3 year-olds lunches in the planning now
Realizing how much l support local brands. This vegan chocolate is organic and amazing!
Getting nice numbers with my Polar Loop. I need to reset my goal and aim for 7/7.
dental visit
Me, hubby, and the 3 year-old all had dental check-ups last week.
vegetable toy
Still trying to pull a Wild E. Coyote and get the kiddo to get back on the veggie train.
Saw a lot of emo beauty while out getting my heart pumping.
Sochi at the zoo
Checked into some new volunteer opportunities and got to see Sochi the 6 week-old cub at the zoo in the process
Sportsmen Expo
Headed to the International Sportsmen Expo to check out some conservation orgs

Other than that today is my anniversary and I got to hang out with an awesome girlfriend outside in the sun after lunch.  This is definitely a day surrounded by love – I hope it is for you as well. xoxo