Wanderlust Revist – 5 years here we go

Five years ago I headed to the first Wanderlust in Squaw Valley…

then I got pregnant and had a kid, then another.  I have been on a little lockdown since then but here we are five years later and I am going back.

Wanderlust is in a number of locations now so the road trip to Cali will not be necessary – only a 3 hour drive to Snowmass.

I have also been a yoga teacher for five years and have watched the yoga hustle explode around me while I have chosen to watch from the sidelines with little ones as my priority.  I am curious to see how that has translated into whatever Wanderlust is now.

I’m back and covering for Yogadork again (there are three or four posts of coverage I did from 2009). Hit me up if you see me. Follow me on twitter and instagram as @kiamruiz. This is going to be fun no matter what!

SOYBU *CO Yoga Love

I have been a certified yoga teacher since 2009 – yoga pants are my uniform.  There is another group of workers that yoga pants are a uniform to as well… MOMS.  I am a mom of young kids so I get it, you need fabrics that move with your body to get down on their level all the time. Recently when Soybu yoga clothing held their flagship store grand opening my mom and yoga world collided when I received an invite thanks to the Mile High Mamas.

Yes, you can move in their clothes

I had the good fortune of already knowing about Soybu thanks to a Bombshell Tank and Lotus Short I received from last year’s FitSocial conference. I did not get to interact with them when they supported the I’m Unique Yoga Illustrated Union tour that held a LARGE class at Invesco Field in the summer because I was traveling but that event was in my heart and I was named one of Colorado’s Top 100 Yoga and Fitness Professionals there. Soybu has been mindfully reaching out to the yoga and wellness community for a while even though only establishing in 2010.  Soybu reaching out to a less traditional wellness community was refreshing.

soybu phil
The Soybu philosophy by the dressing room

Soybu is reaching out further and offering a 25% discount on all online orders through Sunday 23 Feb 2014 using the code “NOWOPEN” as well as free shipping for orders over $75.

The store front when you enter

If you want to visit the flagship store head to the Cherry Hills Marketplace, 2500 E. Orchard Rd Unit 2500 A, Greenwood Village, Colorado.

Jamie helped me with some honest shopping decisions since all prints did not work with me. Thanks lady!
Jamie helped me with some honest shopping decisions since all prints did not work with me. Thanks lady!

Since I was already familiar with the brand, their fit, and my size I was ready to shop. I did not drink or eat any goodies because I was too busy in the dressing room, getting feedback from Jamie G (a Soybu community leader I know from the FitSocial conference), and talking to Soybu staff.   I finally settled on two capris and a pair of leggings.

Some fun leggings I had to get.

At the event I had time to speak with Erin about the Soybu concept and clothing for everywoman.  She said they wanted to do an event for moms even if they do not do yoga because the clothes celebrate being a woman of all sizes and abilities.  The care of the construction, quality of fabric, and selection of colors and styles do leave a lot of room for even non-athletes to feel fantastic in their gear.  As far as sizing for every woman their activewear goes to XXL which is roughly a size 16.  It is not a perfect fit for all but for many.

Killer Caboose Capri… cheeky image

Check them out and hopefully you will find something you like.

Mile High Mamas is partnering with Soybu on this promotion.  All opinions and views expressed are our own.

Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon 2013


I had a lot of fun on the Georgetown to Idaho Springs course and have a lot to say. 4 months post c-section a lot has been going on with my body. I have been low on iron and fatigued so have missed a lot of training and knew that going into this event. A good many things contributed to the sorry lack of training state including healing from a c-section, returning to vegetarianism, exclusively breastfeeding a big baby who is over 18 pounds at 4 months, having 3 menstrual cycles in less than 4 months, and trying to to be active. When you add that all together I was realistic in not expecting for myself to wow my socks off with records or training.

breastfeeding before a race

I relied heavily on my heart rate monitor to go slow and used the Polar Beat App that held up well until about mile 9 when I would only see a percentage and was getting wiped. My phone eventually died so when I needed some biofeedback most it was not there. That is when I had to relax in my head for that “zen running” experience. I was on track to beat 3 hours but my calves started spazzing with less than 2 miles go. I finished just a hair over 3 hours.

Am I sad? HELL TO THE NAW!!!! This event was FANTASTIC!!!! I seriously love this race and how I strategized to do it given all the lame factors against a solid performance.

#1 – I realize why I am not a fan of the big traveling, gimmicky races. They do not have that community, local support like a race like this has. This event is in its 35th year and benefits the high school booster club. EVERYONE comes out for it or has their businesses open during to support it. It reminded me a good deal of my fave 1/2 marathons back in California for this reason. Just running and supporting a great cause where most of the money goes back to that cause.

#2 – The course. ZOMG. Check out my vlog and here are some pics…

photo (6)

photo (7)

photo (8)

When I did finish my little tyke was ready to trot the last few meters with me…


I wish I could give my stats but like I wrote my phone died. Here was the last little screen shot I saved. My strategy was to go until my heart rate got too high then back off and walk until it stabilized low. I tried to stay tethered in some less strenuous zones. This strategy paid off because when I crossed the line I had to go straight into mommy mode and could not afford to be wiped. The day after the race I felt fine and even taught two yoga classes in the morning.

photo (9)

#3 The price. I jumped into this race so early post-partum only because there was a great one-day deal to celebrates its 35th anniversary with the original race entry from back in the day of $15 with the option of not getting a shirt or medal. If you know me at all I do not go for race bling and rarely do I get excited for shirts. However my husband decided to pump money back into the community and shop while I ran. He gave me these darling earrings once I crossed the finish and we got our first few hugs and kisses out of the way. In the future I do see this as a race to pay full-price for because it was hosted well with amazing support like port-a-potties, aid stations, and personnel everywhere to take care of runners.


Overall I am very proud of my effort and execution of this event. I ran a half marathon a couple of days ago and did not hurt myself. I am happy.

The Color Run *discount + giveaway

There was a time when races required you wear clothes, put on your timing chip, hit the starting line, and go. There was music if you were lucky. However the race landscaped has changed a lot with the inclusion of “fun” runs where you do not even worry about time anymore to make them more inclusive. You have one race to really thank for that and it is coming to Denver on August 3rd, The Color Run.

There really are only two rules here: Wear white at the starting line and finish plastered in color!

Bodhi Bear readers are offered a $5 registration discount using the code COLORDENVER. If you register with a team of four or more you save an additional $5 so you can save $10 off your individual registration going that route. If you are not local you also can use a $5 discount code for your race with COLOR5OFF.

The Color Run

These races are a lot of fun. The dyes are set in cornstarch and they go everywhere the color packs are released. Hitting each color station every kilometer gives you a chance to twirl and get covered. Some cover their eyes, some their mouths, some just go for it. And going with friends only adds to the action.

color run

I am doing a giveaway for you and a friend to enter this race. You have until Monday 5 PM MST to enter and a winner will be drawn that night.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: This is not a paid post. I was offered two race entries and am giving them to readers. All opinions are my own.

Going For A Long Bike Ride


This 6th annual event is Sunday, 29 September 2013. If you have never done a large endurance event this is your event. If you are the most skilled cyclista this is your event. I have only ever participated as a volunteer and spectator in the past for this party on wheels as it has gone by and am thrilled to do it this year. I have been on a bike before (triathlons) but will be taking it slow leading up to the event. I had a kiddo three months ago and am not out to break any speed records or anything. Actually I am treating all my workouts for 2013 as endurance building with heart rate monitor training for 2014. My focus on this year is to have FUN FUN FUN as I use my body and spend precious time away from my family to train for anything. That is why this event is for me – the support and other participants make this a feel-good event. There are also plenty of group training rides posted via the Venus de Miles facebook page that I plan to take advantage of.

vdm ride for change

Venus de Miles is Colorado’s ONLY all-women’s road ride. It was originated by and benefits Greenhouse Scholars. Greenhouse Scholars helps to put young people through college and beyond. This is a Whole Person scholarship and mentorship program for high-performing, under-resourced college students. Venus de Miles brings together the cycling sisterhood and supports an inspiring, community-changing organization.

Last year 1300 riders of different cycling abilities, age groups, and home cities converged to tour Boulder county on two wheels, sample organic food, hula hoop at rest stops and take advantage of complimentary spa services. Really! All that during a ride, I am serious when I mentioned that this is a party on wheels.

I hope you consider joining me. The cost is $89 if you register by 1 Sept for any of the distances and requires a $75 fundraising minimum for Greenhouse Scholars. Bodhi Bear readers have access to a $5 registration discount code using bccokia. I will be posting on my blog and social channels about my training as well as opportunities for you to win an entry to join me.

VDM Button (1)

Regardless if you enter or not I will be on two wheels a good deal in the next 11 weeks as I cross-train for other events and prep for this. How many of you are on bikes and want to get out and ride with me?

Disclosure: I am part of the Blogging Goddess program affiliated with Venus de Miles and have not been financially compensated for my involvement. I was offered some training goodies like a jersey and entry plus will be giving away an entry myself. All opinions expressed here are my own and I am insanely excited to be involved with such a community pillar as VDM.

Review: Fitness and Health Bloggers Conference

Hey, what do you know… I wrote a timely review of the conference when it was done. Here is my #FHBC12 wrap-up. It is resource-heavy so please do check it out especially about the regional librarians we all have access to.

I have a few things to say as this conference goes forward because I have been contacted by a number of bloggers about whether they should consider attending in 2013 given that I have gone the first two years.

#1 – I am biased. See my 2011 review to understand why. Overall I do care about disseminating great fitness/wellness content so I am still fully supportive of this conference’s goals for attendees.

#2 – This conference is undergoing more big changes as they prepare for their third year. This year they will be the FitSocial 2013 with an emphasis for “The Communication of Cutting-Edge Health & Fitness Information via Blogging and Social Media.” The first year it was a ramshackle of talks and panels in Boulder aimed at bloggers, last year it was mostly an academic symposium showcasing the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center in Aurora aimed at bloggers. This year the housing will be in better-suited Boulder with some activities regarding the business of social media and hosted by Kym and Alexandra of Fun and Fit (who corralled the FitFluential Ambassadors last year) as well as Room 214 (a Boulder-based social media agency). As a note, one of the awesome keynote speakers from FHBC11 is now a Room 214 employee. I wonder if he will be joining in for 2013? The last two days will be the awesome academic symposium hosted by Anschutz again. This year looks to be blogger-friendly but also fitness-pro friendly too for pros who happen to blog as part of their media strategies or are looking to begin.

#3 – The FitSocial conference will now take place in September as to not compete with Fitbloggin in June.

#4 – This conference is organized by an entity that puts on multiple conferences across a few platforms (beer, wine, lifestyle) thus they are not steeped in the VAST health and fitness world. Do not expect the same sort of community-oriented vibe that you find at other conferences, but do expect a lot of information and as usual networking with sponsors that you can maximize. Last year I walked away a big winner with a ACE PT Certification program for the quality of my social media reporting actions (I plan to start this program at the start of the year). I also just noticed that a local company I will be an Ambassador for in 2013 is also a sponsor for the conference.

Do not expect to be part of some active network of social media types based on participation with this conference alone. I have not experienced that based on participation in the past two years. You will be given tools and great references to take with you like most conferences.

#5 – I will be attending in 2013 but I’d be a fool not to considering I am 30 minutes from Boulder and 15 minutes from Aurora.

#6 – The partnerships and sponsors this conference attracts are amazing. Consider bringing your best work forward to be in their company. Besides Anschutz here is a list of their parnters:

America On the Move
American Council on Exercise
Daily Feats
LiveWell Colorado
National Association for Health and Fitness
WEGO Health

The conference is $295 and if you are a fitness blogger the cost can come down to $95 in exchange for writing two posts about it. For example this post can be counted as one of my two posts. Consider registering, and I’ll see you in September if you do.