mood board 2.0

All right. I am going to walk away from it now. I added one more pic and restructured the existing stuff. The picture I added I shot tonight about an hour til sunset. The mosquitoes outside were jerks so I had to hurry. I took my champagne wedding dress and laid it on a patio […]

let’s talk carbon offsets

Note: ecological nightmare + purchasing carbon offsets does not equal the best you can do With that out of the way I thought I would add my two cents about purchasing carbon offsets to make a wedding move towards a carbon nuetral event. Click here to read the Wikipedia article about Carbon Offsets. The basic […]

Pin-Up Boudoir Pics

I have been thinking of doing boudoir pics for sometime. I think it would be nice to keep a record of my little body as it tightens up in preparation for the wedding. It can be something to scare my grandchildren with. And they can be a fun project to put in a book for […]

the death of

Michelle Kozin’s “Organic Weddings: Balancing Ecology, Style and Tradition” was published in 2003. I bought my fiance a copy as a present and it is dog-eared and marked up as we prepare for our wedding. It seems like eco-minded weddings are gaining popularity but I sadly discovered recently that Michelle’s organicweddings website is no longer […]