TWO YEARS Post-partum, TWO YEARS Breastfeeding

TWO! I am a very proud mama bear. Last Friday our youngest turned two.

Happy 2nd Birthday

We had planned for two children. Since going child-free was not our plan we at least planned for zero population growth on our biological part to be kind to Mother Earth.

population growth

Two years on the boob. This was a goal that we took one day at a time to aim to meet WHO (World Health Organization) recommendation of two years even in industrialized nations.  I have so many people in my tribe to thank for supporting this journey… we will go until May to get through cold and flu season.

earth mama breastfeeding

Two kids making it two years on the boob. Heck yeah I am super proud this is a feat I met for both our boys! I still cannot believe we did it.

Two years post-partum – this is a time-period I stress like a broken record to my prenatal and postpartum yoga clients. In the ayurvedic tradition it takes two years for a woman’s body to heal after the effort of pregnancy and childbirth.  Three years for maximum benefit of spacing for siblings is not a cross-cultural and cross-temporal coincidence for nothing.

Brothers - Dia De Los Muertos

My post-partum recovery after this second kiddo has been a struggle compared to our first. My nervous system was shot for a while early on, then I stopped metabolizing iron for months which only added to fatigue, and finally the lingering stress fracture and recovery with my foot. I am convinced the foot thing was contributed to by the trials of my post-partum body. Right now I am heavy, have pathetic cardio endurance, and a still healing foot.


Right now I am super proud of my TWO accomplishments and using them as joyful motivation to drop the weight I have piled on in the last year as I continue to nourish myself to better nourish others.  By the way that is the mantra I mention most often to the mamas in the Baby + Me Yoga classes I lead.

What are the truths you are beyond proud of that you are currently living day to day?

Title Nine #T9FitFest – Colorado and beyond + giveaway

I was contacted by Title Nine recently to attend a media event ahead of the FitFest about to take place in the Front Range of Colorado for the next three weeks. RSVP for the #T9FitFest my friends – no matter your athletic range.

Denver area #T9FitFest is April 15-16
Denver area #T9FitFest is April 15-16

My first thought was to trash the email because I do not feel like a very worthy athlete right now. I have not been able to be active with the foot still slowly recovering and I have put on a lot of weight with this lengthy process and still breastfeeding. It would have been easy to been busy that night and let this opportunity pass.

Title Nine Fit Fest

Then I thought about it. I have known about Title Nine since it started while I was in junior high – I have known the company to be about empowerment and I would have been a fool not to attend because I felt put off by my physical state. Women of all kinds of shape and activity levels NEED good bras fitted for our bodies.  As I slowly get back to activity Thelma and Louise need to be caged.

My BRAVANGELIST, Cari, at the Cherry Creek store set me up in a fitting room, measured me, then picked out four bras for me to try on. The bras ranged from the work-to-workout variety, something that resembled a lobster bib on my short torso, a bra that I already own, and eventually the five-barbel beauty that I settled on – their Marvel Bra. The barbell-rating system has been a mainstay of Title Nine with 1 barbell being the least amount of support and 5 barbells standing for maximum control on their scale.

Kia and the Marvel Bra

During my bounce test nothing moved as I hopped around on a bounce ball then moved side to side with a hula hoop. Ha! As if I would share those pictures at this time.

The Marvel Bra
The Marvel Bra I ended up choosing.


Here are the dates and times of the FitFest as it travels through Colorado. Contact your store location to RSVP for a time slot with your own bravangelist. This is a great opportunity as the events will have an expanded bra selection beyond the huge bra wall regularly at each location AND you will receive a professional bra fitting with encouraging women who support active communities in our area.

April 8-9, 10am-8 pm
Title Nine Boulder 1801 Pearl Street Boulder

April 15-16, 10am-9 pm
Title Nine Cherry Creek 160 Steele Street Denver

April 22-23, 10am-8 pm
Title Nine Colorado Springs 210 N. Tejon Street Colorado Springs

Now for the fun – Title Nine has been darling enough to extend the courtesy of a Fit Fest appointment to one of my readers that will include a bra for you to take home.  Winner will have 24 hours to respond to my notification email or I will have to choose someone else due to the time sensitivity of this event. Good luck!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Also my friend’s Monika, Kait, and Heather are also hosting this giveaway so head to their sites to increase your chances.

Disclosure – I was not financially compensated for this post. I was provided a bra but opinions are my own. And I really have been a Title Nine fan since they opened.

Soybu Mykonos Collection

I love being a Soybu Community Leader. The clothes are mighty flattering and the company is about empowering people to be active, confident and look good going between day to day activities. I for one like feeling empowered. Plus they are local company to me. The other big bonus of being a community leader is having so many great options to toss on as I am headed out to teach at the studio.

This latest collection has been fun to wear. I am in LOVE, LOVE, LOVE with the Camryn Tee. If you follow me on Instagram you have seen this top a lot since January. The texture of the fabric is soft and the cut is elegant. I pair this top with a backless dress a lot to show off the opening with how it drapes with a large opening keyhole.

The only criticism that I have is that most tanks to do not fit very well on my short torso. They need to have higher necklines or the girls could make a sneak appearance if I am moving around too much. Just a heads up for us petite ladies.

Here are some samplings from the Mykonos collection.

handstand soybuCamryn Tee $36 and Killer Caboose Pant $78

camryn tee copy



Athens Sky Tank $30 and Allego Capri Mykonos $49striped


New Harmony Hoody $45

Please consider using my community leader link to look at the Soybu site. It is not just for women. Girls and Men get some Soybu love too.

FTC Disclosure: As a Community Leader I am not financially compensated but I do receive clothes from each collection. Opinions are all my own.

Sumthin’ New

It seems like I have been trying a lot of new things lately:

  • Broken Foot
  • Capoeira
  • Politics (GMO Labeling Colorado)
  • Non-Profits (Denver Community + Colorado Food Safety)
  • Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  • Yoga Therapeutics Certification

I decided to give skate skiing a go with a lesson this week. It was a not so brilliant idea. I did not realize how much I would pushing off the outside of my foot where my foot has been healing. I was working solely on form on a small track. It was a struggle. I was wiped.

The instructor and resort were not shy about being vocal in asking why I was there… that part was a little awkward. But whatever.  I got a great lesson in and had a lot of improvement with something I had ZERO experience with. I did not expect them to blow daisies up my rear to make me feel welcome. Ha!

I will be back though. What was the last new thing that you tried?

Less Whining, More Shining *2014 Recap

2014 was a year.   I practically preach to my yoga clients that it takes TWO years to recover after a pregnancy. I am still in that period and this year was hard physically. I started with enduring postpartum, low iron issues and then a lingering stress fracture in my foot that is still preventing me from running. I haven’t whined too much but it has kept me physically stagnant.


Like all things there were great things to be learned from this limitation with humility and expectations. I will say tempered expectations is a good way to reflect on the year. Tempered with gentle kindness towards myself. With that in mind here is my TOP TEN of 2014.

petitions1. New Media Manager for Proposition 105 in Colorado. I took this job with its David and Goliath story against big chemical and manufacturing corporations and we got our a$$es handed to us at the polls (36% of the vote). I started as a volunteer but joined the core team once we were on the ballot.  In the process we educated many and got a lot of people talking about our food system with respect to our place within that system. It was an all out number of months and I can reflect knowing I left it all on the proverbial playing field in my efforts in new media, speaking engagements, and contributing to the strategy. Our efforts are not over, we are evolving and as a group we will better determine our direction in a few weeks.

crossfit kids

2. Doing Crossfit together.  My husband is not about gyms but we did a foundation course together and a few workouts after that. I was not physically ready yet and pulled on my c-section surgery site so stopped knowing I would need more recovery and/or more specific coaching for my postpartum body.

beach terry

beach kiabeach us

3. Kayaking while out by Savannah. I took my husband as my assistant for Ignite Fitness at Fitbloggin and we spent the day before the conference started kayaking in South Carolina and having a blast in our swimsuits. We got a workout getting back to shore as the tide returned which made the burgers and beer we guzzled after that much tastier. The less than fun part was being pulled over by Georgia cops for the new Operation Thunder on the way to the hotel. Do not fret, I did not get a ticket. You just need to have your lights on in any rain according to a new state law.


leahhogwarts teaany lydia

4. Time with friends. I made it to L.A. a couple of times for the Ragnar Relay and then ShiftCon. Along the way I got to hang with great friends away from conferences or other obligations. I also got a trip in to NYC with my hobbled foot to hang with a girlfriend. Despite the foot we still caught Cabaret and the On The Run Tour. I also have the dear people I rely on here in Colorado. I love my friends. My tribe means the world to me.

glam kia

dapper us

5. 1940s Winter Ball. This was a fun event. I bought a true vintage ball gown on eBay, my man bought a beautiful tux jacket, and I had hair + makeup done at the event. We rarely put this much emphasis on looking glam and it was a magical night kissing around the museum, dancing to big bands, and feeling beautiful with my best guy as we could not take our eyes off of each other.

voodoo yum

6. The Pixies with Suzan, Lar, and Terry. My man f*cked up big time for our anniversary and friends watched it as it happened in real time with their hands tied behind their backs. Suzan and Lar were so sweet to offer me a girls night at The Pixies to make up for it and at the last second a ticket became available for the offending schlub so we let him come along. Start the rotation of Guinness and whiskey and it was a night of dancing, makey-outeys, and laughter. Fun concert and nearby Voodoo Donuts after make for a good Denver evening.

kai water

kia in water7. Water time with family from birthday splash pad to hot springs.  With the hobbled foot me and those around me spent a lot of time hanging around water. On my birthday the family headed to Pirate’s Cove water park then my hubby and I took off for a hot springs with a membership. We returned to that springs a few times after and seemed to hit every spring along our travels as well.

bodhi warrior

kai wetlands

8. Officially becoming a Waldorf-inspired family. We have always been pretty nature-centered with a simple, non-dualistic outlook. It turns out there are education models that support our values to an extent. Our oldest started at a Waldorf-inspired school this year and it seems like a good fit for us. He is non-stop about wearing his kilt for the Ren Faire for his birthday (in more than 6 months) with his wooden sword and shield and knows a beautiful affinity for sunrises and other natural phenomena. We cannot be mad. We are still new to this education model and learning but being a few months in I am less intimidated.

cooking foolscooking food9. Cooking class with Indian Food Rocks. I have been internet-friendly with Manisha for a while now with her even sending spices to me in the past. I was finally able to attend one of her cooking classes and it was a blast. My hubby and I are looking into doing another class with her in 2015. You get to cook, eat after, and have a meal with a delightful, informative woman. This class also inspired my desire for more fun learning.

cold kia

cold family

spa family

10.  Montana and Yellowstone vacation. I will straight up credit Mommy and Partner guilt for being eager to vacation with my family after the GMO labeling campaign. I kind of was absentee for my loved ones for a couple of months. We visited the famous thermal pools in the snow, jumped into the Boiling River at sunrise in the park, soaked at our lodge, drank much Moose Drool, ate heaps of food, and bonded during this mid-November trip.  No one in my family had been to Montana besides me so it was nice to show them the Big Sky country that I love.

In truth 2014 was a little disappointing at times but at no point did I lose gratitude for the big picture of our overall health and love for each other.  I went into this past year with the attitude that I would leave it all on the field with my actions and I have no regrets that I did just that.  It was just that some of my actions were tempered with health or a campaign up against giants. It still is a 2014 to be proud of.


#SoybuLove Murano style

This past year I have fallen for a local clothing company and was lucky enough to be named as a community leader with Soybu. You may have seen them in my photo streams:

Murano collection: Darling Coat in Dragonfly and Lanai Tunic Top in Murano
Murano collection: Darling Coat in Dragonfly and Lanai Tunic Top in Murano
soybu fun
Goofing off at Soybu’s flagship store to see how the clothes move
soybu pants
It never fails that I get complimented on these Allegro capris
soybu pantss
Even though I am partial to the Killer Caboose Capris, well the Killer Caboose line to be honest.

They have collections for women, girls, and men with seasonal collections every few months. Currently The Murano collection is hallmarked with a Dragonfly teal that looks flattering on every skin tone.  The pieces layer well with each other and I have stacked a pant with a tunic tank with a dress and a coat.  I live in Denver though and our random snow storms lend to layering.

Pictured in the top image are the Darling Coat in Dragonfly ($99), Lanai Tunic Tank in Murano ($46) and Killer Caboose Pant ($78). The other piece I got from the collection was the Elana Dress in Dragonfly Ministripe ($68).

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 12.21.01 AM

Visit Soybu to get a jump on looking fly while working out and thanks to your workouts for the New Year.

FTC Disclosure: As an ambassador I am compensated with product to review at my own discretion. Opinions are my own and I choose to work with this company.