Kalso Project Earth Update Pt. 3

One workshop to go..

Hit me up for the invite for dinner and workshop in the Denver area tomorrow night (bodhibearinfo/gmail)

Thanks to Kalso Earth Shoes (see their Twitter and Facebook channels to thank them for me regarding this opportunity) things are rolling for the non-toxic household cleaner workshops. I am really looking forward to sharing the recipes this week around Earth Day as well as continuing a dialogue about making safer household chemical choices with everyone.



28 nov 11 update


“to be shot on Monday”

We feasted and had a great Thanksgiving here.  In reflection it was a pretty clean meal.  I made everything from scratch including the pies – pumpkin and cranberry apple w/ very little coconut sugar in one and none in the other.  More importantly we really celebrated the harvests (most was local), our good fortune, and each other.

Turkey. Green Beans w/ olive oil and vinegar. Roasted Cauliflower. Bok Choy w/ garlic + sesame oil. Chile-glazed Sweet Potatoes. Cranberry-Orange Relish. Coconut Curried Carrot Ginger Soup.

The last few days have been fantastic with family time.  After my yoga class on Friday we headed for the mountains for a hike while it lightly snowed.  The weather has been pleasant to play outside and we have been fighting off illnesses going around.  This has been part of our grand plan.

This week will be a little less idyllic.  I will be single-parenting for a few days as my husband travels, I am picking up extra yoga classes for friends, and I have a lot of evening commitments that I don’t normally do… or quite with this frequency.  This is the kind of high-volume week that me and my family have in a sense been gearing up for with a focus on not getting sick (good nutritive food, rest, water, lots of hand washing).

With a busy week and my husband not around for our usual family meals I am having a hard time figuring out meal planning.  Our toddler has reached a point where he is refusing veggies (as well as a few meals) so I have finally put him on a multi-vitamin as well as blending veggies into foods.  I am making an effort not to hide the veggies so he sees me prepare what he is eating… even all the greens going into sauces and smoothies.

This odd week will be mostly clean. It will have to be clean when I am not at events with open bars and catered food awaiting me.  I am looking forward to the food at one event in particular so making my calories really count this week so I can fully enjoy that night.  It is all about maximizing joy in this life, right?

I am not menu planning this week but have lean chicken breasts marinating to be grilled, loads of veggies and some more carbolicious offerings for my toddler so we can easily enjoy our meals together.

I am also thinking about that 8 year-old boy that was taken from his mom and put in foster care because he is over 200 pounds.  My head is racing with societal comments on this incident.  Wishing people could have an easier time finding resources that work for them if they are dealing with hard obesity issues.  My thoughts are with that little boy and his family and hoping he is not scared.

Have a wonderful week everyone.

Shutterfly for the Holidays

Jump on your holiday preparations early. It is crazy to believe that most winter celebrations will happen in less than 60 days. I am ordering through Shutterfly early to have cards printed and ready to send out to loved ones ASAP. With our son growing and most relatives living far away picture cards are a necessity to keep in touch.

I appreciate the customization afforded through Shutterfly. By going through Shutterfly I do not have to send only Christmas cards which my Muslim, Jewish, Athiest, and Buddhist friends appreciate… we do write it in hand for the grandparents though. We also have options of one to four or more photos we can add to card templates.

Click here to see the full Shutterfly Holiday Card collection

I mentioned that pictures help us keep in touch with loved ones who live far away.  Shutterfly has a nice variety of other picture products you can customize  A timely option that grandparents love are calendars, but you can choose any photo gifts (ranging from books to playing cards).  Consider Shutterly in your plans for Holiday celebrations.  it is easy, affordable, and there are a lot of sweet designs on their site to appease all kinds of preferences.

I was compensated 25 cards as a sponsored post for Shutterfly.com.

Opinions are my own though.

30 may 2011 update


As far as fitness my calf has been the big question mark all week.  It has been a touch strained and is on my mind going into the Bolder Boulder 10K in the morning.  I really see the value in a calf compression sleeve right now and will be wearing capris for this reason. My time won’t be awesome and I know I will have to walk some of it if my calf gets wonky so I’ll just have fun.  I just feel like this is putting more pressure on myself to kick butt at the 1/2 marathon in October.  I am doing more events in between but that 1/2 is a big goal race for me for time, etc.

This week’s schedule is seriously random.  Memorial Day 10K then I fly out on Friday to Austin to teach a yoga class almost as soon as I land for Fitcation.  I am helping a friend out and will pretty much teach two classes almost as soon as  I land back here in Colorado on Monday as well.

I am staying an extra day in Austin to catch some sun, photo walk, see the bats, and check out Daily Juice which came super highly recommended form a yoga client.  I do love raw food.  Do you have any other Austin recommendations?

Meal planning will be odd this week too…

MONDAY – Ethiopian post race and turkey meatballs with salad for dinner

TUESDAY -legumes and brown rice dish for dinner

WEDNESDAY – big ass salad for dinner with grilled chicken or fish

THURSDAY- midwife potluck for lunch + veggie lasagna for dinner

And please do check out the new family portrait we shot today at Mud Lake 😉

Have a great week and note I do have a giveaway going on my blog right now for a free ticket to the Fitness and Health Bloggers Conference here in Boulder in June.

#Fitbloggin or BUST

I live in a big social media town so have been to a lot of techie events, led photo, vlogging and social media etiquette sessions at PodCamps, have spoken at the largest Ignite in the world about yoga for peeps on computers (though my audience was only 850), and know a lot of people who really do this online gig for a living but as friends.  Me going to #Fitbloggin is like putting on the big girl pants to say, “yeah, let’s take this online world to the next level.”

Me speaking about body awareness and yoga for computer folk while 34+ weeks pregnant.

I was a Division I jock in college, I have 1/2 ironman’d, I was in a bad car accident that took over a year of rehab to get through, I had a baby at home with no drugs, and I am currently a yoga instructor who likes to run, hike, crossfit, and swim.  I am bouncing between running around and keeping my breastfeeding milk supply up for junior (*I recently put on 12 pounds when I lost my milk supply following food poisoning but know the baby is worth it).  I get health and fitness.  When working on my PhD I taught human biology at a university and loved engaging my students about the importance of the class for their health and understanding of health for their loved ones.

I enjoy this realm and am jazzed I get to live blog the “blogger responsibility” session because that is a topic I already speak about quite a bit with my friends who also stay active and some professionally work online with health and fitness.

Fitbloggin’ will be my first social media conference that I travel to.  I have done professional conferences before for science so I am looking forward to people drinking and not retreating to their shells to talk about P-values (even though I walked from that life following my car accident).  So please don’t get drunk and want to talk about your blog analytics – I may smack you.

I will only know one or two people there from my IRL world.  I am friendly.  I am a hugger.  I want to know about you and your journey.   My tagline is “PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY AND MAXIMIZING JOY”  and I walk that walk.  I am a yoga instructor that likes to laugh, be impish, and explore.  I am pragmatic and sometimes need to tell the analytical side of my brain to shut it so I can play.  I blog about mindful living, yoga, holistic health and wellness, and green living.  I can’t wait to meet you.

Oh and I’ll be doing the 5K dressed as Lt. Uhura from Star Trek.

Come find me.  I will also be giving away a ticket to the Fitness and Health Bloggers Conference in Boulder, CO at the end of June.  Roni Noone, Ryan Sullivan (a.k.a. No More Bacon), and others will be at that conference too.  Details will be up tomorrow on how to get that ticket.

16 may 2011

First off… FITBLOGGIN is this week!! Woot woot. I get to see so many fantastic people. Look for my vlog next week to be filled with all kinds of cameos. I am headed to Fitbloggin with a fantabulous boost of a surprise – I just learned this morning that The Daily Burn listed me as one of the Top 10 Health and Fitness Blogs You Don’t Know About (Until Now). Thank you for the mention, makes me want to be better and more focused. O.k…. now my vlawwwwg.

The theme for my past month plus has been slugging it out. Life that is. The lack of energy and all that following last month’s food poisoning and loss of milk supply really does feel on the upswing but not stellar. I am on another supplement to build my blood with iron, folate, C and B-12 and I made sure it was safe for a lactating woman. When all is said and done I gained about 12 pounds to get the milk supply going… 10 pounds in one week. I hate it but I said from the start that breastfeeding my infant would be #1 priority in my post-partum fitness journey. My cardiovascular fitness does not feel optimal but hopefully I can get some consistency back now that I am getting my energy back.

My strength is a totally different story. There is something obvious Crossfit is doing for me… my a$$ I noticed it in my yoga pants today and damn – I am getting that round lifted Black girl booty again. Not quite to the point where you can rest a cocktail on it at a house party, but you can tell where my genetic mix is these days if you know what I mean.

I want to share two funny stories from my world as a yoga instructor from this past week:

1. I got in “trouble” for not partaking in the comped massages I get through the main studio I work for. This is an extreme first world problem. I have been saving them for fitness/physical goals and was so close before my recent 12 pound gain. However I am scheduled for one after my next Friday class.

2. I ran into a client two days after I cued a lot of adjustments in a class. She was still sore in good places from how I pushed her. This made me as happy as it made her, which was immensely.

My week will be running and swimming on Sunday, Crossfit on Monday, running on Tuesday, and Crossfit on Wednesday plus teaching two classes. Thursday will be a travel day and Friday a run at #Fitbloggin plus a strength session there with @MizFitOnline.

For food I am looking at oatmeal, green smoothies, and hard-boiled eggs for breakfast. Lunch will be salads and leftovers. Sunday’s dinner will be miso/ginger salmon with rice and asparagus. And the three nights leading to Fitbloggin will be a lentil coconut curry, a hearty stew, and grilled protein with quinoa and veggies. Basically I want enough leftovers of easy things to reheat for my hubby and baby while I am gone.

Have a wonderful week everyone. And to answer the blogging carnival question “In your wellness efforts what is the simplest healthy habit that makes you feel most centered after doing it?” I have to say that water is the simplest thing I do that makes me feel fantastic. With an infant I can’t always control the sleep but the water is easy and such a luxury considering how accessible and clean it is in the U. S. I am always grateful.

I wrote this blog post while participating in the Mamavation Blogging Carnival for a chance to win a pair of Earth Footwear sandals