Prenatal and Postpartum Mantras

The word “mantra” simply translates to “mind instrument.” In meditation saying mantra can be a good way to keep the mind clear from having your thoughts wander. When using this instrument it can also be beneficial to assert an intention that you are working toward. In my yoga classes I ask students to set an intention that we sometimes revisit during class. In a sense I ask them to set a mantra. Here are the basic ones I guide students to use around their motherhood journeys…

1st TRIMESTER – Stay with me *this precarious time is not fool-proof but this intention lets your little know you want them to be around

2nd TRIMESTER – Grow with me *this is generally a safe stage where you develop more as an intuitive mother to your little and your baby gains in size

3rd TRIMESTER – We are ready, let’s do this together *in response to faithfully realizing this being is not helpless and going into delivery the two of you can work in tandem

POSTPARTUM- I nourish myself to nourish others *with this it is not just about food but rest, relaxation, movement, etc.

Cloth Diapering and Travel

I will be doing a quick photo road trip with my 9-month old son (goodness gracious I need to do a 9-month post) and my father. My babe has been very fortunate not to have a ‘sposie on him and will not now as well. We are not flying and we will only be on the road a couple of days. Our travel and diapering experiences will be pretty easy. For a preview here are some images and scenarios from a trip we took into the mountains when he 6-weeks old.

Here is a scene from the condo we stayed in a for a few days last August. We traveled with a storage tote, clean diapers, diaper covers, a large dry bag, wipe formula (in the spray bottle), jojoba oil, a towel, and the usual contents of his diaper bag.

I took over the desk in our bedroom and laid out the towel to use as his changing pad surface. I emptied the contents of the storage tote around the desk to create his changing station. I put the dry bag (dirty diaper bag) in the tote. Dirties went in the tote (as well as some dirty clothes in a separate laundry bag). At the end of our trip dirties stayed in the bag in the tote and I packed wipe formula, oil, and towel in the tote. The few extra diapers went into clean clothes we had left over.

Easy peasy! My husband, my son, and myself also travel in a small car – a Honda Fit so we did not have a ton of room for extra stuff. The tote with our luggage and stuff for our son packed very well into our vacay.

At 6-weeks it was super easy because he was only on breast milk. At 9-months I foresee shaking his poo out into the toilet as well as swishing around diapers in the toilet if they do not shake out. Other than that we’ll do about the same system.

If our trips were longer or via flight we would use the laundry facilities to wash and most likely air dry.

motherhood. anxiety. help? advice?

My babe is eight months and five days old.  He is hitting all kinds milestones.  His health has been great minus a couple of sniffles, etc.  There should be no reason for anxiety right now but there is and I HATE IT!

My son is approaching the age my baby brother was when I found him dead.  He died of SIDS.  He seemed to be a perfectly healthy baby and yet one morning just shy of my third birthday I went to go wake him up and play with him in his crib and he didn’t wake up.  That memory is my first complete memory.  That event is burned firmly in my brain.  As an adult I finally sought bereavement counseling for it.  I had to in order to carry a child in pregnancy without being a basket case.  I thought I was fine in my balance of attachment to the fear.

This week has been showing me otherwise.

I am not sleeping much.  I am distracted.  I am anxious.  I find myself scared to check on my baby when he is sleeping in his crib for the fear he won’t wake up.  As I walk down the hallway I breathe, and prepare myself in case he doesn’t.  That is horribly macabre, but the only way I have been able to go about the week with a “normal” routine for him.  This is not normal.

Today I almost considered finding a sub for my yoga class because I do not feel balanced and feel that is key when teaching a class.  For the mamas in the class I read them a passage of poetry about the motherhood journey and gratitude.  I logically know this on the surface but something in my head is not keeping me at ease.

I am looking forward to 10 months.  I know I will breathe a sigh of relief.  I know me and my father will probably hug because the hurdle of nine months being over and what we went through with our past.  This is so arbitrary but part of my psyche that I cannot rationalize.

Any advice? Any mamas who lost littles have any words to help me deal? I know this is a tender topic and if you feel posting on this blog is too insensitive please email me bodhibearinfo/gmail

Thank you.  I am grateful for Bodhi and his health.  I am.  I just can’t put this memory away in my pocket for now.